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95% of Sikhs living stupid lifestyle?


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Just now, dallysingh101 said:

It's not like you can easily escape them either. They can be your close family and be feeding off you for decades before you twig.  

Definitely surrounded bro. How crazy? Going back through life...oh...ohh...ohhhhhhh no...lol. 

Only a few people I know, already important, or close enough to screen. 

And of course everyone gets screened moving forward. Really glad I encountered this before immersing in Sangat here where I live. I did go do Simran in the Gurudwara a while about a week ago. But I'd be lamb to the slaughter for a narc in Saroop. 

I'm going to get some of HGs products then we can share them privately under rleigous and educational use. So as to help disentangle, or fortify my current position with family and insulate my immersion into Sangat so I can fall into the Sadh Sangat. 

Everyone else is already at a distance and unimportance sufficient enough. 

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