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Racism in the UK


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13 minutes ago, Premi5 said:

@MisterrSingh @Ranjeet01 @GurjantGnostic you all seem to know a lot about Jews. 

Any ideas why she said "“Why are you lot always complaining?”"   (yes, I am being serious...)



Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward ‘slapped Jewish man amid anti-Semitic Euston station abuse’

<p>Dawn Ward at an earlier court appearance  </p>

Dawn Ward at an earlier court appearance 

/ PA
Tristan KirkCourts Correspondent
16 hours ago

Reality TV star Dawn Ward drunkenly slapped a Jewish man across the face after racially abusing him on the packed concourse at Euston station, a court heard.

The 48-year-old Real Housewives of Cheshire star is accused of using foul-mouthed abuse and anti-Semitic slurs towards property developer Jake Jacobs and his brother Samuel as they tried to catch a train home.

Ward, the wife of former Premier League footballer Ashley Ward, allegedly called Mr Jacobs a “Jewish c**t”, branded him fat, and is accused of saying to the brothers: “Why are you lot always complaining?”


The mother-of-four is also accused of having a packet of cocaine in her handbag when she was arrested, but has placed the blame for the drugs on her housekeeper, jurors heard.


The European Whites despise them and even after WW2, there is resentment of them.

The perception of Jews is for their miniscule population they dominate media, finance etc.

Even when I was kid, my parents always told me the Jews were a very rich people. That is the perception from our people, that Jews have lots of money.

They would say that everyone is jealous of their success but it also means they have a greater influence on the direction of their host nations. 

If you even dare even critique them, they will call you an anti-semite. 

However, if you ever look at any movement and look at who the leaders are and the originators of those movements and look at their backgrounds, they seem to be overwhelmingly Jewish.

The Jews are the original "divide and rule" people's because they are a paranoid people who feel that they feel safer when they forment trouble between people's as it makes them feel safer. 

The Jews also hate Europeans and a lot of it stems from 2000 years ago during Roman times. Google Rabbi Tovia Singer and you can hear the Christian narrative from a Jewish perspective. 

The European Christians hate the Jews because they see the Jews are the killers of Jesus Christ. However,  Jesus was a Jew himself.



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In addition to Ranjeet's salient points I'll add that this enormous Jewish entitlement stems from the belief that they have a covenant / agreement with God, i.e. they can do no wrong because the Big Guy has their back. In fact, according to their scriptures, Jews don't have to live according to the rules that every other human being has to live by, and that non-Jews are filth; not even worth the fingernail of a Jew (their scriptures express this sentiment). We're seen as animals; cattle to be corralled  in whichever direction these masters of the world wish.

In fact, everything we're seeing happening in the world is all in service of the fulfillment of apocalyptic Semitic prophecy.

If the rumours are true, the people identifying as Jews today don't even descend from the tribes of Abraham, Moses, etc. The actual Jews are black folks who've basically been railroaded out of their own religion, but because it happened such a long time ago there's very little anyone can do about it, and academia is "reluctant" to get to the bottom of it (surprise, surprise). There's the odd African Jew conclave here and there, but contemporary Israelis get very upset at the existence of these people labeling them as converts.

Contemporary (from their inception in the last century to current times) Israel has constructed a definite European / Atlantic Jewish identity, the bedrock of which is the Holocaust narrative. The politics, the culture, etc., is all in service of this narrowly defined Jewish identity.

BUT that's no reason to abuse anyone, Jew or not, in public. This gori's just bigoted because she can't have her own way or whatever.

BTW, when they refer to GOD, they aren't talking about Akal Purakh / a Supreme Being / Creator. They know it, too.

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