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Sikh Body Blames Former Dgp Of Conversion

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It's not about the numbers. Muslims don't give two figs for the lakhs of Muslims who get killed in an earthquake or the Tsunami. It is the potential to create a fifth column of Muslims in the heartlan

Fully true. 1) Alot of Biharis, UPites migrants were Muslims. 2) Many mosques have been rebuilt in the last decade. 3) The once virtually empty mosque of Ludhiana has lakhs of <banned word f

When I was in punjab last year I noticed how many sufi make shift masjids contrusterd by bhaiya muslim migirants. Now this is a very dangerous issue for Sikhs because already a minority in the Indian

This is a serious issue. Sikhs need to finally open up their eyes to what is going on. Sikhs converting to Christianity and now Islam! what is going on? What can we do do counter this? any ideas?

Simple Veerji. We've become too soft and too weak to realise that sometimes it's better to expose the truth about an ideology rather than letting it fester out of control into the lives of innocent people eating everything in its path (thanks to our convenient mew age mantra's that like all religions are equally the Truth?? As if!)

Let those people decide to leave Sikhi if they he want to. After all if they try to leave Islam the punishment for doing that is death (for apostasy).

But provide this man the info he needs to make an informed judgement and make sure like Proactive Veerji said that he doesn't commit child abuse by forcing his children to convert and forcing them to be circumcised against their will because slaveowners like Abraham and Muhammad believed in the pagan belief that circumcised penises enhance sexual pleasure (as God apparently wants all men to be circumcised, otherwise we all will end up in Hell if we don't follow these words claimed to be from God).

Sikhi believes in the equality of all.

Islam, The Quran and Prophet Muhammad repeatedly state that slaves are inferior to their lighter-skinned Arab masters.

Sikhi believes that only our actions count for what our lives amount to.

Islam believes that so long as you believe in Prophet Muhammad + all his actions it's a free ticket to paradise and the reward of 72 light-skinned, big bosomed virgin sex slaves (as well as youths of perpetual freshness as a bonus).

Guru Nanak at the age of 54 worked tirelessly to feed the poor and spread Gurmat like Naam Japo ... Kirat Karo ... Vand Shako

Prophet Muhammad at the age of 54 was busy with consummating his marriage to a 9year old child Aisha and selling human beings for financial profit as well as receiving messages from Allah that Muslims are allowed to rape their slavegirls as stated in the Quran.

If they still feel Islam is for for them then let them believe in Prophet Muhammad. Focus on protecting our kids from being dragged into the cult too and suffering inhumane torture and mutilation by having circumcision forced upon them.

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how accurate do you think this is?

I mean 99,000 rupees for each mosque, 480 mosquers, thats a lot of money,whilst there are millions of muslims in india who live way below the poverty line. It doesnt really make sense that so much money would be spent on this, given the circumstances.

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It's not about the numbers. Muslims don't give two figs for the lakhs of Muslims who get killed in an earthquake or the Tsunami. It is the potential to create a fifth column of Muslims in the heartland of the Sikhs. To have a large number of Muslims able to cause havoc if there is another Indo-Pakistan war.

The Punjab waqf board has an income of 202 million rupees. Giving 99,000 rupees to each of 480 would only be 23% of it's total income.

Very true. It is unfortunate so many people died in partition, but one must wonder, if Sikhs did not clear east Punjab of Muslims, what role those Muslims would have played during the Sikh militancy years of 80s and 90s. If only one Muslim i.e. Azhar Alam can cause so much death to the Sikh kaum, imagine what millions would have done. Azhar Alam now trying to spread Islam amongst the Sikhs is a very sinister thing to do. He is trying to recreate a large Muslim minority in Punjab, which in future might very well act as a fifth column, or be used as a potential weapon against the Sikhs by the Hindus like Azhar Alam was.

I have seen many Muslim Gujjars moving into Punjab especially Malwa area. They do not like Sikhs, yet Sikhs are building mosques for them and facilitating them.

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Immigration changing Punjab's demographics in interesting ways: Roemer (Wikileaks)

By Vijay Sharma on Wed, 08/31/2011 - 13:05

US politician and Obama's first ambassador Timothy Roemer, a keen observer of demographic trends, rather dramatically describes the changes taking place in the Indian state of Punjab due to immigration from Eastern India and Bangladesh.

Based on his interaction with social and political leaders from the state, Roemer also noted that the Islamic religion -- swept out from Punjab during the Partition -- was also making a return with the migrants.

"Mosques in Punjab, once padlocked after the partition of Indian in 1947 and the ensuing mass exodus of Punjabi Muslims into Pakistan, are reopening and thriving," he said, quoting Pradeep Kashyap, the Vice-Chairman of the US-based American India Foundation.

"It will bear watching how the Punjabi population (and the state government) react if the Muslim call to prayer becomes more pervasive across the state in the years ahead," Roemer said in the February 2010 cable published by Wikileaks.

He was writing to Washington soon after violent clashes between 'locals' and 'outside laborers' in Punjab in December 2009.

Quoting others, Roemer pointed out that if it was the (mostly Dalit) workers from UP and Bihar who came in the first wave of immigration to agricultural Punjab, they are now being replaced by the even cheaper Bangla-speaking Muslims, presumably from Bangladesh.

For now, he points out, it is the economics, rather than religious prejudice, that seems to be winning, going by the acceptance of these laborers in a state that had the bloodiest history of Hindu-Muslim violence during the Partition of India.

"Punjab, on both sides of the border, experienced what we would call ethnic cleansing today. There were almost no Muslims left in Indian Punjab, today, that is no longer true. Partition based on religion seems irrelevant in the face of economics," Roemer quoted Kashyap.

Many Punjabi business owners are grateful for cheap labor, praising migrant laborers for becoming "the backbone of both industry and agriculture in Punjab" after each instance of violent clashes in Punjab, Roemer went on.

"According to the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings, Ludhiana alone has 700,000 migrant workers. For Punjab as a whole, the numbers comfortably run in the millions. According to media reports, most of these laborers make between USD $80-$130 a month, and live in dingy rooms with eight to ten occupants to save money.

"Avtar Singh, general secretary of the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings said that industry in the city is already facing a 25% labor shortage because migrants had left Punjab fearing increased violence. Industrial and agricultural organizations joined forces and urged greater security for migrant workers from state government officials," Roemer reported.

However, not everyone in Punjab is happy about the change as Roemer also found out.

"Herkawaljit Singh, of the Punjabi language Ajit Group, echoed the discomfort many Punjabis feel with the rise of Muslim and Dalit migrant communities. He told PolOff that the migrants were "culturally different" from Punjabis and did not integrate into mainstream Punjabi society," he pointed out.

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CM loses cool, Waqf chief feels the heat

Vishal Rambani, Hindustan Times Malerkotla, March 04, 2013
First Published: 11:10 IST(4/3/2013) | Last Updated: 11:12 IST(4/3/2013)
Known as a cool customer, chief minister Parkash Singh Badal on Sunday got really hot about state Waqf board chairman Izhar Alam making hate speech in his presence and snubbed him publicly.
For the first time, he looked like disowning the former director general of police, whose wife, Farzana Alam, defeated Congress heavyweight Razia Sultana in the 2012 assembly election here. Upset with Alam, Badal even turned down his request for grant to Muslim institution Imarat-e-Sharia, saying: "I have no money for any unplanned announcement. Send me the plan; I will see."
Speaking before him, Alam had said that Muslims being in significant number in Punjab could swing the election result any way they like and the state government should treat them unfairly. "Muslims are being maltreated," he said. "We are not getting any land for graveyards. The authorities don't listen to us."
"The Muslims of Punjab have stronghold in 20 assembly constituencies, and if they can help a party win elections in the state, they can also defeat it," Alam said, which raised the CM's eyebrows.
The former DGP then embarrassed the government with a remark about the bygone dark days of militancy. "Muslims have a strong bond with Sikhs. Even during militancy it was seen, as the gunmen killed either Hindus or Sikhs but no one touched Muslims," he said, at which the CM got the stage authorities to cut short the former DGP. Alam still had time to pitch for Rs. 50 lakh as donation for Imarat-e-Sharia.
At his turn to speak, the CM not only told Alam that militancy was against all humanity but also reminded him that the "biggest achievement of the government had been that it had ensured communal harmony and peace in the state". Angry, he declined to give any grant for the building Alam had sought. When Alam got up from his chair to interrupt the CM and remind him of the request, the CM snubbed him. "I have no money for gurdwaras, temples or mosques," he said. "Tell me if you have any plan for the community. I will allocate enough money but not announce it here."
To keep his Muslim vote bank intact, the CM said the state would rid the Waqf property of encroachment to enable the board to use the land as source of income for the welfare of the community. Lauding the institution of Imarat-e-Sharia, he said that it would help unite the Muslims.
The CM left the function after only 35 minutes, not giving the community anything. Alam's wife, chief parliamentary secretary Farzana Nisaara Khatoon, later, declared a contribution of Rs. 10 lakh. Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, member of the Rajya Sabha, also left the programme midway.
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