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I am stuck and really need someone to guide me

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On 9/5/2020 at 4:29 PM, DelhiTurbanator said:

After reading this entire bs I can only say that I don't think I even need to explain why you're wrong. This is the result of pseudo feminism brainwashing that has been already discussed. Am sorry but you're also a victim of this just like Min kaur, taapsee pannu, bbc and other pseudo feminists.

As per your logic, everything bad happening in this world is fault of sikh men? Yep coronavirus spread bcoz of sikh men, next what?  Do you know asteroid collision that killed dinosaurs 65 million years ago was also caused by sikh men??

Mam/Sir plz grow up. Atleast read before you rant. This is not the place to spread hatred. Plz learn to speak facts.

Firstly, there is no inequality in raising son or daughter in Sikh families. Yes "Sikh" famiies, not "punjabi" families. Women are no way treated lesser than men infact daughters are given more freedom like daughter can cut kesh, wax her arms but son is forced to wear turban and keep beard due to which he rebels and ultimately hates sikhi and become clean shaven.

Secondly, your logic of sikh women lieing and doing stuff behind parents back is ridiculous. Stop blaming parents and men all the time. I had numerous opportunities to have pre marital sex, drink, smoke but being an amritdhari boy, I know it's wrong and never indulged in these things. There is a thing called "self control" in sikhi.


Lastly, don't forget "Mann jeetay jag jeet"(Conquer the mind conquer the world). If sikh women can't control their minds, sexual desires etc then it's their fault not sikh men's fault. Plz grow up. Also, am not gonna marry a sikh woman anyway. Am a final year mbbs student and there are plenty of hindu/muslim women that have good character and noble values whereas at the same time I know plenty(not all) sikh women from gursikh families engaging in cheap pre marital stuff. It's my choice. You have no right to judge me. Its a request, next time, debate with facts, not useless ranting. Anger kills common sense.


My response to your BS previously had nought relation or connection to pseudo BS you have referred to! I am of the west and have no clue as to who the two (or are they three) characters you have mentioned are! I have never heard of them nor do I have any intention or inclination of hearing or knowing about them! Just as long as you are aware of this!  In fact, I don’t even originate from India, nor do my parents or grand-parents. I discovered India when I discovered Sikhism and apart from that I have nought interest or link with this abominable meaningless blemish on the world map!! I have no interest in what goes on there, I am not related! Please, don’t be such a feather-brained, loony by believing what you believe above which I have nicely underlined for you!! Such a ditzy!! 

This “mam/sir” is well aware of what’s going on in punjabi SIKH families! Their incredible abhorrence towards female foetuses is a very well known fact all over the world! Talk about globalisation!!  No evil can be brushed under the carpets anymore or kept secret anymore! You would love to keep hidden the way you lot mistreat female members of your families, but the world knows! Your abhorrence towards the fairer sex has been exposed enormously in the world; so it’s no secret!

Now let’s deal with your disputation above in bold. So, in that juvenile/undeveloped brain of yours, it is okay for a Sikh female child to be given permission to cut her hair and wax her legs? THINK AGAIN!  Is it “More freedom” or is it plain exploitation of the female child? Don’t forget the female child in question is a so called “Sikh” child and cutting her kesh and waxing her legs according to your ability to comprehend is, granting “more freedom”?After having committed this atrocity on a “Sikh female child/girl” of allowing her to do exactly that which is forbidden for Sikhs to do, you have the audacity of foolishly claiming that both sexes are treated “equally” in Sikh families and by Sikh parents!!!  Can’t you see what’s going on here? A girl is being treated less important than the boy by depriving her of the very gift of Sikhi the Guru bestowed on her when she was born! The Guru bestowed and crowned both girls and boys with Sikh values and teachings! Why do parents think it’s not important for a girl to be in Sikh saroop or even embrace the Sikh values and norms?  WHY?  .....she is not important. Boys are more important that’s why they are allowed to wear the crown of Sikhi, they are crowned from the day they are born but girls are deprived and starved of any Sikhi, it’s teachings and it’s values as they are growing up! 

Why do you rebel at your crown? You should be forever grateful to the Guru for not letting your parents take your right away from you. Are you not proud to be a Sikh?  Are you not forever indebted to your parents for guiding, helping and nurturing you as a Sikh as you grew up? So, what’s the problem? Why do you rebel and hate Sikhi? Do you not understand what’s happened here? You were brought up as a decent human being because your life was instilled with the Sikh values and the crown! On the other hand, girls were given too much freedom minus Sikhi, hence  the Sikh values and the missing crown. What happened? They became floozies, strumpets, scrubbers snd the worst putas imaginable!!!! The majority of the girls don’t know what decency is or how to display it. You are very lucky to have imbibed the Gurus teachings and the Sikh values and norms, the girls haven’t! They were stripped of their right to wear a Sikh crown, to keep long hair, to embrace the noble Sikh teachings, values and norms when they were growing up! 

Now read the italics and the answer to that is that if they were that honest with their parents at home, then how do they manage to drink, smoke, sleep around, date sullehs and the rest without their parents’ knowledge? Don’t you think, if their  parents ever knew about their activities outside their homes, they will stop them or guide them and put some sense in their heads? So, it goes to prove two things:

1. Parents don’t know anything because they are constantly lied to by their spoilt, freedom living daughters or

2. Their parents know everything, but they CANNOT be bothered to guide them and put sense in their heads!  Take  your pick, what suits you best! They probably not bothered once the horse has bolted .... Do you get it now? 

Equality would mean to value both sexes and bring them both up with Sikh teachings, values, norms and Sikhi! CROWN THEM BOTH IN THEIR CHILDHOODs that’s why they were born to Sikh parents!

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You feel like u need to end yer life? Veer Ji, u DO need councilling support. Once you get out of that feeling completely THEN u can focus on other things. 

It's like big stain on a cloth when handwashing them. You can clean the cloth around the big stain, apply soap/ surf... But what good will it be left out hanging to dry if the mehl on the big part is left unattended?  

First deal with suicidal thoughts (via councilling) then get other things back on track. 

Wish u luck. 


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