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American Sikh Sangat and Dhadrianwale


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On 10/22/2018 at 5:11 AM, singh598 said:

Probably the same old daddrian vs taskal dummy....dadrianvale was right to speak against Dummy who sat on the floor with Badal on chair.  Also Daddrianvale have done more parchaar than taksal ever could 

Dumma is not Taksal.  Taksal has always followed Gurmat.  Dhadrianwale has never done more parchar.  He has no knowledge or jeevan to be a Sikh.  He is the very definition of a parrot.  Today the nastik have put a leash around his neck and he barks for them.  Tomorrow somebody else will have their leash around his neck and he will bark for them. 

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