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Some home truths for Ravi Singh Khalsa Aid

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The religion that breeds extremism is defended and protected from being labelled as such by a certain brand of SIKH, but Sikhs advocating for self-interests are labelled as budding... terrorists and e

The philosophy on which he bases his charity work is inconsistent at best. It panders to a particular minority that doesn't require "Khalsa aid" because the Ummah is more than capable of providing for

Yes but people take advantage of our generosity, it can't all be one way traffic.

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10 hours ago, proactive said:

We need to be much more selective and understand that we as a small community cannot afford to spend our resources in creating small Sikh communities in say places like Sub-Saharan Africa which will take over 10 x the resources to sustain and assist when it is cheaper and more cost effective to create a community in the states bordering Punjab. We have the example of the Afghani Sikhs, who have been ethnically cleansed from Afghanistan and whose migration to the west has taken up so much effort of Sikhs in the west and that just to save a small community of around 1000 now. The same could be the case if we create small communities in anywhere close to the Islamic world. It is much more cost effective and in the long run strategically beneficial if these communities are as close as possible to Punjab where assistance to them does not entail expensive logistics.

Below is one such success story, made all the easier because his mother tongue makes it much more easier for him to understand Gurbani, he has access to local Gurdwaras which have been there for centuries, he can travel quite easily to Harmandir Sahib, he can make links with other Sikhs in his locality and be a part of the Sangat and Sikhi will grow in his family and locality. It is though him and others like him that Sikhi will truly expand beyond from our Punjabi base. 



That is exactly what I am saying. Make your stronghold first in Punjab and surrounding areas. Whites and Muslims were able to spread to Africa their ideologies because they had strongholds in their respective areas. Without a proper base where Sikhi has its stronghold you will not be able to spread your ideology. Our gurus established towns for this very reason. Start from Punjab and surrounding areas first.

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7 hours ago, SinghPunjabSingh said:

Africa can comfortably accommodate 4 billion people imho. As that would be a population density of around 125 people per square km with plentiful resources. In contrast the population density for Punjab is in excess 600 per sq/km today in 2022 which is almost double the UK's population density (despite the UK having one of the highest European population densities).

The bigger issue is that two big Slavemaster religions could increase their flock by an *extra BILLION* or so *each* in Africa if the Truth of Sikhi is not exposed to more black Africans than the limited few thousand indigenous black African Sikhs that have come into Sikhi this millenium in Kenya (for which I would give United Sikhs some credit).


Sikhi as a dharma is not as simple as the hell heaven bs of Abrahamics. Dharma is very profound and deep and makes one question their soul and existence rather than just following some random rules to go to heaven like these Abrahamics do. Alot of us here know how hard attaining mukti is.Seeing how brainwashed these people in Africa are i don't think it will be easy to convert these people to Sikhi. The people in India have a dharmic background and it will be much easier to influence them. The Abrahamic religions rot the thinking capacity of the brain. Even half the people born as Sikhs don't understand Sikhi due to Abrahamic influence all over the world. Personally I believe it's best to make India a land of dharma again. There is reason why dharam originated in the Indian subcontinent.

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