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Sorry, found this perversely funny when I first saw it... @proactive - West Midlands Police again !


I was visited by police after staff at a diner accused me of slapping my son… I’ve never been so humiliated

MARCH 28, 2022

A DAD had told of his fury when he received a visit from police after staff at a diner accused him of slapping his son.

Rupi Singh, 44, says he was left “totally humiliated” after workers at the Chance and Counters cafe in Birmingham alleged he had “smacked” nine-year-old Harman.

Dad Rupi Singh was horrified after being accused of slapping his son Harman

The Chance and Counters cafe in Birmingham have barred Rupi after the incident


The Chance and Counters cafe in Birmingham have barred Rupi after the incident

Credit: Chance & Counters

The father and son had stopped off at the restaurant with four other relatives on March 19 after watching a footie match.

But their pit stop soon became problematic when the youngster got upset at the table and an employee started grilling the group about it.

Wholesaler Rupi, from Dudley, explained the staff member then accused him of striking his son in the busy diner – before a cluster of other workers insisted he left.

The 44-year-old single dad now fears he has been labelled as a “child abuser” after the explosive confrontation in the cafe...

He told The Sunday Mercury: “I was approached by a member of staff who said, ‘Are you the person who hit that child?’

“I was in shock, then three or four approached and asked me to leave.

“I would never, ever lay a finger on my son. This has knocked me for 10 or 12, never mind six!”

After being asked to leave in wake of the damning allegations, the dad admitted he let rip at staff before being ushered outside by his brother.

“I feel victimised as a man with his son. I’m a single parent, I want to get out a bit more”, he said....

A spokesman for Chance and Counters said: “We are aware of the incident on Saturday, March 19, and we have conducted an internal investigation in addition to co-operating with the police enquiry.

“A member of staff witnessed an interaction between, who we believe to be, Mr Singh and his son that made them incredibly uncomfortable.


All forms of physical punishment have been made illegal under the Children’s Act in Wales, while Scotland introduced its own ban in November 2020.

But in the UK it is considered to be unlawful, but not illegal if it constitutes “reasonable punishment”.


West Midlands Police said: “We received a report from a member of the public that a child had been punched on the arm last Saturday, March 19.

We spoke to the nine-year-old who said they had not been hit. There were no signs of any injuries and, as such, no evidence of any crime taking place.”

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