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17 hours ago, Singh375 said:


Whoever’s mantar or shabad you jap, it will take you to that person’s level. Guru Nanak’s level is the point between the eyebrows, where the power is sarab kalaa samrath. This point is a gateway to the spiritual world.

Can you provide Gurbani that says Guru Nanak Dev Ji level is thenpoint between the eyebrows?  

Gurbani says focus on the Shabad Guru, which is Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.  

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On 9/10/2020 at 1:39 AM, Singh375 said:


Vaheguru ji, when doing simran I start to feel a sort of vibration/ tingling feeling around my face , what is this? It starts of at the tip of nose then slowly all over my face. It’s like a tingling sensation all over. Sometimes it goes all over body through my arms and legs. It’s a bit scary as I don’t know what’s going on or if I’m doing something wrong. Also, around my ears and inside, it’s like something is moving in circles, I can’t explain the feeling. What is this? With guru Kirpa I’ve started to ignore the sounds and this has lead to a little progression. Im still young ji only 20 

could you give tips on how to sit in one Assan  for longer please, and other posts simran related? I can go around an hour and half in one assan then I have to switch legs, it’s so annoying as dhiyaan breaks lol. 

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On 9/11/2020 at 1:13 AM, Singh375 said:

Sat Sri Akal Ji,

Thanks for your kind words.

Feeling sleepy during simran is normal because your mind gets calm, your body probably isn't actually tired though. When you start to feel sleepy don't fight it by trying to remain awake. Get up and walk around, do a little bit of exercise to get the blood flowing. Have a little food or drink to increase blood sugar. Then go and sit back down.

Also if you are beginner, don’t force yourself to sit too long. Do just 15 minutes daily. Day will come where your 15 mins is done, but you wish to continue sitting longer... slowly like this you can do simran for longer.

Sat Sri Akal,

Thanks a lot for the advice. I feel better knowing it is normal to fall asleep.. It is a good idea to get up and walk around.. I will try that.. so far I was just opening my eyes and looking around...then closing again to continue Simran.. I will start with a small walk..

I am doing 15-20 mins so far.. You are right.. forcing anything won't really work.. 

Hopefully I will be able to do longer than 20 mins soon.. 



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    • Try to understand Sikhi philosophy. You can do.that 2 ways: read gurbani with english meanings so you can understand it.  And read sikh history especially about great gursikhs who have lived sikh philosophy.  I am telling you this truthfully,  no other religion has a great history or philosophy as Sikhi. Sometimes, I too get enticed by other religions, because having grown up with Sikhi, it seems mundane. But other religions look good from the outside but are khokhle, hollow and i have to come back to sikhi.  Come on, what other religion advocated for gender equality, freedom of religion and condemned slavery? And advocated for meditation and vegetarian? All the things modern ppl are rediscovering? Yes Hinduism fits the bill for most of these but they had serious issues. Anyways check out basics of sikhi youtube channel.  I think you would enjoy his debates with other religions and his street parchaar. Also google and read about sikh converts. Their zeal may inspire you.  And read books by great sikh writers. Most are available in English.  Writers like bhai veer singh,  karam singh historian.  Bhai randheer singh.  Bhai Ranbir singh. All of their books are available in English free online.  Just Google.   
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