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Racism in the UK


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9 hours ago, Big_Tera said:

How racist are white people in the UK? How do Sikhs deal with it and is it on the rise.

I know many in the uk have experienced racism. Especially in the work enviroment. Where bosses and managers openly discriminate against us brownies.

How can we combat this. I know we are not treated as bad as muslims. But Racists hate anyone of colour regardless. 

I feel the whites wish all us brownies left this country. Many do not openly say it but this is how they feel. They think their country has been taken over by us. 

They definantly do not like the fact that we have succeeded in this country and wish it was like the past. When whites would give brownies beatings just for fun. Now the tide has turned. There was a time that asians had a great inferiority complex and felt lower then whites. We accepted all kinds of racism and abuse as we felt we were lower. We felt whites were a superior to us. 

But the new generation of south asians are more confident then ever. No longer do we feel we are lower. The Asians now feel like we are better then the whites. We are more educated, better looking, wealthier. 

Yet this has all come at a price. Whites in Britian now resent us.  They wish it was like the good old times when we first arrived on these shores. At that time they would look down on, us beat us. We would accept it and walk away. 

Anyone else feel that the whites are now getting their camopance? 

I do like white british people on the whole, but feel there is definantly a racist under belly that exist. 

Many of these racist are joing the edl. 

I just think that we should now all be greatful of our achievements. White people deserve everything they get for how they treated us both back in India and in the UK. 





oprah says 'best way stop reduce racism is excellence'

only way to be the best you can, and everyhting else will fall into place like empathy, and once white see you getting on like its normal, theyll accept you, were all just people

like how can this rat hate that rat for having spots, all rats in a rat race, dont expect anyone to be nice to you and give you pass..... lol, its always dog eat dog, 

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What we have to realise is that now the whites are jealous of us. They are not happy that many of us have become succesfull while they still live in their council estates. 

They had this superiority complex over us, that they were better then us for a long time. The saw us as smelly and dirty. We accepted this and believed they were a superior race and would look up to them. Now we tie dog leashes over their necks and see them as low. Our Race is better and we know it and like to show it. 

That was when our first generation came over. They would look down on us. Now the tables have changed. We now look down on them and see them as dirty. Desis are have become more confident then ever.

They hate our culture and traditions and that we are a close knit community. I have experienced this kind of resentment many times. I am not saying all whites are like this. 

But it does give me a certain amount of pleasure to see us getting our own back on them. Remember the British enslaved us during their rule over us. Its pay back time!

More power to us desi. We are gonna take over


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2 hours ago, MisterrSingh said:

That's half the story; the classic confrontational far-right racism that's always been present. Why's there never any mention of the "well-meaning", patronising racism of low expectations stemming from our so-called allies? When are we going to start identifying and discussing those problems?

Can you say that in plaine english?

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