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Pics of jaats getting into sikhi!


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40 minutes ago, proudkaur21 said:

This is what I have been saying. We need to get more people in areas around and in punjab into sikhi instead of constantly badmouthing india and indians and getting our people killed in unplanned physical fight against the state. If you dont have the numbers yet then we have to be chalaak like christians and muslims and try to gain numbers first through conversion and births. I mean the catholic church is corrupt as hell but they are still hellbound on getting people into their religion because they know high numbers = more support. Our people need to learn from these people. We dont need higher numbers to do evil things like these other religions do but more geniune sikhs= more prosperity for the areas we are in.

That's right.

Even if we think spiritually, gurbani tells us to spread the True Naam in the world.

Guru Amar Das ji set up manji system where accomplished gursikhs were chosen to do parchar of sikhi on non Sikhs.

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