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    Darshans of Dhann Dhann Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj’s Nishanian.
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    That's a bit rich coming from you. I'm starting to believe LondonJwaan; all those karele up your jagsaw has polluted your brain. Literally, this whole forum is you commenting on Brahmin this Brahminvaad that, hor koi gal bhi kar leya karo. Here you are saying "how deep the attack by Brahmins runs"...how deep does your paranoia run? The way you're going on there will be nothing left in Sikhi because it will be deemed too Hindu or Brahminvaad by people of your (worringly irrational) disposition...lets remove every other vastu Brahimns use too. Hell lets change Gurbani and remove all the Sanskrit words, the language of the Brahmins. Hai Ram...absolute absurdity...seek help for your maladies and spare us your hysterical ramblings. Sukhpreet wouldn't realise if a narial hit him in his boothi, who in their right mind is gonna listen to his bakwaas. Some (ayurvedic would you believe!) advice for ya... ਚੰਦਨ ਦਾ ਤਿਲਕ ਲਗਾਓ, ਆਪਣਾ ਮਨ ਠੰਢਾ ਕਰਵਾਓ! Gurbar Akaal!
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    a friend who visits this site but does not have an account kindly asked me to post this on his behalf. I fully agree with this views -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No wonder this is happening. When the average Sikh cannot explain with pyaar to our Brahmin brethren that Dhan Dhan Shaheed Bhai Mati Das Ji and Dhan Dhan Shaheed Bhai Sati Das Ji are among the bravest Gurmukhs of Sikh history then the fault clearly lies with us as a community failing to do parchar. Brahmins are 40 million strong and could come to the fold of Sikhi if only we ditch bashing them as 40 million people (most of whom are not anti-Sikh) with terms like Brahminwaad (when the correct term would be Manuvadi soch or Hindutva RSS agenda) and educate them about our shaheeds and notably the 7 erstwhile (Sharma) Amritdhari brothers from Patiala who laid down their lives before Indira Gandhi's tanks at Sri Harmandir Sahib in 1984. Sikhi isn't passed down by genes. It is passed on via conviction of sincere belief. Don't assume that sons not being moneh is an indication of true Sikh belief (as the Ganesh pooja illustrates). Given that most Kashmiri Sikhs are of Brahmin ancestry can we not stick to terms like Manuvadi soch or Hindutva RSS thinking? Otherwise it is inevitable that a community being bashed by Sikhs will react against labelling them as the root of all problems. The Panj Piare were from south India, Gujarat, Orissa, Uttar Pardesh and Pakistan but if we can't explain that to the resident populations there (as we lack knowledge ourselves) then clearly increasing assimilation is inevitable. All of India are natural born Sikhs if only we explain Sikhi and truth of equality, justice and seva that it represents
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    Hi to everyone, I believe each member is valuable here, as each one tries his/her best. It is amazing to see how most friendly ask and answer, and behave, as this forum is about to be with good spirits: Sikh Sangat. The only thing which I dislike to see, or it pains, is when I see that because of disagreement, some abuse mercilessly each other. We have to understand that, not all have that same mental capacity of assimilating things, but that does not mean, we should hate them or bully them, we could respectfully talk with them, and leave it if the disagreement persists. So what, that is not the end of the world. There is still something better to look at, Bani and Wahiguru. To those who provoke, or want to drag us to their grounds of ego and agyanta, we should sincerely forgive them, and pray for them, as they are the most who need it. Anyhow, if ever I have conscioussly or uncosciouslly, been rude with anyone, I ask for forgivenes with both my hands folded. Loves and blessings for all. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Imo and iv said it before sikhi can spread in India but by creating a sikh country it will limit sikhi. Sort the messed up police in punjab first most of them are from sikh families and look at how they treat other sikhs. Look at our leaders what have they done for sikhs? The alcohol obsession hiring slutty stage dancers at wedding receptions change that mentality first. Why limit sikhi to one region of South Asia when you can invite so many more people to it. There is so much hera pheri in the minds of Punjabi people everything they do is with hera pheri. Everything they gain is through tricks and plotting. you have brothers killing each other over land. You have sons who get their illiterate parents to stamp property/land papers with their thumbs and then throw them out. If your sons raped someone just pay the police and he will be out! To run a sikh country you need to people to behave and think like sikhs first.
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    LOL babu ? I aint no babu . I am here for sex ? Lol if I wanted to get laid In would I would have ages ago I would not come on a religious forum to do so. I am not a womaniser. I a from a believer of relationships and would not have one night stands. for me it is about meeting the right person.when it comes to Mona Sikhs that I have met I seem to know more about Sikhi them, Some of them smoke weed and could care less about the principles of Sikhi etc. when it comes to Amritdhari Sikhs, of course, they know more than me alot more. I don't need your validation or anyone else's to believe in Sikhism. my relationship with my faith and god is between me and god and no one else. Not all Hindu are rapists just like how not all Muslims are terrorists. I live in the UK so you should tell the Indian govt about your issues or the people of India. The Indian govt does not represent me. <banned word filter activated> them and <banned word filter activated> you too.
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    reply from my friend directed towards you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- given that Dhan Dhan Baba Namdev Ji Maharaj were from Maharastra, there is nothing wrong with any Punjabi marrying someone whose parents are Hindu's from Maharashtra. It's only if the daughter cannot explain to her Maharasthran husband that all Maratha people are natural born Sikhs due to Dhan Dhan Baba Namdev Ji Maharaj's example that a problem arises. Many indigenous Maratha Sikhs from Dalit backgrounds too. That's her fault if her belief in Sikhi is not pukka enough to encourage natural born Sikhs (the people of Maharashtra) back into the fold. Mundan is clearly nonsense. But again the problem is not the marriage but the fact we are not encouraging new spouses into Sikhi to widen the Sikh Panth's ability to do seva for Sarbat da Bhala. Because we don't realise that mixed marriages are inevitable when 99.7% of the global population are non-Sikhs and fail to welcome erstwhile non-Sikhs into the fold via Sangat and education.
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    It is better to conquer someone´s mind and heart, by sharing with them the supreme Truth through Gurbani, which is nothing, but a story of love between the father or Wahiguru Akal Purukh and the jeev atma/soul. There where is love at heart, no sword, no violence, no oppression, can arise. Then too, Sikhee´s aim is Sach Khand, the so called place of eternity, that too, through only love, only bhakti, at His lotus Feet, rest is all "koorr", "maya", manmukhta, all which, a real sikh is not interested in it at all, for his only intention and duty, is to follow, the very steps and teachings of our beloved Guru Sahiban, through one pointedness Bhakti. Politics and demographic policies are world oriented, while sikhee´s direction is far beyond any creation, is right into the realms of the only Kartar, Wahiguru Akal Purukh Sat Sree Akal.
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    At the moment there is a big war going on both openly and also covertly. Extremist and liberal Muslims in the UK are trying to turn the country into a Muslim nation and introduce sharia. Already certain areas are full of muslims and hardly any non muslims as no one wants to live with these people. But the question is are we sleep walking into this whole mess without putting up any sort of fight or resisitence? What are all the non Muslims in the UK actively doing to stop the Islamic conquests both in the UK and in europe? This includes 50 million whites, Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists and others. Yes we voice our anger about the Islamic invasion and dangers. But in terms of proactive action what are we all phyiscall doing? I think it comes down to.Most dont know what to do. They can see it all happening but have no solution to the problem What is at stake Our freedom Our way of life What we eat Our peaceful and law abiding society How we must fight this All Non muslims in the UK must unite as one. We have numbers on our side. Non muslim poulation of the UK is roughly 96% Ideas There is a big revolution happening online via social media, youtube ect. Thousands of ex Muslims are voicing their anger at Islam. They are exposing all its false lies and fanatical nazi ideology to take over the world. We must support these people financially. All organisations that expose islam should be supported. I will be posting more ideas. But at the moment non muslims in the uk moan about the problem yet are not doing anything in retaliation. LETS STOP AND THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE UNLESS WE ALL UNITE AND FIGHT IT. ISLAM WILL TAKE OVER.
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    First of all, there is nothing comparable to Sikhee. But then, as per the topic of this present thread, just as it could be any other on a public forum, found this interesting piece of information on Buddhism on the net, and thought of sharing it. The main aim of Buddhism is to realise a very simple fact : “Suffering is not caused by ill-fortune, by social injustice, or by divine whims. Rather, suffering is caused by the behaviour patterns of one's own mind.” No matter what the mind experiences, it usually reacts with craving, and craving always involves dissatisfaction. When the mind experiences something distasteful, it craves to be rid of the irritation. When mind experiences something pleasant, it craves the pleasure will remain and intensify. Therefore, the mind is always dissatisfied and restless. This is very clear when we experience unpleasant things, such as pain. As long as pain continues, we are dissatisfied and do all we can to avoid it. Yet even when we experience pleasant things, we are never content. We either fear that pleasure might disappear, or we hope that it will intensify. People dream for years about finding love but are rarely satisfied when they find it. Some become anxious that their parter will leave; others feel that they settled cheaply and they could have found someone better. Ans we all know people who manage to do both. There is only one way to exit this vicious circle of craving and suffering- “If, when the mind experiences something pleasant or unpleasant, it simply understands things as they are, then there is no suffering. If you experience sadness without craving that sadness go away, you continue to feel sadness but you do not suffer from it. If you experience joy without craving that the joy linger and intensify, you continue to feel joy without losing your peace of mind.” * By Vartul Pandey . Some more valuable thoughts: Pedro Izecksohn : The purpose of Buddhism is to avoid rebirth. Buddha preached that if you have no desire nor will nor wish then you will not reborn. If you are in Mahayana and follow the bodhisattva path, it will give you much joy, as it is a pleasure to help others. Loren Kimsey, American Secular Buddhist : the entire point of Buddhism is the cessation of suffering for all beings. This was The Buddha’s goal from the moment he set out to become enlightened. Safwan Zabalawi : the purpose of Buddhism is to reveal the potential of Enlightenment to the Law of Life, so that one can take responsibility to transform any hardship and to lead a happy meaningful life - helping others do the same. In Nichiren Buddhism, the purpose of Observing the Mind during chanting the Dharma - is to be aware of the powers acting in us. Once we understand the contents of our thoughts - we can lead these thoughts to a direction of creating value and benefit for our life and others.
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    Thank you. A separate Sikh country is a terrible idea and limits the scope of the religion.
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    I usee to be one of those teenagers who had no clue about sikhi but would go around bashing Hindus and saying we need khalistan, but when i got a little older and understood sikhi more and started going punjab I just looked at the state of punjab and thought to myself that no way does this look like a sikh homeland there is very little sikhi there. They were all killed off back in the 70s 80s and 90s a whole generation was systematically murdered what was left behind is the current mess
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    Jaap Sahib, Tva Prasaad Swaye, Chaupai Sahib etc and the starting pauri of the Ardas are in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji. It is the collection of bani that Guru Gobind Singh ji wrote and was ordered by Shaheed Baba Deep Singh ji and Bhai Mani Singh ji.
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    LOL. Sikhism will have elements of Hinduism as its a Dharmic faith along with Jainism, Buddhism. There is nothing wrong with having elements similar to Hinduism in Sikhism. Hinduism is not the devil's religion lead by the devil (who in this case are Bhramins ) lo,l Sikhism was born form Hinduism Bhakti tradition with the idea of adapting to modern times with equality, equal rights at the forefront. Sikhism did not completely change for Hinduism it adapted incorporated the good elements of Hinduism while eliminating outdated practices and the cast system. Hinduism ( which is not even the official name of the faith ) is has been around for a very long time so it would have outdated practice, views etc. over the years the faith has been distorted with all this other belief system. You can interpret the faith in many ways. 1)its a way of life, not a religion 2) it a collection of different small religions that have been forced under a generic umbrella (Hinduism ) Back to present day Sikhism No if all were to have the same mindset to wipe all Hindu elements Sikhsims would be a different religion. There would be no Kirtan, No Langer, No prasad, , the whole afterlife belief would be completely different by not believing in Mukhti etc.
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    I've always maintained that Guru Ram Das Ji's life and specific contributions to Gurbani should be studied by those who themselves are experiencing a difficult and seemingly painful existence. There's a tragic undercurrent to Guru Ji's history, that's relatable and speaks to the broken and the disenfranchised, that is greatly underestimated among the great accounts of warrior-like valour or entirely zen-like spiritual demeanour of other notable personalities in Sikh history. Most contemporary Sikhs of a certain frame of mind would identify and greatly benefit from this exercise. As I grow older, I realise that 4th Paatshsh are, to me, the most "human" of Guru Sahibs, and that's taking nothing away from their divinity.
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    I can already hear some SJW faggot who'll say, " no we don't look for converts, this is not the Khalsa way " , and I agree. We don't go out to convert people , having said that, Sikhs are projected to be minorities in Panjab by 2031, that's just 13 F@CKING years away. Do we really want to be a minority in our own state [ off course, like most of you and I don't live in Panjab, rather overseas ] , te=he point still stand. Guys, the Shiva Sena cow piss drinkers have been getting more rowdy and violent, these scum want to turn Panjab into Haryana. If anybody , has a relative who's in a close circle of SGPC, tell them to create missionaries in Panjab to convert the hindoos and christians. Also the christians have been getting bigger and bigger, these NGO funders from the heartland of redneck USA spend millions of dollars to convert Indians. The F@CKING christians have a bigger population that Sikhs, there are 40-50 million Christians and 20 millions Sikhs. It's really simple to create numbers, convert people by giving them food / money and them " brainwash " them , I know that's sounds harsh and I put it in quotes for a reason, for a lack of a better word, that's how religions survive. You convert adults and fill their head with religion and then they do the same to their children and thats how religions grow .. It's a bitter truth, none of us would be Sikhs , unless we were born into it , just like christians or muslims. SGPC is one of the richest religion organization in the world after , Vatican & Mecca . The vatican funds catholisim into other countries. That's why most of Africa is either Christian or Muslim. Look at South Korea 70 yrs ago , they're weren't christian ,than America bombs them and start brainwashing them into western culture, now today South Korea culture is literally a copy of American Culture. Look at KPOP , literally the most over produced and edited Korean copy of American music of the 90s. The point is, if the SGPC isn't doing something to covert the 40% non Sikh , cult Deras in Panjab, Panjab will literally become Haryana 2.0 , a place soo backwards , that they care more about cows than their women. Additional points - Mr. Badal , former CM aka Mr. Arminder 1.0 was literally angry at RSS converting Panjabi christians back to Sikhism because they were a huge vote bank for him. Christian Montier[NGO website ] wrote many articles about their work being ruined , by RSS turning christians back to Sikhs. In the End , we need to end Jatt Supremacy in Panjab, Panjabi Jatts are just as backwards and idiotic as Haryana " Jaats " , literal RET@RDS. Many Mazabi Sikhs were fighting against Khalistan during the 80's because they didn't want to be ruled by ruthless Jatts. Jatts have turned into the Brahmins of Sikhism, they isolated themselves from others trying to join Sikhism, because of that you have these cults like Radhoswamis , Nirankaris , Ravaidassia , Namdhari , Dera Sucha Soda [ we all remember that ] . I agree with the one village one gurdwara rule . Everyone needs to practice in the same place. Give me feedback .
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    I work in retail too. it's not as easy as people think its hard work and requires good multi-tasking skills. Typically our people in England have top jobs like account, Finance Consultant, Lawyer, IT consultant. etc and it all adds to this so-called status which you get judged on. If your not a white-collar worker working in an office then they look down at you, I get that at times when relatives ask me what I do. My job does not mean I am not educated as they may think. I have 2:1 bsc hons degree in computing, Prince 2 project management certification etc . yeah in an ideal world I would be working as IT consultant/Project manager for top blue chip company earning a yearly salary of £35000-40000 per year (the ideal Punjabi lad) lol but instead I work a grind for £8.20 an hour.(that's with a pay rise for my hard work) lol, I did have an IT support job back in 2009 as part of my placement year for my degree which went horribly wrong. I have also done some IT support work back in 2013 which again I did not enjoy and was not given much work to do. I have had tons of job interviews for IT consultancy roles, banking jobs etc some went well while others were not so good. The whole job search after graduations has been soul destroying. But none the less I remain positive, I am doing a teaching course and hopefully, I can become a teacher early next year. Job title is the 1st question potential in-laws will ask in our community if you earn less then your partner then everyone will be quick to point out that your living off your wife and eating her money which in most cases is not true. In today's world is not uncommon for the wife to be earning more than her husband. In sum don't let your job measure your success, their is much more to life then work, career etc.
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    VJKK VJKF In recent months Youth of GNG Smethwick have been doing great Ninda of Gursikhs, mainly on Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee who has been honoured by the Khalsa Panth as Panth Rattan, Freedom Fighter. Loved by Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranwala and inspired many Gursikhs on the path of Meditation. Below is evidence of disgusting , shocking posts by Gng Youth who are guided under Sikh Youth UK. There is some extremely (adult) content which we Did not wish to upload, but the below gives you idea what is going on. The Bana Waleh youth of Gng are happy looking at Pornographic content, Pekh Pakhand and no Sharam. The Guidance of GurbaNee and understanding is totally missing. The whole atmosphere has changed over the past two years at GNG, Youth are more interested in pointless debates and brainwashing to fit their ideologies. Also to mention the images below were circulated on Instagram and on Birmingham Whatsapp groups which are linked to GNG. If you have Children I would keep them well away from the Youth there until Deepa and his team can make changes. Admin Note: I have to remove these pictures.
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    I saw this video which I thought was great from a french couple visiting the Punjab and the Darbar Sahib. I am actually seeing many videos online of white people posting videos about their journey to the holy city of Amritsar. Very good to see and an inspiration. I hope more white people visit and make videos like this. This is a great way for people to learn about Sikhism that are non Indian. Its great the the video has so many views. Over 100.000 . Think about all the people who watch the video and will be educated about the faith.
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    Tommy Robinson is no racist. He is anti-Islam not even anti-Muslim. He knows that Muslims are the first victims of the totalitarian ideology of called Islam. it's interesting that Jagsaw talks about fascists and yet Islam fits the definition of fascism to a tee. Tommy Robinson represents the white working class which has been betrayed by the Labour Party which made a conscious decision in 1997 under Tony Blair to allow virtual uncontrolled immigration into the country thus ensuring that Labour would create a ethnic vote bank. The white working class have always from the racism that characterized them in the 1970s. That's not to say that there is no racism but it is much less than the 1970s. The foolish Sikhs like Turban Campaign and Sikhs against EDL which have made common cause with left wing facist organizations like Unite Against Facism still think they are fighting the fight of the 1970s. Unite Against Facism has made common cause with Islamist organizations and they will never take in the issue of Islamic terrorism or Islamic grooming gangs.
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    VJKK VJKF Sangat Jee I have been informed a while back that at GNG Smethwick Gurdwara, some miscreants took down the Shaheed Singh & Mahapurakh boards due to there issues with certain Gursikhs. The incident took place around 30th March 2018 if i'm correct. The issue has not been resolved by Sikh Council UK, GNG Smethwick etc and more so brushed under the carpet. This is a total insult to the Kaums Shaheeds and Mahapurakhs, regardless of personal Rehits, Issues anyone that has done Sevaa for the Panth on such a mass scale their Jeevan should be celebrated and followed. It is believed that the following Groups played apart in removing the boards with a drill and screwdrivers. 1. Dharam Yudh Morcha Jatha - Tividale 2. Satkaar Committee - Birmingham 3. Jagowale Jatha Some of the reasons which are communicated on a email for the removal of the Singhs are as follows: 1. Shaheed Jathedaar Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar didn't have any kind of relationship with Sant Jarnail Singh jee and they view it as a belittling Sant jee. 2. The Nanak Niwas issue has been brought up and one point for the remove of Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbars photo 3. Baba Thakur Singh Jee DDT cant be pictured with Bhai Sahib Jeevan Singh Jee AKJ as their views weren't the same and Bhai Sahib Jeevan Singh cant be on the same level as Baba Thakur Singh. 4. Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee was removed because they believe he has influenced his views and distorted Gurmat 5. None of the Singhs from Babbar Khalsa can have Babbar in there name on the boards, any text saying this must be removed. 6. Ithiaas from Damdami Taksal is missing Since Guru Sahibs time 7. The only good point which is valid was a incorrect date of birth for a Nanaksar Mahapurakh, but again the board didn't need to be removed. There is maybe some other corrections that needed to be made, but the act of planning and removing the boards which the Sangat Jee has paid for is despicable. The above shows a deep underlying hatred and biased towards certain groups. Below is evidence of what happened.
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    I dont know im kind of skeptical on identifying Sikhs as a race. Sikhi is a dharam, if we classify our people as an ethnic group it might make conversion harder as people assume "oh their an ethnoreligion guess I cant join them", and we might end up turning into the "Gods chosen people" dogma that abrahamic faiths encounter. But then again we do have some traits of an ethnic gtoup as the majority of us are north indian, but thats about it.
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    This site has been taken over by Hindus and Hindu lovers. India has killed thousands of Sikhs and raped our sisters and daughters, and none of those Hindus got punished, but let's stay with our rapist overlords. Also, let's blame how incompetent Sikhs are ( and of course they deserve it). Keep on blaming the victims! Khals Raj was one of the best run countey in it's time, but according to these Hindu lovers, Sikhs are capable of nothing!!

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