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Does Dasam Granth Reject Hindu Gods As Myth Or

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Bro jkvlondon yoy have right to hold your pov, but that is just neither true nor gurmat.The so called gods are shown to have human shortcomings like lust, anger, greed, cowardice, pride etc, whenever attacked by rakshas( i believe they had better chatacter than "gods" ) would run helter skelter for help to goddesses. In Gurbani gods and goddesses are only ridiculed .I have shown quotes from gurbani in some other thread on concept of avataarvaad in Sikhi also, may quote here if required .Rquest, please do not misinterprete gurbani in brahminical light it has already done a lot of damage. I do not wish to annoy or agitate anybody so respectfully please give it a thought

Wjkk wjkf

Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh,

what exactly did I say was anti-gurmat I said Guru ji Stayed with Akal Purakh's Charan instead of following any devta and that Dasam Bani also in in same context the devte may/may not exist it is irrelevant for us as Gursikh because they are not PooJnikh in our eyes compared to Akal Purakh. The stories have been written out but are not accompanied with advice to pray to them ...if I had said THAT then yes I would be guilty of being antigurmat ... sorry that you see enemies where there is none

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This link provides the answer of what Guru Maharaj states about gods etc...

you have to continue to read through each page. The link is the beginning of the shabad.

Like I said Guru ji doesn't feel they are poojnikh ... and it is clear they are not , they betrayed and forgot their maker in their own egotrips

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Hinduism is clearly a man made religion

if dasam granth gives any credibility to Hinduism then it would be hard for me to believe what the dasam granth has to say

Hinduism is fairy tales

that's why I really want to know does dasam granth acknowledge some hindu gods exist or does it reject Hinduism an point at Hindu gods do

not exist?

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Our grear guru sahib ji gave us a reference book on hindu mythilogy forgetting to know about hinduism .And what fool we are indulging in existense of these entities while gurbani rejects their existense every now n then .The literature describibg 24 avtaar , rudravtsar ,devtas & durga was not availanle in simple language other than sanskrit and guru saheb just made it available to us all fir reading and know the reality . It is just like it.

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In Dasam Granth Sahib Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji relays what has been shown to him. He sets us straight about the Gods and Goddesses as there are many accounts that Hindus have given and relays these stories Obv for our betterment.

There's a lot to be learned from the accounts like not messing up like a lot of the gods and goddesses did with their spiritual gifts anda having fearlessness of demons, battle and warrior hood as in the Chandi di vaar etc.

It shows how a lot of his past chosen messengers and teachers have fallen from high in ego and Maya. Whenever u feel like your ego is rising because of seva you've done, your dastar and clothes etc, it's great to think of these passages.

Sikhs should regularly accept their inadequacies or they can't evolve properly and keep climbing up the Bhagti path. Make it part of your Ardas.

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