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Vani Gupta The Real Hindu Culprit Of Brutal Beating Of Sikh Kid Has Been Caught

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1 arrested vani gupta at akhnoor police station

F.i.r register





Attempted murder case also registered


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From the video I can only guess that it must have been a traffic related conflict and the victim is a mere teenager/kid while the attackers are fully grown men. In a country like India such brutal attacks in even minor traffic related conflict is normal. Some disturbing points to note:

1. The attackers do full beadbi of the Kesh of the Sikh kid. All Indians know that the kesh of a Sikh is sacred. So pulling it was a deliberate attempt.

2. Before getting to his kesh, they must have knocked off his Dastar. And again, all Indians know that the Dastar is the symbol of Sikh identity and pride. So going for his Dastar was also a deliberate attempt at humiliating his disrespecting his faith.

3. You can see a few Sikhs standing there, but not one has the courage to intervene and help a fellow Sikh in distress. This is what I find the most disturbing. When you can see a Sikhs dastar being knocked off and beadbi is being done of his Kesh, your blood should boil in rage. But not one reacts. Would puratan Singhs like Baba Deep Singh Jee, Banda Singh Bahadur or Akali Phula Singh have just stood there and watched like a helpless spectator? Khalsa of old were helping non Sikhs in distress and fighting ferocious Pathans but today's Sikh cannot even defend a fellow Sikh against a tobacco chewing Hindu. This has got to be our lowest point.

Some Sikhs today still fight back like this Sikh truck driver who retaliated and these cowards all ran away:

another case is this:


In this case this Sikh man was attacked by mob. When his dastar was knocked off, he retaliated by killing one of the assailants and sending another one to the hospital. Some of you with your western values may think this is wrong, but if this Sikh man and the Sikh truck driver had not reacted the way they did, they would have ended up just like the Sikh kid in the video who had beadbi done of his kesh, dastar, and was publicly humiliated while being brutally beaten.

India is a jungly country with jungly raaj. Law of the jungle. You cannot act like a western gentle man with these savages. You must act like a savage with a savage. That's the only language they understand. A few years ago, my brother was traveling somewhere in Punjab in his jeep. He had a minor traffic related conflict with a Bhaya. This Bhaya went away and came back with two of his friends, now all three of them came back armed with Sothis(long sticks) which they intended to use against my bro. What they didn't know was my bro was also fully armed because he's a tyar bar tyar Singh. So my brother(who is a well built man) steps outside his jeep with his Gandasa. And fearlessly with full beer rass, he challenges them to step forward if they all want to die. Suffice to say, all three of them started pleading.

This video should serve as a wake up call. Join a gym, get well build along with learning how to fight. Read Chandi Di Vaar for that extra martial spirit. If you see a Sikh in distress, don't stand there like a Hijda. Do something to help your fellow Sikh because all Sikhs are brothers. If we don't stand up for each other, no one else will. Attack on one is an attack on all. Never show fear to them. Because they only fight you and beat you up if they think you will not fight back or show fear and act meek.

Good analysis.... I would like to add that it seems like the few sikhs who were there witnessing the incidents seem to be shocked but unable to intervene out of fear of the hindu thugs or of the consequences of the authorities.

Either way Sikhs who are keshdhari need to remember they were given the right to bare arms and use them by Guru Gobind Singh Ji thats the only authority they need to care about when dealing with such incidents its right to use the weapon against the aggressor. Guru Ji knew his singhs are very vulnerable due to their long kesh so gave them the right to carry weapons and use them for self defense.

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This took place in J&K, which suprises me, as sikhs livin outside of panjab, usually r hard as nails, n seldom take sh!t off any1.

Since the Mota got arrested, that is what is keeping him alive. I have heard that Sikhs in J&K are very angry at this incident and are trying to find out his address along with his friends who were also beating the Sikh. If the fat guy is released, its likely he wont be able to go anywhere without constant police protection.

Hopefully soon Singhs in india will make an example of him.

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Since the Mota got arrested, that is what is keeping him alive. I have heard that Sikhs in J&K are very angry at this incident and are trying to find out his address along with his friends who were also beating the Sikh. If the fat guy is released, its likely he wont be able to go anywhere without constant police protection.

Hopefully soon Singhs in india will make an example of him.

This is not the first incident remember lynchings happened last year?

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Fatty has not been arrested ,and there is news going round that the boys hair was cut in the police station after. The boy is now said to be in hospital.

That isn't good at all

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    • 🙏🏽 Sangatji what's everyones views on taking Maharaj to and from the Gurdwara to a paath at someones house? And what's the correct  Marayada? I've always understood Maharaj needs to be accompanied by 5 Amritdhari Singhs at all times with and Ardas before leaving and then again when returning at the Gurdwara and same for arriving and leaving the destination.  However, sadly, it seems some ppl have become relaxed about this and I've heard ppl mention they have seen instances of only 3 or 4 singhs, or even just only 2 taking Maharaj.  If anyone can share the correct protocol/marayada that would be great aswell. Seems like awareness is needed around this issue.  
    • They are all in it together. That's how they make it a culture, hence 'systemic'. The football fan types just articulate what the more clever, devious types up top believe and promote on the sly. The working class guys express their thoughts openly. So whilst a racist manager/director might deviously make an ethnic's life difficult at work through selectively handing him/her the most difficult work, and set them up to fail. The lower end ar5eholes will be the ones who will be implementing this plan and directly creating a toxic environment for the targeted people.  And they routinely turn a blind eye to racism, even if they don't actively participate. Explaining it away as 'banter'.  
    • I don't think you have any independent thoughts. You just seem to parrot what a racist white boy would want you to say, to the point of even adopting their lexicon to frame your 'arguments', like you are one of their chumchay spokesmen. I mean this seriously, not trying to offend you. What you're doing is like what Priti Patel does, but on a lower level.  I don't get what you are saying here? 
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