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British Police Misdemeanours (Sarah Everard case onwards)


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On 3/16/2021 at 3:30 PM, Ranjeet01 said:


1. These type of "commons" normally have other things that go on between men of a particular sexual orientation particularly if there are public toilets around after dark.

2. I think there is a level of hubris amongst middle class white women here that a women of colour would not entertain.

So that's why there's few public toilets in general in the UK?



The Duchess of Cambridge has written a "deeply personal and heartfelt letter" to Sarah Everard's family, according to reports.

Kate expressed her sadness and sympathy to the 33-year-old's loved ones in the message, according to the Daily Mirror.

Ms Everard went missing on 3 March while walking home from a friend's house in south London, and her body was found in woodland near Ashford in Kent a week later.

The duchess was among those who visited a memorial for Ms Everard at Clapham Common two weeks ago - not far from where she went missing.

It is understood Kate made the visit in part because she remembers what it felt like to walk around London at night before she got married.

She was seen pausing in front of floral tributes to Ms Everard, which were placed around a bandstand in the south London park.According to the newspaper, Kate wrote the letter because she felt it was important for her to pay her respects personally.It quoted a source saying: "Kate's letter was deeply personal and heartfelt, she expressed her absolute sadness at what Sarah's family and loved ones are going through.

"She said she knows that no words can change what happened but that she wanted to let them know that they and Sarah are in her thoughts."


It seems strange to me why this 'princess' went out of her way to 'pay respects'

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Sarah Everard died as a result of compression of the neck, a post-mortem examination has found.

The 33-year-old vanished as she walked home in Clapham, south London, on 3 March. Her body was found a week later in woodland near Ashford, Kent.

Her family have been told of the cause of death and are being supported by specialist officers, the Met Police said.

PC Wayne Couzens, 48, has been charged with Ms Everard's murder and kidnap.

He has been remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey on 9 July ahead of a trial that is due to start on 25 October.


3 months, that's a long time for a postmortem verdict

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Policeman admits kidnapping and raping Sarah, but isn't charged with murder yet???


PC Wayne Couzens, 48, pleads guilty to kidnap and rape of Sarah Everard and 'accepts responsibility for her killing' but was not asked to enter murder plea - as victim's family sit in court to hear serving Met officer's admissions

  • Marketing executive went missing as she walked home in London on March 3
  • Police investigation launched and body found a week later in woodland in Kent
  • Serving Met Police officer Wayne Couzens was charged over her disappearance
  • This morning he admitted he had kidnapped and raped her at the Old Bailey
  • Sarah's father Jeremy and sister Katie were in court for the hearing today 



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On 6/11/2021 at 6:40 PM, Suchi said:

So I wouldn't  set store on what is being claimed here as the details being released are scant to say the least. But I have read that it involves people at the top

Institutional racism wasn't enough for the cops in the UK:

Long-awaited report into unsolved axe murder of private detective Daniel Morgan is set to reveal Scotland Yard's 'culture of corruption and cover-up'

  • Met Police is bracing for a damning report into the handling of a murder probe
  • Police misled MPs over the 1987 murder of private detective Daniel Morgan
  • Mr Morgan's brother Alastair hopes the report reveals 'institutional corruption'


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So this pig was flashing people (on more than one occasion) but was still allowed to keep a firearm.  


How was he still on the force? Killer cop Wayne Couzens was caught flashing six years ago and four days BEFORE he snatched Sarah Everard

Two UK police forces were today facing serious questions over why PC Wayne Couzens was not investigated for three sex crimes - and allowed to continue as a serving officer - before he raped and killed Sarah Everard. 

The depraved pornography addict, 48, was linked to at least three sexual offences before he kidnapped and killed innocent Sarah but was never even spoken to.

A 2015 indecent exposure in Kent, where he was spotted driving naked from the waist down, is so similar to his alleged double flashing at a McDonald's drive-through days before Sarah's murder it begs questions over whether he struck other times.


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  • 2 months later...

Sarah's last journey: Chilling footage shows Sarah Everard handcuffed in back of evil cop Wayne Couzens' car before he drives her 80 miles and then rapes and strangles the 33-year-old during sickening five-hour ordeal

  • Footage shows Miss Everard on the pavement with depraved Met officer moments before he kidnapped her 
  • Couzens cuffed hands behind her back, leaving her incapable of undoing the seatbelt he strapped around her 
  • Old Bailey heard harrowing details of serving police officer's deceit and Miss Everard's horrific final hours 
  • Marketing executive was raped, murdered and burned in pre-meditated attack that was weeks in planning
  • Couzens watched with head bowed while victim's family, friends and boyfriend listened from public stalls 
  • Serving police officer has admitted kidnap, rape and murder and will be sentenced after two-day hearing 



I noticed in another article how he was trying to blame some imaginary 'immigrant gang' when he was caught and questioned. I think for white people like this, they think they can dump everything on immigrants and get a sympathetic response from many fellow whites. 



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  • The title was changed to British Police Misdemeanours (Sarah Everard case onwards)

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