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Dhaliwal lol

These people are a discrace and give all Sikhs a bad name. 

Its good he does not have Singh as his name. That would have beeen even more embarrassing.

He is a dhaliwal. Basically a nobody and a loser. This way he has shamed his family name and not Singh name given to us. 

By Our Guru.

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Just waiting for JKV or Ajeet to comment and say this is a Jewish-Illuminati conspiracy funded by the RSS.

he deserves to rot in an Indian jail which is hell especially thair Jail 

I know I am not blaming them just trying to figure out why he would do such a thing knowing his community has suffered from grooming gangs.   he is is a scumbag and cannot be defended. 

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2 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

I think that was Sangh, who is from the same town? Is he still about? 

Amere is not his real name. The address he's given is of a rental property and not of his residence. He is married with children. His dad was a womaniser. His mum and sisters are nothing alike. It's well known that "amere" was a dealer; he worked on a factory floor and drove big cars etc etc flaunting his cash. He was a mona up until he got caught out fiddling with kids. He donned the singh image in an attempt to show reform etc. And now he'll become a Muslim in jail to protect his a$$ quite literally.

"converted to sikh religion". Lord. Why do people read the dailyfail? especially apne lok.

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