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Head & Shoulders - New formula shampoo

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Guest guest

you should email the company with your feedback to inform their future product development.

dandruff can be due to nutritional deficiency.  i recommend you eat more vegetarian foods containing zinc.  google some natural sources and incorporate a small amount into your daily intake.



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On 8/9/2019 at 10:29 AM, BhForce said:

Are you serious? "yeast formation"?

That doesn't even happen in India, much less cold and rainy England and Canada.

No one is berating you for cutting your hair. If you want to cut your hair, then cut it.

I fail to see why you would write such utterly hateful words for a physical form which our Gurus kept. This would be something like a Hindu or Muslim would write.

It sounds like argumentation for why not to keep your hair.

From experience when I have worn a head covering such as a hat or wolly hat in cold/hot weather. It has made dandruff worse due to causing more sweat build up due to cap/hat causing excess heat in scalp. 

Obviously that is not the case for everyone. I know some people who dont wear turban due to health issues as it can exacerbate certain conditions. 

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Guest Carl

Yes i too have had problems since they changed their formula. No issues for 20+ years and now i have dry scalp and itchy skin. Stopped using them

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