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Sad news about Deep Sidhu!


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On 2/26/2022 at 7:52 PM, Kau89r8 said:

I know its his personal life..but with his family saying he was still married and his 'gf' saying been together since 2018

He also posted about her too..

Either she honey trapped him or something..but doesnt add up, also with a spinal injury you were able to fly 15 hours us next day too..odd 



1. Divorce is not allowed in Sikhi

2. Extra-marital affairs are not allowed in Sikhi


But who cares? He said some nice things about Bhindrawale.

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On 2/20/2022 at 6:36 AM, proactive said:

You know that those how were near and close to him who were both Keshdhari and Amritdhari and even Nihangs during those Singhu border days never once said to him that he must keep his Kesh or judged him for being a Mona. They knew that everyone is on a journey to Sikhi, some take longer others not so long. The ones who felt his loss were people like Barjinder Singh Parwana who is an Amritdhari because unlike you who is quick to cast aspersions and judge a person according to whether they are Monay or Keshdhari, he lived closely with Deep Sidhu and understood him more than any of us could. Your type of Sikhi won't bring the monay back to Sikhi. 




Singhs pandering to monay is understandable, but I don't condone it. It is really not that different from the "liberal Sikhs" that you guys complain about nonstop pandering to the "interfaith/nonreligious" non-Sikh crowd.

"Liberal Sikhs" pander to outside groups because they feel like they are a tiny minority and they need to build bridges with the larger society in order to have any relevance and influence. Many of them feel that by supporting "interfaith Anand Karajs," for example, they are creating an opportunity for someone who is not Sikh to move closer to Sikhi and maybe one day embrace it.

Similarly, many religious Sikhs these days pander to monay because they realize that the keshdhari Sikh population is a tiny minority and they feel that they need to build bridges with monay in order to have an relevance and influence. Many of them feel that by going out of their way to embrace monay (and never, ever ask them to keep their kesh or even say anything that would hurt the feelings of the ultrasensitive monay), they will create an opportunity for them to move closer to Sikhi.


Personally, I think minimal standards should be upheld. I wish "liberal Sikhs" did not act so desperate, begging for acceptance from the non-Sikh crowd. And I wish more religious Sikhs did not act so desperate begging for acceptance from the "mona Sikh" crowd.

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