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14 hours ago, NaamTiharoJoJape said:

well yeah since panj bania barely come up in itihasic sources other than guru kia sakhian (bhatt vehis), and sri gur katha of bhai jaita/jeewan singh so a lot of vidwaans says japu jaapu in rehitnamas refer to banis from both granth sahiban aad and dasam,  and panj bania (I think baba santa singh claims so and a couple others too, can't remember off top of my head but this idea has been regurgitated before)  

had to clarify for the confused face reaction lol 

But yeah, I wonder whether this claim seems plausible and true because if Im not wrong, doesnt a certain rehitnama clearly state "japu jaapu due" but I guess that can still refer to bani of both granths 

I think there was a basic like you outline. Then different movements added more banis to their samparadayas rahits? The movement was towards doing more, understandably?  

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