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A confusion

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Hey Lion is father of cat bring it on :bringitondude cause now i am saying it AGAIN

Also Balwinder Singh, Pakhandeebunga has came out and proved his arguments, maybe you have been malang washed and failed to understand the sikh way of life.

All you malang washed people we are not afraid of you. Bring it on. We can take on all you cats and nang malangs.

Tell us one thing rochak if idol worship with true love and devotion is acceptable then what about those who worship 'Shivling' (god shiva's s** organ) :WW: with true love and devotion? Will they reach muktee too? So basically you mean all we need is true love and devotion and doesn't matter what we worship it is ok. We don't think so. You are from a hindu family so you most likely know what kinda stuff goes on in shiva's temple and what women do when they pay a little visit to 'shivling'. Also in Madh Pardes there are statues of naked women and men doing first bajjar kurehat. With true love and devotion we can worship those statues and surely we will get there. Right?

Guru Ji called hindus blind for a reason and these are the reasons. Their so called true love and devotion is just foolishness and they are blind. They do not see the truth and fail to realize the One Waheguru. Without t

aking Amrit and keeping Rehat you cannot understand the true love because Naam Simran will bring true love which is the result of Nimarta or humbleness.

So stop promoting Hinduism here and pretending to be a sikh. Guru ji started a new religion and never accepted any foolishness and blindness of hindus so we say non-acceptance zindabad. We are with you 100% pakhandeebunga.

--Gharghaj Singh and Company :nihungsmile:

ADMIN NOTE: Your Father and Mother are the Sweeeeetest of the Sweetest, Guru Gobind Singh and Mata Sahib Kaur, and you are living in the legacy of the Shabad Guru Suroop of Akaal Purakh, the light in this universe as it shines now in Guru Granth Sahib, the primal jyot Dhan Dhan Baba Nanak... So how about some "Guru Nanak pyaar" in the house?

Saadh Sangat jee, please avoid the personal attacks and rudeness. This is not the place for that. This is the first and last warning. We appreciate your support and understanding. -8

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Hey Lion is father of cat bring it on :bringitondude cause now i am saying it AGAIN

oye zayda apne chaate na dekhaaa apne shirt de ander reh(pendu is trying to become lion) ohmy.gif rochak de gurantee es form wich 100 percent lalenge tere ki gurantee ki he.

and maharj has said "sach kaho sun leo sabhe jin PREM KIO tin he prabh pao"

rochak at anytime im with u buddy ^_^^_^ and ur rite.


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Well actually it is not that complicated.....

Gurmat says Naam shows Waheguru. As Anbhav Prakash - God realization.

Anbhav Prakash : The experience of the existence and presence of God, when one is at the wish divine feelings. The enlightened perception of reality which is enjoyed by a person who has become a Gurmukh.

- Sikhpoint.com

Hindu Mat says through devotional worship of Idols, God can be achieved. Now our brothers say that Gurbani does not say idol worship is bad, but idol worship is bad without love and devotion. Now think for a second. DOES Hindu texts or philosophy say that idol worship is good also without love and devotion? Offcourse not! the "real" teaching of their spiritual teachers is also that with true devotion God is achieved. And what a Brahmin does, does not mean that is the "true" Hindu mat.

What i am trying to say is: there is philosophical difference between Hindu thought and Gurmat. As per Gurmat, Waheguru can only be realized when Waheguru desires. As a person does not become Gurmukh without Waheguru jee's hukam. And after that Waheguru jee appear as in Anhav Parkash - through the spiritual experience.

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i get my message from gurbani but i dont need to go round pointing fingers at others in my smugness just because i have been fortunate to have been blessed with some sikhi, instead i should feel grateful and hve the want to help those less fortunate who dont know.

I agree idol worshipping wont do anything but no 1 have got the right to start attacking rochak. He is getting into sikhi from another faith we gotto appreciate where hes coming from. we should give this brother strentgh and warmth in sikhi. . Rss are peope trying to destroy sikhi, who have taken part in killings burnings and rapes of minorities in india. So garghaj your a lost man, a sick man, the sangat here responded to you and your sick comments and you still carry on. You should at least apologise thats below the belt.

YOu insulted a guy whos becoming a sikh . You think your a big man go and stand outside a mandir in the hindu militant hinterland of haryana and debate religion with the militant haryanvis, do it face to face directly not behind a pc, or meet shiv sena. I even know a hindu and singh who both walked into a busy mosque in the uk in a muslim stronghold neighbourhood of 30 000 muzzis and debated the "ulmusleem" , "bakhari ul hadeeth" at namaz time which takes more than a shatee expanding cartoon behind a pc here. thats ten times brave than what your cartoon shatee.

Who are you to call rochak nang? look at your face in the mirror do you resonate sikhi in any way more? rochak is a respectful dude.you must be one of those "anakh vala" henah.

shivlings lol not that put me head down to one but how would you like rss men responding back with sections from charitropakhan? i ha

ve been there in that situation in my early days where i also took the piss they came back with the charitar tales and asked me is this what i bow down to and allow our women to listen to in our 2 holiest takhats? your remark about women is trying to take the mick, why not men to? dont they put their head down to it? so it looks like your trying to say something. just be direct about women and shivlings.

theres also a shabad about heeng leeng seeng, bhog , inside guru granth sahib thats read every stime you have an akhand paat at your house sitting next to your mum and sisters, or at the gurdwara with the rest of sangat. Now obviously the contexts can be twisted by rss who wants to insult, thats my point with you your just acting the large like they do. But if your the badboy you think you are haryaney shiv sena deh addhey chul.

How much of waheguru have you realised yourself?some of our gurus and original panj pyareyz were practicing hindus before they became sikhs. read the sakhia Instead you should talk about sikhi in a way where people become attracted to it not through taking the piss. ur method wreaks the wrong message. Muslims became sikhs, hindus became sikhs there must have been something that pulled them in the first place.

im sure your the epitome of humbleness and nam simran and nimrata we can learn from with your last post.

Guru ji did start a new religion your frenzied paranioa lol, where did rochak say sikhi is not a faith? your jumping the bandoookz koinah jada coke peeleyah putt.

sort your akhad out this is sikh sangat and our rochak is a bloke whos trying to become a sikh.

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Guest mehtab

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Thank u all who have stood up for me. Its your love that makes me worth anything at all. i by myself dont deserve anything. ^_^^_^^_^

pakhandeebunga veerjee, ur last post was truly enlightening and i did learn a lot from it. Thanks for bringing it up, and i guess i was foolish not to have understood anything earlier. ^_^^_^^_^

gharghajsingh veerjee, i can never repay u back. The love and appreciation that i have received on this forum had made my head heavy with pride, and your views and comments about me brought all of it crashing down. i do not have words to thank u brother ^_^^_^^_^

forever at the feet of the saadh sangat

~ das Rochak Malang

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hajara, you are pretty mad and I agree that gargajsingh should apologize for whatever he said to rochak. I want to say that you are using Dasam bani for wrong purpose. Charittars are Bani of Dasam Nanak but you must see why Guru Ji did Rachna of this type of Bani and what do we need to learn from this. If you want to know if it really is Bani then I recommend you read the book "Dasam Granth Darshan" by Piara Singh Padam. This book will clear all your doubts. Even though Chrittars are something you cannot easily read or listen to with females present but this case is very different than shivling because this kind of stuff is not going on in Gurdwaras and Sikhs are not using this Bani for wrong purposes. Are they? Women in Hinduism not only worship shivling but do bad stuff. They do not understand the truth and do not realize what real worship is and how to worship the true Waheguru. This is an act of blindness. Guru Ji did Racha of this Bani but does not mean Guru Ji believed in this type of stuff or supported it but Hindus carry on this stuff and believe in it. This is the major difference.

Guru Granth Sahib Ji talks about "bhog" but the purpose is different. We learn a lesson from Bani. For example,

"You may enjoy the pleasures of hundreds of thousands of women, and rule the nine continents of the world."

This is what Gurbani says but the real purpose for writing this is in next line.

"But without the True Guru, you will not find peace; you will be reincarnated over and over again. ||3||" (Page 26)

See my point. Now you don't see Sikhs (real ones) going around enjoying pleasures of women by saying Guru Ji says "You may" cuz thi

s is wrong. the lesson we learn is something else and that is: we need a True Guru. Also notice that the first line talks about ruling nine continents but we all know there are only seven continents. So the person who translated this is wrong again not Gurbani. My point for writing this is that even though Guru Ji narrated these kinds of stories but you will always find the real lesson in the last lines. Guru Ji didn't just narrate the story, the lesson and the true meaning for us is written also at the end so we can learn. The only way you can relate this to hinduism is if only the stories were written in Gurbani and Sikhs were following the stories but that is not the case. So please do not misuse Gurbani next time. I know you didn't mean to do it intentionally and you are probably hurt cuz what was said to rochak but you misusing Gurbani even unintentionally was hurting also. forgive me if i offended you.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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hi. sorry, i dun mean to interfere but i have a couple of things to say about the stuff in this thread.

firstly, the story on Dhanna Bhagat is a really good example of true love for God. if it wasn't true love for God, then i'm pretty sure Dhanna Bhagat wouldn't have gotten a darshan and probably would have died of starvation, bein the simple man he was.

secondly, a whole lot of ppl in here are insulting other faiths (hinduism in particular). yes, SGGS ji does say a lot of what you guys are saying. but are you at the level of SGGS ji? do you have the authority to malign another religion, especially one which has produced so many bhagats and sants who were revered by our own Gurus as true? who in this world can say that they have as much authority as SGGS ji and that they can appropriately malign a religion?

on this same topic, everything that was said should be looked at in context. what is said in SGGS ji is supposed to help us become better, not to give us validation for puttin down religions and the way others worship.

here's something else. Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib gave up his life for hindus and it doesn't mean that he prefers them over Muslims. BUT he did this REGARDLESS of the bad stuff written about their practices. if Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib can give up his life for these ppl, who the hell thinks they are allowed to look down upon them?!

one more thing. none of us are hindu. so why are we concerned about their practices? if they believe that their mukti is gonna come from idol worship, let them do it. who knows? what if one of them ends up bein the next Dhanna Bhagat?

don't interfere in their path to the Almighty, cu

z that'd be downright sinful.

and tha's all i can think of for now... i'll probably have something to add later on.

i'm sorry if nething i said offended u (or didn't make sense). but this is retarded. it's almost shameful to see the amount of intolerance someone who is Sikh can display for another religion. shameful...

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    • Too add another piece of the puzzle of what apnay experienced during the colonial period (as requested in the OP).         It’s easy to be mistaken by this picture of a gentle, stooped, grandfatherly 95 year-old. He was in fact one of the most feared and dangerous men in British India. So feared was he by the British that, shackled in irons, he was held for 16 years in near solitary confinement 1000kms off the shore of India for fear of the revolution he tried to spark. This is Sohan Singh Bhakna, founder of the revolutionary Ghadr Party. When India joined WW1, every young Punjabi man was vigorously encouraged to join the Indian Army; British officials, Indian nobility, Indian district bureaucrats, even the Indian National Congress and Mahatma Gandhi joined forces to promote recruitment. Opposing that consensus was a vociferous, violent energetic group, operating from North America called the Ghadrs, or revolutionaries. Sohan Singh Bhakna became active in the early nationalist movement before he joined the small pioneering stream of men who moved out of Punjab to the Pacific Northwest in the early 1900s where he worked in lumber mills. America wasn’t colonising India but there was no lack of racism and discrimination toward the ‘Hindoo’ labourers and Bhakna rapidly joined the early Indian labour movement. He founded the Ghadr party with other North American Indians who agitated for the overthrow British colonial authority in India by means of an armed revolution. The Ghadrs viewed the Congress-led Independence movement as soft and unambitious so adopted a harder stance with their principal strategy to entice Indian soldiers into armed revolt against the British taking particular advantage of the vulnerability of the First World War. Their revolutionary plans included smuggling arms to the passengers of the Komagatu Maru on their return to India, making overtures to the German Embassy in the US, pumping out revolutionary messages to Indian soldiers via their prolific pamphleteering. Their most seditious and dangerous plot was to coordinate violent armed revolutionary activity with Indian soldiers in SE Asia. Alarmed, the British promptly arrested Sohan Singh as he tried to enter India in 1914 and tried for conspiracy. Found guilty, he was sentenced to death. A sentence later commuted to life imprisonment in The Andaman Islands, 1000kms off the shore of India. There Sohan Singh settled into a period of revolt and activism with repeated hunger strikes to improve the conditions for his fellow prisoners. Both in the Andamans and back in India where he was imprisoned until 1930 he carried out hunger strikes for Sikh prisoner’s religious rights, the rights of lower caste Indian prisoners and in support of Bhagat Singh. By the outbreak of the Second world war, Sohan Singh had been released 10 years and was an active and fearsome political voice for the Communist Party. War brought new rules, and the Indian Government arrested and interred the now 70-year-old Sohan Singh for 3 more years in an Indian jail lest he revive his violent tendencies during a time of wartime vulnerability. He lived another 20 years after Indian Independence and the Partition, a constant and prolific voice in early Indian politics. He died in 1968, ending a phenomenal life of 98 years, in his home district of Amritsar. -Amandeep Madra https://barusahib.org/general/sohan-singh-bhakna-the-man-who-shook-the-britishers-with-fear/
    • I've worked around a lot of them over the years. For all their faults, none of them (that I've met) seem remotely concerned with the colonial thing, they seem too shrewed and self-serving for that. It's some western raised apnay that do this.    
    • I agree that the situation is improving among western born Sikhs, but I don't think there has been any significant growing consciousness in that regard among Indian Sikhs.
    • You're right, but I don't see hordes of apnay queuing up to join in, like before. We do have a ground level movement that questions the past in the UK like never before. 'No more sepoys'. The whole colonial period is under scrutiny across the board these days.  Interestingly, this is part and parcel of a growing consciousness in broad areas amongst Sikhs. Of course we will have opportunists and the gullible who struggle to put the past in proper context, but then that just makes the job of de-brainwashing apnay all the more important. We might not be able to educate every last person, but we can make a big difference, enough to reign in the confused.  
    • This is no big mystical revelation imho.  European whites fighting amongst themselves has been on the cards for ages. It's the natural state of things if long term history is anything to go by.  The only good point right now is that we don't hordes of our own illiterate pendu peasants lined up to do goray's dirty work for peanut money that was stolen off them in the first place (like in the previous conflicts with krauts/nazis).  Shasters will be/are important, but anyone who doesn't recognise how important ashtars i.e. projectile weapons like guns, canons, missiles etc. are today is a bewakoof of major proportions. Those of us in the western diaspora: abled bodied young men and women, get ready to defend your own community in the potential face of a rise of racism. It's been done before. Plus the indigenous nazis in many western disaporas have now been reinforced by 'refugee' eastern european ones.  It doesn't take a genius (or a mahapurash sant) to figure out what we may have to face.  
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