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Beadbi Of Guru Granth Sahib

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Have you heard of the sakhi when guru nanak dev ji went to mecca and the mullah asked him to not point his feet at the khaba. God is every where. Guru is shabad the guru granth sahib is a vehicle to

I mean to say, brother/sister, that feet toward Mecca is not as bad as back to our Guru Ji because our Guru Ji is so much greater than Mecca and what it contains. We can't use that Sakhi to support th

shameful that in hall full of sangat no one told em to sort it out

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I said in my first post this is not something to jump up and down about. We shouldn't turn our back to Guru Maharaj where we can help it.

Interesting how you say 'you believe what you want and i'll believe what i want.' But then you then can't help but go back to the same thing again.

This is an issue of Satkaar and Sharda.

Everyone is at different levels.

Trivial as it may seem to you it may not be so trivial for others. It should be dealt with with pyar. Instead we come on here and get all irritated by others opinions and views.

Reminisce on the past is very important. Including the sakhi of Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

Baba Nand Singh Ji respected Guru Granth Sahib Ji as Jaagdi Jot.


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What is the sangats view of gurbani apps. Some people have downloaded whole of SGGS Ji on mobiles. These mobiles are kept in pockets or handbags. Sometimes left on the floor when charging or next to other objectionable things i.e. desk at work, where other things are round. On the tube its so crowded that your phone containing SGGS Ji is on your person but rubbing onto other people. (Example its in your pocket, you are on the tube and your pocket is touching someone else as it happens on the tube. The person you are next too has a packet of cigarettes which is next to your ,mobile). If the whole bani of SGGS ji is in one place does that constitute a bir of maharaj? wheres the satkar, when do you do the parkash etc. Do you always wash hands, take off shoes? Just because its on a mobile phone should the bani be treated with less respect? How many people carry gutkas in their pockets and put them next to their face and talk into them, imagine if it was done with a saroop of maharaj? Or if the apps not open does it mean it is not there? Not having a go as im just wanting answers as I thought bani is bani regardless of its form, so why are mobile apps accepted, is it not beadbi which is accepted, as no one makes a fuss about these apps.

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This topic was about sitting with your back towards Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It is developing into a whole new topic.

You get 1 person saying one thing and then another gets up and tries to be cleverer. Unfortunately these days we want things to fit into a box. But not everything does.

Everything comes down to your sharda and satkaar. This is very personal.

I know people who wouldn't download an App with Guru Granth Sahib Ji onto their phone for the reasons stated above. I also would not as i think it is disrespectful. But i wouldn't jump down your throat for doing it as i do not know enough to do that.

We should look at how our elders did Satkaar and how better Gursikhs than ourselves do. There are some examples in my last posts.

We are looking to our Guru for help/guidance/life. Our Guru does not need us. We will gain from our Guru. Not the other way around. We need our Guru. Not the other way around. If you are a beggar then first realise that, then behave as one.

If you think it is ok to sit with your back or download an app then carry on.

If i were admin i would close this topic. I think the initial point has been exhausted.

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Look, you believe what you want and I'll believe what I want. TO me it's made very very clear that Gurbani itself is the word of God. That's the only thing we bow down to in the Gurdwara. Some people put pictures up of 'Gurus' they are not Gurus as nobody on this earth can perceive what they looked like. This again is effigy, idol worshipping. The Christians do this also with the effigy of Jesus Christ on the Cross, Hindus obviously, even the Muslims have pictures of Mohammed Sahib and Twelve Imams which is prohibited.

I've seen people bow to pictures give it toof [incense] and so on. People moan and rant about the most trivial of things, like if somebody has their back the the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, those that make a song and dance should reminisce the stories of the past of what they Gurus did when something similar occurred. Including the Sakhi of Dhan Guru Nanak Nirankar Ji at Makkah.

So once Gurbani is presented in context and proves against manmat, then its you believe what you believe and i believe what i believe. Also just to bring more facts here and to speak on facts, instead on manmat. The Dohra we read in Ardas says Guru Granth is the Guru. The Dohra does not say ONLY Shabad Guru is the Guru.

Can you explain to me how Charn Di Pahul was done by Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaj, when by your understanding Sikhs only bow down to Gurbani.

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