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Ali dawah ambushes and trys to own tommy robinson gets himself and islam owned instead lol

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2 hours ago, singh598 said:

You post alot of anti Muslim views thus portraying your internal self.

Althoughlthough I agree with you on the stuff you say.

I think you should stop hate and improve your own spiritual life

Who can know what's in someone's inner mind?

Her perspective is something that is sorely needed in a kaum that has so many softies, and a welcome counterpoint to the Islamophile Sikh Katy Sian.

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1 hour ago, superkaur said:

Not anti muslim I am anti-islam extremism there is a difference. And I am just giving the sangat relevant topics that concern our community. The more we learn about the tactics and news of those who want to harm our  communities the more we can can protect ourselves and the most vulnerable.

Would you rather continue being spiritual ostriches of 1947 and 1984 (with heads in the sand while the storm is coming ahead?) that most Sikhs are these days. Too soft too liberal too dismissive too ignorant of whats going on out there in the real world cos they dont live in a muslim dominated area of land. I say to the soft liberal politically correct Sikhs.... give it time the dark face of islam will be knocking on your door and life too to wake you up.

Maybe post the odd anti-hindu post too... Yano just to mix things up a little...

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1 hour ago, jkvlondon said:

how about digging up info in full the nature of the 'royal' families and current politicos who call themselves sikh and their true colours for instance maharaja of Patiala took 15,000 men and joined forces with British against Sikh Army , his son was a drunkard, smoker and womaniserand grandson well you can see that mess


yes we need to, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh what a mess! Taking women from villages and hills etc. Big tiddy as well. Corruption comes all the way to current Patiala Maharaja "Captain" Congress Chief Minister.

And all the firanghi propaganda that seeped down from these kingdoms as well as to main punjab through christian missionary schools. The rest of the colonial jatha stuff we can't post on this forum, please look on alternate boards :) Past admins could ban you for writing against believing in firanghi god, even in private messages!

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4 hours ago, S4NGH said:

Maybe post the odd anti-hindu post too... Yano just to mix things up a little...

wtf. This is exactly what donald trump warned us about! you're taking the jobs of other hard working forum members!

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