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Fellow brethren,

A friend who was bought up sikh by his parents has recently confessed his desire to become muslim. He's gone as far as fasting, studying arabic, conforming to prayers, and stunningly bringing up both his offspring against sikhi and instead, full of islamic values.

I don't agree with his omission but can't seem to blame him, our fathers, forefathers never adopted the sikh gown or adhered it to their children so how was he gonna be any different? I rather accept how he said 'I was told to go to the gurdwara, bow, have prasaad and then go; I was never told what was being said nor could I understand it' at times he said 'blokes can talk in the prayer room as they please, often smelling of booze and cigarettes'-is this God's he said to me?

His quest with Islam is begining fruition, what I wanted to ask the sangat was that can I do anything, persuade, inform, educate or at least show this person the biggest regret he could be making....what would you do?

Thoughts please....

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If someone cant be loyal to his own faith, what loyality will he give another? Let him follow the path he has chosen. Obviously he has made his mind up if hes gone to the extent of submiting to namaz and bringing up his children in Islam.

He wonders from door to door searching for his beloved. Like a bee flying from one plant to another. How many partners can one individual have? Shes left her husband lord to be with another

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Well Its sad to see this potential sikh go but by look of it he wasn't really into sikhi to begin with that, I wish him well, hope he does not turn into katarvad shariatvad muslim (or shariatvadi katarvadi of any religion for that matter). Hope he finds sangat of arif/bhramgyani sufi fakirs so that they show him real path of sufism-mystic layers of islam for his spiritual development:

1. Valley of Search(Wadde-a-Tallash)- Where one searches for murshid.
2. Valley of Love (Wadee-a-Ishaq) - Where one finds murshid and start doing seva of murshid with pyaar
3. Valley of Knowledge (Wadeea-Marfat) - One feels existence of allah, but one didn't fully realize it
4. Valley of meditation or Ibadat (Wadee-a-Mehveat) - Where one gets zikr meditation there surti start hearing zikar dhuni full force.
5. Valley of Unity (Wadee-Wehdeeat) - Where one started slowly realizing Allah and me are ONE.
6. Valley of Bliss (Wadee-a-Noor or Wadee-a-Hairam)- Where one gets noor hi noor anand
7. Valley of merger in God or Allah (Wadee-A-Finah-Fillah) - Where one gets merge with Allah by kirpa of murshid. Ekta with Allah.
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Let the dude leave Sikhi bro if he wants to. After all if he tries to leave Islam the punishment for doing that is death (for apostacy).

But provide this man the info he needs to make an informed judgement and make sure like Proactive Veerji said that he doesn't commit child abuse by forcing his children to convert and forcing them to be circumcised against their will because slaveowners like Abraham and Muhammad believed in the pagan belief that circumcised penises enhance sexual pleasure (as God apparently wants all men to be circumcised, otherwise we all will end up in Hell if we don't follow these words claimed to be from God).

Sikhi believes in the equality of all.

Islam, The Quran and Prophet Muhammad repeatedly state that slaves are inferior to their lighter-skinned Arab masters.

Sikhi believes that only our actions count for what our lives amount to.

Islam believes that so long as you believe in Prophet Muhammad + all his actions it's a free ticket to paradise and the reward of 72 light-skinned, big bosomed virgin sex slaves (as well as youths of perpetual freshness as a bonus).

Guru Nanak at the age of 54 worked tirelessly to feed the poor and spread Gurmat like Naam Japo ... Kirat Karo ... Vand Shako

Prophet Muhammad at the age of 54 was busy with consummating his marriage to a 9year old child Aisha and selling human beings for financial profit as well as receiving messages from Allah that Muslims are allowed to rape their slavegirls as stated in the Quran.

If he still feels Islam is for him then let him believe in Prophet Muhammad. Focus on protecting his kids from being dragged into the cult too and suffering inhumane torture and mutilation by having circumcision forced upon them.

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Let him go. Others are about quantity.....We're about quality.

As a quom it's actually beneficial to us if we let the weak minded among us go.

Really, those of us born into a Sikh family are the luckiest human beings on earth. We are truly blessed. But sometimes we don't know what riches we have in our fingertips until we let go of it. It is human to err but that doesn't make it any less foolish.

The man is blessed to be born into a tradition whereby he has a direct line to God......A direct relationship with God. Only a fool would want to introduce a middle man into the equation. Let the fool go.

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