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I think when such people get caught the best punishment for them that the judge should give is they should be made to do seva at the Gurdwara and they should be made to attend classes on Gurmat and Si

its war time with these half cut goat beardos

I think another aspect of being a warrior is having enough self-respect to value your independence and not becoming some sort of guileless tool for other people's agenda. In a world where plenty of

As this moment in time, we could be targeted by either white supremacists (like Winconsin) or some extremist Islamists. We have to be smart too, when things like the above happen, we should prepare for - and counter- attempts by blindly all-Muslim-hating goray (and apnay even) trying to rile up our emotions and make us have knee-<banned word filter activated> reactions.

I've never wanted to articulate it, but I worry about the Gurdwaray in Pakistan. If things go pear shaped over there - they are likely to get targeted too.

I think a lot of us here know that a lot of our problems stem from pretty much forsaking our true warrior heritage (not some subverted form that emerged during a period of being colonised). We have to learn to defend ourselves again - from anyone and everyone if required.

We also have to be smart and not get dragged into other people's battles unnecessarily.

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It works both ways

Other peoples agenda - Is voting for the most likely winner of democratic party nomination Hillary Clinton.

According to The Wall Street Journal, between 2001 and 2014, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and the UAE gave a total of $18-50 million to the Clinton Foundation (roughly 1.4-4 percent of contributions it received over these 13 years).

  • The Saudi Arabian Kingdom- $10 million to $25 million,
  • Qatar- $1 million to $5 million
  • The Sultanate of Oman gave the foundation between $1- 5 million, and
  • UAE- $1 million to $5 million

A total number of governments contributing, the Journal noted, which in 2014 appeared to have doubled from the previous year.

This is appeasement to Izlam (the worlds most dangerous cult disguised as a religion). Hillary bows to islam.

"Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism." Hillary Clinton 19/11/15

Moslims are peaceful and tolerant people? really, what world is she living in?. Shes crooked bought out and silenced.

Main parties in India are corrupt to the core too, but a vote for khangress (left wing) is much worse than a vote for BJP (right wing centre). After Gujra train bombing by moslims Modi took no action against rioters against moslims. Well you cant just let a death cult keep killing non-believers, you have to take a stand somewhere. 1400 years of jihad lets not forget this [ thereligionofpeace.com ]

Hillary will bury her head in the sand regarding izlam whilst her people are blown up, gurdwara getting bombed, etc.

Sir Trump will question izlam, possibally ban it and its people.

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A new poll found that two-thirds of British Muslims living in Muslim neighborhoods would not give the government any information if they knew details about a terror plot.

See link


Anyone suppirsed by this ?

Moderate moslims will hold your head, whist the extremists would chop your head off.

Whens the last time a moslims have told authorities of their extremist brothers that may want to cause a terror attack in UK, in USA. I dont remember any.

Ban izlam in western nations and multiculturalism may just work

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Well if these salafi muslim terrorist teen boys did allegedly carry out the attack then Sikhs worldwide need to think very careful what their response should be.

Sleeping and ignoring physical attacks on our Guru's house and on our people is not an option and can not be tolerated.

At the very least the families of these salafi boys need to speak out along with salafi groups in germany. Thats If they are not complicit in the attack on the Sikh community in germany. If they don't condem or remain silent then we have identified the enemy.

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Let's not jump to conclusions before we have solid facts.

That recent 'terrorist' attack in Leytonstone (East London) turned out to be a lone diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic whose family tried to warn police about him on numerous occasions, for instance.

Also, if certain sullay are trying to goad us into attacking other Muslims, we shouldn't fall for it.

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If Salafists are behind this, the question would be what would be gained from this action?

From their point of view, the Sikh population is small and they would gain no mileage from doing this. There are far bigger targets they could go for.

What is the ethnic composition of these Salafists in Germany?

The majority of Muslims in Germany are Turks, however my observation the Islamists that are causing trouble across Europe seem to be of the North African persuasion (Moroccan/Algerian/Tunisians).

What quarrel would a North African have with Sikhs, does not make sense.

My only conclusion is perhaps they picked a small target as to test the waters so to speak.

Germany seems to be the only major European country that has been spared a terrorist attack.

Merkel has appeased by bringing a whole load of migrants/refugees in, if there is a pending attack, she will be blamed. She will then be ousted.

There is a lot of resentment already in Germany and if anything happens there it may tip things over the edge.

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I believe Sikhs do not undertand the salafist mindset. The salafis even declare other muslims as kafirs and non-muslims because of small issues. They are very intolerant and backwards.

Dawah man the muslim <banned word filter activated> from youtube is from the salafi sect. Sikhs have had plenty of warning signs that salafis dont care how peaceful how co-existing how humanterian you are. In there eyes all non-salafi sunni muslims are going to hellfire all are enemies of allah and need to be attacked.

Most salafi muslims are not hell bent on killing people but they are indoctrinated with a violent hate for all things non-muslims. These salafi teens in germany who attacked the gurdwara probably thought they are hindus or indians in general so a legitimate target in their evil islamic ideological sectarian beliefs.

Back in the 80s and 90s when these muslims tried to attack Sikh youths in colleges and universities the organisations that the muslim thugs belonged too were salafi ideologically ie hizb-ut-tahir and al-mahajouroun. The militant Sikhs formed gangs called shere punjab amoung others they would literally have street battles in the street with these salafi muslims the mistake was to drag all muslims in the mud with these salafi's. At the time Sikhs were not educated they thought all muslims were the enemy of Sikhs but the truth is most muslims do maybe dislike non-muslims but they are not as fundamental in their dislike as salafi muslims do.

We need to study the salafi's and target their people with parchar especially their women. Also physically Sikh youths need to man up and learn to street fight.

In kashmir 2000 march..... 40 of our sikh brothers were martyred by militants some people claimed it was indian army. The indian army did not have a credible motive to attack Sikhs. But the salafi muslims did as they do not care for innocent civilian life of non-muslims and wanted world attention when president bill clinton was there to give maximum publicity for their jihad. 6 non-muslim women were murdered in 2003 for not wearing the veils. The salafi's do not take non-muslims as allies. Other kashmir muslim separatists do not have this fundamentalist attitude they fighting for kashmiriyat a free kashmir the salafi's fight for islamiyat... that is islamic rule.

In kenya 2014 2 Sikhs (grandmother and her grandson) amoung many others were murdered in westgate shopping centre by al sahaba salafi muslim somalians because they victims werent muslims.

2016 the essen germany gurdwara attack by salafi muslim teens.

You guys do the math and educate your fellow Sikhs who the enemy is. Knowledge is power.

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Wat garbage, EVERYMAN and his dog knows, those sikhs killed in chittisinghpura were killed by indian army personnel. The fact that they did that upon president clintons visit and THEN, they tried to do the EXACT same thing when obama visited india, shows u who is behind this all. The eye witnesses said that they captured indian army topis and quelled anotha organised killing by arming themselves when obama came. All the locals of chattisinghpura n surrounding areas (hindu, sikh n muslims) all say that both incidents were done by indian army (border security forces id imagine).

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Wat garbage, EVERYMAN and his dog knows, those sikhs killed in chittisinghpura were killed by indian army personnel. The fact that they did that upon president clintons visit and THEN, they tried to do the EXACT same thing when obama visited india, shows u who is behind this all. The eye witnesses said that they captured indian army topis and quelled anotha organised killing by arming themselves when obama came. All the locals of chattisinghpura n surrounding areas (hindu, sikh n muslims) all say that both incidents were done by indian army (border security forces id imagine).

After the massacre the residents of the village pointed the police to Mohammad Yakub Magray as one of the suspects.[11]

In 2010, the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) associate David Headley(a U.S. citizen who changed his name from Daood Gilani in 2006), who was arrested in connection with the 2008 Mumbai attacks, reportedly confessed to the National Investigation Agency that the LeT carried out the Chittisinghpura massacre.[15] He is said to have identified an LeT militant named Muzzamil as part of the group which carried out the killings apparently to create communal tension just before Clinton’s visit.[16]


[11] http://www.frontlineonnet.com/fl1707/17070340.htm The massacre at Chattisinghpora

[15] http://www.hindustantimes.com/Lashkar-behind-Sikh-massacre-in-Kashmir-in-2000-says-Headley/Article1-617459.aspx Lashkar behind Sikh massacre in Kashmir in 2000, says Headley

[16]http://www.tribuneindia.com/2010/20101026/j&k.htm#2 Chittisinghpura Massacre: Obama’s proposed visit makes survivors recall tragedy

And we all know how islamic jihadi salafi terrorists operate they first attack when the non-muslim community carries out revenge attacks they cry how the non-muslim community is killing them they ask the mainstream muslims to help them attack the non-muslim community.

WAKE UP!!! yes the indian army is no angel and kills minorities and is a terrorist organisation in my eyes.... we do not have any love for indian army it has a disgusting genocidal past especially for their crimes against Sikhs. However they aren't the only one that carries out these kinda killings. Salafi muslim jihadis are all too happy to attack you and your family because you are not a sunni muslim of their brand of islam.

If you want to live in cloud coco land and live in ignorance thats your choice but the salafi muslim wild dog has you as the lamb in in the green fields in his sights

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    • I never said anything about life for Sikhs in the UK in the 70s, I was talking about the present day. I understand and respect the struggles that you all went through to get to the position where you are today. But I hope you all don't lose sight of the fact that the freedom and status that Sikhs enjoy in the UK today is very far from the norm. Sikhs in the US today are fighting battles that were settled in the UK decades ago (and without the benefit of a population density that gives Sikhs in the UK at least some visibility and political sway). But forget about the US. You don't have to go that far, you can just cross the English channel and see how precarious the position of Sikhs is in continental Europe. Thanks for giving details about the grooming issue. Do you think this had to do with Labour being more concerned about the Muslim vote (as Muslims former a larger voting block than Sikhs) or political correctness? Or both? I concede that leftists sometimes go to far with political correctness and "canceling" in order to try to show how "fair" and "unbigoted" they are. I am not going to question your take on the whole grooming issue. You know more about that than I do. But that seems to be a very specific situation in the UK. I stand by my general point that left-leaning people are by far the most likely to support the rights of vulnerable minorities (which is the category that Sikhs fall under almost everywhere).   I don't buy your point about a backlash to "wokeness" at all. I don't think that that is what is causing the growing popularity of far-right movements. The way information is shared and distorted today is radically different from what was the norm not very long ago, and that has been the game-changer that has led to today's division and polarization. You seem to think that if the "woke" people would just be quiet, the racists would not have a "rallying cry". That is simply not true. First of all, those people will ALWAYS find something to complain about. (That has certainly been true throughout American history. If it has been less true in UK history, that is probably because the white British majority did not feel threatened by a sizable minority until relatively recently. See my second point.) Second of all, the complaints of the more hardcore right-wing racists increasingly resonate with the more "passive" racists as the majority community diminishes in size and feels more threatened. And third of all, as I alluded to before, today's media/information landscape will allow for any complaints to blow up and go viral.   Any time anyone from the non-majority community asks for anything, no matter how reasonable, there is going to be a backlash from the majority community. And in many instances, the non-majority community doesn't even have ask for anything or complain about anything to provoke a backlash. Their mere existence is enough. This is what history has shown us.
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    • And people want to talk about poverty, look at how India was stripped of wealth. Here 2800 silver bars were taken for ww2 but didn't make it back here. Now that they've found it, look at what they are doing with it. The pillaging is still going on.      Treasure from the deep: Thousands of silver bars that were meant to fund Britain's WWII effort but were sunk by German U-boat FINALLY reach their destination - and will be sold as coins Merchant ship carrying silver from India for the war effort was sunk in 1941 Its cargo of 2,800 bars of silver has sat on the bed of the Atlantic ever since Record-breaking bid to salvage the silver from three miles down a success The Royal Mint is now making the metal into coins to remember the tragedy https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2596785/Thousands-silver-bars-sunken-WWII-ship-sold-coins.html
    • I was reading something on the internet and came across this article and thought it may be of some interest to everyone here regarding their perspective on the impact of brutalities of colonisation upon India and its people.  Here is the link:-   https://www.myindiamyglory.com/2019/03/10/atrocities-on-indian-women-and-india-by-british-during-their-rule/     Atrocities on Indian Women and India by British During ... - myIndiamyGlory 10 Mar 2019 — Raped Indian women were forcefully made prostitutes by British Christians. Prostitution houses were set up by the Britishers in 350   
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