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The lost Sikh turban style

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On 13/01/2018 at 12:39 AM, MrDoaba said:

Errmm actually they don't.

Hence the "dry". It's not supposed to be a "lol" joke. And lastly, the joke wasn't directed at you so next time you need not reply.

The only thing I've clocked onto is that you're offended which I wouldn't care about even if you were the PM of Khalistan.

And why yes it did thanks for noticing.

I had to state the obvious because the subject of the joke wasn't Guru Sahib, which you were kind enough to point out albeit erroneously.

Call the Beadbi Police if you have an issue. I ain't here to agree or disagree with you puttar.

Neither am I, but you haven't half dragged this out, theeye.

Like I said, all the best.

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2 hours ago, InderjitS said:

bhai ji

jaroor, par hor ang naa karee

And which other angs may you be referring to? Lolll


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