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Bhai Dhanna jee was a simple hearted farmer.

One day, Bhai Dhanna jee was passing a pundit's house who was feeding his thakur - a stone idol. Bhai Dhanna jee was quite perplexed by this. So Bhai Dhanna jee asked the pundit, "What are you doing?"

The pundit was kind of hungry and wanted to get this feeding over as soon as possible and really wasn't in a mood for Bhai Dhanna jee's simple inquiries.

He replied, "Oh, nothing, just feeding my thakur. Now if you will excuse me..."

Bhai Dhanna jee found that incredibly funny, "What use is feeding a stone?"

Pundit, "That is not a stone, it is God."

"Really?! What does God give you if you feed it?"

Pundit: "Everything. Now, I really must ask you to leave..."

Bhai Dhanna jee liked this idea of giving a little food and getting back everything. So Bhai Dhanna jee asked the pundit if he could also have a thakur.

At this time, the pundit's stomach was audibly complaining about lack of food. So he hastily picked up the nearest stone off the ground and said, "Here. First feed it, then you eat. Goodbye."

Saying that the pundit dived into the food left over by thakur. Bhai Dhanna jee held the stone closely and hurried home.

As soon as Bhai Dhanna jee got home, Bhai Dhanna jee cooked the best meal - saag and makkee di roti - for dinner. He placed it in front of thakur and said, "Here thakur jee, please eat. Afterwards, I want to discuss many things with you. I need a new cow fo

r example, but for now, please eat."

Saying that Bhai Dhanna jee sat in front of thakur and waited. And waited. And waited.

After a while, Bhai Dhanna jee said, "Look thakur, I really have no time for your play. Come and eat at once! I have many chores to do."

After several hours, Bhai Dhanna jee was thinking that perhaps thakur jee was annoyed at him. So Bhai Dhanna jee tried to persuade thakur jee to forgive him: "Look here thakur, I haven't eaten in a while. Now it is entirely possible that I have done something to annoy you but believe you me, we can discuss this much better after this saag and makkee dee roti is in our stomachs."

Slowly the night deepened. Bhai Dhanna jee said, "Look thakur, I have one nerve left and you are dancing on it. Either eat your food or I will....", Bhai Dhanna jee couldn't really think of anything so he just stomped his foot in anger.

Pretty soon, it became daylight. Now Bhai Dhanna jee was quite disoriented. Sometimes Bhai Dhanna jee would curse thakur, sometimes Bhai Dhanna jee would hug thakur and sometimes Bhai Dhanna jee would starting crying.

Two long and hungry nights passed in this manner. Then at amrit vela on the third day, when Bhai Dhanna jee was too weak to curse any more, Vaahi-guroo jee decided to do the thing Vaahi-guroo jee does best - play.

Vaahi-guroo jee appeared inside the stone. It was the most beautiful body of a young man. Bhai Dhanna lost all his anger and just gaped at Vaahi-guroo jee.

Vaahi-guroo jee stepped out of the stone and said, "Bhai Dhanna jee, sorry, I am late - had to deal with a couple of universe creations - but would you be kind enough to warm up this saag and makkee dee Vaahi-guroo jee and went to the farm.

Bhai Dhanna jee fell head over heels in love with Vaahi-guroo jee. He couldn't resist being with Vaahi-guroo jee. They spent the next few days literally arm in arm. Even at night, Bhai Dhanna jee would hold Vaahi-guroo jee's hand and listen

to Vaahi-guroo jee songs - Vaahi-guroo jee sang a lot - and would drift off to sleep.

A week later, the pundit was passing Bhai Dhanna jee's hut. Bhai Dhanna jee saw him and ran to him and said, "Oh, pundit jee, you wonderful man, thank you so much for that thakur..."

Pundit, "What??? Oh, yeah, sure, anytime. Look, I am in a hurry. I am going to the conference KPPARR (Keeping Poor Poor And Rich Rich)."

Bhai Dhanna jee: "But please come and drink some lassi. Thakur jee makes the best lassi."

Pundit: "What now? Thakur jee makes something?"

Bhai Dhanna jee: "Oh, the best stuff. Look at him, how beautiful he is."

Pundit jee looked and indeed some was pushing the cows on the farm. And yet there was nobody to be seen.

Pundit jee: "Who is that?"

Bhai Dhanna jee: "Why, that is thakur jee, of course. Oh, you should hear him sing..."

Pundit jee was quited intrigued by now. And repeatedly asked Bhai Dhanna jee about Thakur jee. After a while Bhai Dhanna jee realized that Pundit could not see Thakur jee. Bhai Dhanna jee promised that he would talk to Thakur jee about this.

The pundit left. Bhai Dhanna jee went to Vaahi-guroo jee and said, "Thakur jee, how come pundit jee can't see you?"

Vaahi-guroo jee: "The pundit jee really doesn't want to see me. He is more interested in my maid - Maya."

Bhai Dhanna jee: "But I don't understand. How can one see you?"

Vaahi-guroo jee: "One has to become pure. And in this age, Dhanna jee, the only way to become pure is by reciting naam."

Bhai Dhanna jee: "Naam?"

Vaahi-guroo jee: "Naam is the magic of this age. Even a few minutes of naam will bring the magic that is needed to see me."

Bhai Dhanna jee: "But, I haven't recited naam. How come I can see you?"

Vaahi-guroo jee, at that point, touched Bhai Dhanna jee's forehead. Bhai Dhanna jee's surat went inside. Inside he saw that he, Bhai Dhanna jee, had done heavy tapasa

ya for over 100 lifetimes. He had stood in water all night and in the hot sun all day. He had hung upside down for several lifetimes. He had been a celibate in one lifetime and a moni (ones who don't talk) in another. But he had progressed spiritually very little.

Then in his previous life, he had met an adept guru who had given him naam. And by doing naam for just one lifetime, Bhai Dhanna jee had become pure.

Seeing Vaahi-guroo jee was the reward for his naam from previous life.

Bhai Dhanna jee fell at Vaahi-guroo jee's feet and cried. Saying, "Please forgive this fool, I treated you as an equal..."

Vaahi-guroo jee picked him and held him close, singing songs of comfort, "Bhai Dhanna jee, now the time is right to leave. The way you see me now is the superficial way of meeting me. The real way is inside. Now you must start naam again and then I will meet you inside."

Saying that Vaahi-guroo jee vanished into thin air. Bhai Dhanna jee was enlightened now, else he would cursed Vaahi-guroo jee. Immediately he started naam with each breath.

Within days, Bhai Dhanna jee met Vaahi-guroo jee in Vaahi-guroo jee's real form - the formless one - inside.

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I really think anyone who dont know about the story of Dhanna , should listen to it.. here's the link


I found the story posted above a little twisted by the author, like "Waheguroo didnt say . He was busy with creating universes", but he said, Dhanna, if you didnt food for two days, even i didnt eat food for two days.."

Also, In the end waheguroo promised Dhanna to give him darshan anytime he wanted...

The story of Dhanna is also written in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, and also some verses are said from it in aarti

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I am just confused abt idol worshiping and dhanna jatt.Can somebdy please elaborate how dhanna jatt's worship was not idol worship?

i m sorry if I offended anybdy

Dhanna Jatt was illiterate compared to the literate pandit who worshipped idols ,

dhanna had firm faith that thakur will eat his food, it wasnt idol worship.

this story is about faith and love

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That story above has been fashioned differently, but the main even that took place is that Bhagat Dhanna ji was given a stone by a pundit and he did cook food for that stone and stayed hungry for few days, n finally god appeared before him.

The reason behind god appearing before Bhagat Dhanna ji was not because he worshipped a stone, rather the pure and innocent mind he had which made his devotion for god fall on a stone. And that stone/idol became an excuse for his innocent love to flourish. It was love of bhagat dhanna ji that made god take sirgun forum.

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