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Street Parchar In Central London

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Please visit the Gurudwara Sahib in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh where the Bhagats under Bhagat Ramanand Ji met Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj.

It's a shame these days we have pacharaks who for reasons only known to themselves continue to tow the line of - Hindu and Muslim Saints instead of what they really were - Sikhs of the True Guru.


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The biggest shame is people like JSinghNZ who try hard to remain ignorant despite being given more than one solid proof:

a) Gurdwara Guru Ka Bagh in Ayodhya where Bhagats met Guru Nanak Maharaaj

b) Meharbaan Janamsakhi confirming above sakhi

c) Bhagat Bani Ithaas with detailed historical research plus indepth analysis of the Gurbani.

All he has is 2 websites haha. Open your eyes, who needs enemies when we got our own Sikhs turning Bhagats into Hajj loving, Ramadan loving Muslims and Casteist idolater Hindus.

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When a child starts from basics.......he's taught the simplest way possible .....like "urha" "unth" with picture or "a" apple with picture......why?

we all know all bhagats were one and the same, above religion and caste...............but when someone new who doesn't know anything.....to make them understand what actually happened, details are neccessary,,,,,

and waheguru has done kirpa on this Gursikh by having him do HIS sewa.........had he not mentioned the religions, those westerners would have ended up thinking that probably Guru sahib allowed the writings of bhagats from Sikhism only.......

........and also mentioning the religion would just give them base for easy understanding, won't affect the actual spiritual status of Bhagats in any way.......

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There is a big difference between simplifying concepts and modifying them.

Anyways this is a different discussion completely so I'm not going to say anymore on the matter.

Bhai Jugraj Singh Ji is doing a great job - May Guru Sahib continue to bless him and grant him further seva.


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Unfortunately Sikhi has been a victim of the liberalisation process that began before 1947 but became the norm after 1947. The Sikh writers, especially those who wrote in English have converted Sikhism into a secular religion just to please the so-called secular leaders of the country.

The above has led to such ridiculous statements which many Sikhs will still make-;

1. Sikhi is not a missionary religion and does not seek converts. It wants Muslims to be good Muslims and Hindus to be good Hindus.

2. Guru Granth Sahib contains the writings of non-Sikhs from both Hindu and Muslim religions.

3. Guru Nanak had a constant companion, Mardana who was a Muslim.

4. The foundation stone of Harmandir Sahib was laid by Syed Mian Mir.

5. Malerkotla rulers have been friends of the Sikhs and they may even be classed a Nanakpanthi

The above may appear good in inter-faith meetings but why should a Muslim or Hindu become a Sikh when according to the liberal Sikhs, Sikhism wants them to remain in their religions.

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Open day camps to teach meditation in English, recite Gurbani.

millionssssss of Britons are disillusioned with life. uncertainty with careers/economics, huge divorce rates, sexualised culture running at a million miles an hour.

no time to stop and think...

I went to the Buddhist center in Birmingham to join a friend in his meditation class.

Guess what??!!

it was packed!!!!!

and no Buddhists.. mostly average people from all walks of life, all ages.

The class was brilliant, no mantr or relgious pressure.

We need to do similar classes in our Gurdwaras - sit down, meditate on Waheguru, teach others the beauty of NAAM..

Don't talk about rules of religions- people walk away, instead talk about immersing their souls with the Almighty.

Put an advert out in local paper, Gumtree.. teach it properly and you'll have 100's of people changing their lives and remembering waheguru

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Our new project is called "Sikhi Awareness For Everyone (SAFE)". Its talking to the average person on the street about Sikhi, without the intention to convert, but to raise awareness about Guruji's message. We've made this leaflet called, "3 Facts about Sikhi" and are talking people through them. There are other leaflets planned too.

Here are some videos ji, sangat who wish to support us by sponsoring printing material etc can do so at

British Couple Learn about Sikhi

My favourite one - British women praise Sikhi


(1) Sponsor leaflets and Parchar desks: http://www.everythings13.org/donate

(2) Become a member of Street Team: Raise awareness at your local gurdwara and town. We'll be spreading this across the UK and other countries. info@everythings13.org

(3) Order some leaflets for your Gurdwara or youth organisation: Email as above.

Thanks ji


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Paji you are LEGEND! What you continue to do, your seva, is plain amazing. I'm kicking myself for not attending the 'Why Sikhi Course' last summer. Thank you so much for taking up this seva.

PS, PLEASE come up north! Huddersfield needs you!! :)

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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