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I dont believe in islam but i think the quran is very based in terms of war


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17 hours ago, Kau89r8 said:

Totally agree with you! Another thing i like is how they keep it Alpha which is why they attract many Muslims converts. many boxer convert to Islam too.

They do a good job (in this department) in prison too. But I think that's mainly because a lot of people hate whites and their racism (overt and covert), and these guys seem like a viable alternative to them and their christian religion.  


17 hours ago, proudkaur21 said:

And then it seems like our male counterparts are totally lacking in any will to take the stand about how we should go on about our future.

This isn't true. It's just the effete, genteel but numerous section of our community vilify and sideline the stronger willed people (usually they have help from outside sources like the british police or politicians).  Plus who is willing to raise up their sons tough, where violence isn't uncommon, or prison sentences and records? Only greedy, money/status obsessed parents okay with hard drug dealing in Canada by the looks of it?  

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