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Muslim Amere Dhaliwal faking as a Sikh

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11 hours ago, Guest Hang Muslim Dhaliwal said:

Reason why Amir Muhammad Dhaliwal the Muslim is hated by all Sikhs

how nonces are now converting to Islam just for pedophilia benefits is unreal

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22 hours ago, harsharan000 said:

This present thread makes at least 2 points clear to be paid atention:

1) One may try to disguise as a sikh, for sikhism is very much related to purity and truthfulness

2) No matter, if  a donkey or a pig dresses(evil doer such as rapist, terrorist) itself as a lion(sikh), yet  it´s fakeness  will be revealed sooner than later, for the  scent of evil is right in them, in their very nature.

I agree with point 1) if we are talking about Sikhi and not the latter colonial construct called 'Sikhism'. 


I don't agree with point 2) based on my understanding of certain Sikh scriptures. If you read Charitrio Pakyaan (amongst many other important things) it repeatedly stresses and illustrates how some people can be fooled, being none the wiser (for their whole lives) when it comes to deception. The implication is that the onus is on us (as Sikhs) to develop our individual and community wide intelligence, knowledge and instincts to not fall prey to this. Again, I think that is one of the themes (amongst many) that come out of CP. 

Guru ji must have seen some of his Sikhs (and other people too, a whole cross-section of society is mentioned in the text including moghul rulers to simple working people) getting made fools of, and so took steps to try and highlight this issue and the dangers of it all the way back then.

The question to ask is whether we've really truly imbibed this message as a community. Going by all this grooming crap, it looks like a few more of us could do with refreshing ourselves with the messages within.

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On 10/21/2018 at 12:08 PM, dallysingh101 said:

To the Huddersfield crew:


Who was this sewer-rat Dhaliwal married to? Was it a sulli or an apnee, gori? 

If he converted to sullahism as a teenager, he'd have a muslim wife, no? 

He's married to a Amritdhari Sikh woman. She started to catch on to him doing dodgy things like talking to other girls, she was under the assumption he was having an affair. They argued a lot and separated for a while. Until 2012 When Ajmere which is what his name really is not Amere as written in the the articles had his son, from there he started coming to Gurudwara and became Amritdhari in around 2013/2014 I know this as this was the time I was at the exact same Gurudwara, he took Amrit I swear. From then on he would just sit at the front listening to Gurbani I've seen him many times just sitting there. Surely he can't still be fake, and If this is true of him going to the muslim prayers in prison and shaving his top lip then It just doesn't make sense to me. How can someone sit in the gurudwara for hours listening to Bani and suddenly turn into a Muslim again. He's either a Extremely deceptive PSYCHOPATH or SOCIOPATH, Just doesn't make sense, unless he was looking for forgiveness for his disgusting evil actions. The fact that he didn't admit to any of the crimes he did, shows he never truly changed his ways, or he was scared of dropping the soap in prison. Because if he really did regret what he did, he should, would have admitted to everything, which as we all know he didn't. And by the way when he committed these action he was a Muslim, just his family wasn't aware of the fact that he was. His parents married him to a Sikh girl from India who is Amritdhari, both his children keep kes and regularly visit the gurudwara. Maybe he was doing it all for show to disguise himself in front of the girls so they wouldn't recognise him. His wife was never aware of the fact he was so evil they only had arguments and a lot of conflict as his wife believed that he was having an affair with another woman, but BOY as we all know now IT was A HELL OVA LOT MESSED UP THAN THAT. I feel sorry for his wife, kids and family, he was a truly messed up person, but at the same time Im glad they know the truth and he was out of their lives as soon as possible. But this whole thing confuses you, the questions is WAS HE REALLY A SIKH AFTER HIS SINS? WAS HE LOOKING FOR FORGIVENESS OR A DISGUISE SO THE GIRLS COULDN'T RECOGNISE HIM. WHAT WAS HIS REAL MOTIVE? IF HE WAS FAKE ALL ALONG THEN HE MUST BE A PSYCHOPATH TO HAVE THESE TRAITS?

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On 10/19/2018 at 7:16 PM, Guest SikhPressAssociation said:

Paedophile Amir Muhammad Dhaliwal also known as Amere Singh Dhaliwal is NOT a Sikh and was a Muslim when committing his crimes.

This individual despite being a Muslim took on an external Sikh-like look in 2013 when an investigation into his activities was launched.

Sikhs condemn grooming and it is telling that his associates in the grooming he engaged in were overwhelmingly Pakistani Muslims.

This criminal Amere Dhaliwal is no Sikh - and was a Muslim when committing his grooming activities.

But we must be vigilant of those who take on a certain outer look for their own benefit with no respect for humanity or Sikhi's principles.

Are you authentic SikhPA of uk? Any press release on your website on this issue?

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He is Sikh. I was unfortunately at the same school as him and he was in my year! He was good for nothing back in high school makes my skin crawl, he was known as Amarpreet Singh back in school. I personally think you lot are deluded and and in denial. It doesn’t matter what the religion is. He has carried out some very sick acts, half of you just want to blame Islam for everything but intact this grooming activity takes place in all communities.

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