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My Response to the recent Khalistani Music Video: "Kaali" by Chani Nattan


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On 5/3/2018 at 7:28 PM, jashb said:

The video could certainly have been made A LOT more informative.

There was a whole wealth of information that could have accompanied the video that could have explained the armed struggle to the lay person.

Recorded statements like those passed by balram kutha jakhar, the 8th speaker of lok sabha no less, pertaining to the Sikh Genocide could have been presented. Facts and figures about the genocide of 1984 could have been given. Figures of the Sikh contribution to the struggle for freedom from Britain could also have been provided to contrast with the treatment Sikhs received immediately from 1947. Bhai Sahib Bhai Kapoor Singh Ji's Sachi Sakhi is a treasure box of information on the subject.

Images of indian state torture victims could have been included to show the depraved acts of terror Sikhs suffered at the hands of agents of the indian government during this period, in what was almost always illegal custody, that for some continues without charge even to today (Jaggi is the tip of an iceberg).

E.g. How Sikh babies were set on fire and even fed to kingdoms of ants by indian police officers just to end the bloodline of certain families. How Pregnant women were killed just so they wouldn't give birth to a Sikh child. How Singhs like Bhai Manjit Singh Debi Ji were boiled alive in police stations just like Shaheed Bhai Dayala Ji.

How the panth's daughters were gang raped by indian police kuthey like gobind ram in broad daylight and the pind was rounded up and forced to watch. How the jails of mir mannu were resurrected under the directions of kachi dilli darbar. How whole families were wiped out, yet india just went by its business like nothing happened.

Tyrants like abdali would have been proud of the systematic genocide of Sikhs. A little research would have revealed names and locations of the victims, there were so many that it is baffling such information is not provided routinely in videos that touch upon the subject of the Sikh Genocide, there are plenty of Amnesty cases on Panjaab that the lay person could be inspired to look up.

Factual information regarding what forced Sikhs to start the morcha for their rights in india in the first place is also totally missing.

E.g. the loot of panjaab's river waters that continues to today, continued denial of the semi-independent status of the Sikh homeland that was promised to the Sikhs in 1946, article 25 that even denies the independent existence of Sikhi. The blatant discrimination of denial of state language status to saadi pavitar maa boli Panjaabi for decades despite the fact that every other state was granted its local state language. Only for dilli darbar to eventually carve out haryana and himachal out of Panjaab, whilst passing entire swathes of Panjabi majority areas to non-Panjabi administrations.

The enactment of TADA, the unconstitutional "law" specifically designed to be enforced on the state of Panjaab in order to suspend the most basic and fundamental human right that any human being can expect of their government - THE RIGHT TO LIFE - enabling the indian government to summarily execute Sikhs for the simple crime of being Sikh, without having to go through the formalities of detention, trial or even charge, providing the butchers of Panjaab, kachi sarkar the ability to systematically cut the panth down to size. Providing the indian punjab police and crpf the freedom to kill thousands upon thousands of Sikhs at will since 1984.

The numerous, dozens of link canals that have been dug up in the blink of an eye since 1947 from Satluj to divert river waters to rajasthan and haryana and deprive Panjaab of its only natural resource without compensation of even an anna to Panjaab. (SYL wasn't even the tip of an iceberg, yet some of our people seem to think stopping that has stopped the loot of our river waters. Think again.)

The reduction to destitute beggars of a proud kaum by deliberate centralised policies of keeping Panjaab under-educated and reliant on agriculture.

Then the failure of the indian government even to provide a sustainable price for the crop it procures by force - a pitiful fraction of the international going market rate at any time - not even allowing farmers to market their produce privately but instead banning them from private enterprise, and even the blatant in-your-face discrimination of throwing Panjabi farmers the pittance of a rate as low as half the price for the staple crop that it pays to those outside Panjaab in neighbouring rajasthan and haryana!

Deliberately overlooking the superior educated potential youth workforce of Panjaab in favour of the unpadh backwater of haryana for mass industrialisation in order that Panjaab's economy remains dependent on state controlled agriculture.

How the deliberate failure to provide the farmers a fair price for their crop has led to the curtailment of the growth of the panth by forcing farmers to have smaller families in order to have enough to provide a half-decent yet astronomically priced private education to their child, since teachers are non-existent or useless in Panjaab's sarkari schools. How the continued discrimination against Panjabi farmers since 1947 has led them into the vicious cycle of continued debt, drug addiction, and eventually suicide in order to escape such a wretched existence.

The counter argument would be as to how much can you fit into a three minute music video. That point might be partially valid, but I would disagree. The video is almost completely devoid of factual information, so at least a start should have been made.

Overall, the video is more than a decent effort as a starting point, and is miles better than the gundh being pumped out in the name of "kalakari" in Panjaab. Its main downfall is that it is completely missing accompanying information which would have done a lot better justice to the song.

Hopefully, if these Singhs make another music video, they will make it much more informative to the lay person.


Good post bro, but it was Gurdev Singh Debu of KCF from Dheerpur and not Manjit Singh 

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On 5/2/2018 at 9:45 PM, jashb said:

There is nothing wrong with assassinating dushts.

Agreed, but the hukum is not for assassinating people who merely slander Sikhs or the Gurus.

As shown by 200 years of Gur-itihas,  the hukum was not to kill people who speak against Guru Sahib. There were many slanderers of Guru ji (such as Pirthi Chand and so on). Guru Sahib did not direct that they be killed (unlike the circumsized Prophet, who called for the murder of a poetess who wrote against him).

In the music video above, though, it starts off by the guy saying "I killed the thanedar (police station house officer) because was speaking anti-the Guru".

That would not be allowed in Sikh ethics.

It would be better if the song had portrayed the singer as having killed an actual violent monster who had escaped justice via a corrupt and oppressive system.

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2 hours ago, BhForce said:


A person that comes from either a non-Sikh, non-Punjabi, or non-Indian background, or even a young Sikh that doesn't know that much about 1980s history, will see this video and just see a bunch of toughs waving rifles, and will think that these are just people that seem to want to kill for the sake of killing. 

They'll have no idea why these people are so upset or angry to pick up rifles.

On the other hand, if the video had shown scenes of desperation, terror, violence, etc. perpetrated by Indira Gandhi and her cronies, the viewer could have had some empathy for the plight of the Sikhs. Once you have that empathy, one can understand why desperate people might pick up weapons.

Someone gets it.

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On 2/22/2018 at 3:19 AM, sitokaur said:

Vahiguroo Jio,

please remove kali video, that is rap music and dance, defaming nobility of Sikhi atey Gurbani, and Jaggi featured..and youth on bike, TOTALLY FOOLISHLY GIVING nindia to innocence of Jaggi atey Sikhs who can only afford bike for transportion...GURBANI IS BANI NOT kali, that video on my facebook too, and i commented for them to be sure they earned enough Naam Jorr as Vaho past noble Shaheed Singho, who ONLY SAINT WARRIORS AGAINST EVIL there, as bush for his father against sadam IN >DEFENSE < not offense ji_/\_

the kaali they are referring to is the times and their bhes not any antisikh anything . Jaggi is a warrior because he is fighting the ideological war against the rewriting of our history  but previously you've given the impression unless Sikhs are saintly babey who do only bhagti they should be described as anti-sikh .Get over this allergy to shastar because there are many good reasons to have initimate knowledge of their use that includes the shastar of the Mann ,the Word, and the hands .

You are seriously off track if you believe Bush is praiseworthy ...just go back and really learn geopolitical aspects of history because you sound foolish.

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