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The Age of Kalyug Thread


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@dallysingh101 - there seems to be many 'Naughty' people out there who don't like Religion. I wonder if they would have done this to a Black Jamaican lady ?



Christian nurse sues Croydon hospital after 'being treated like a criminal' for wearing a cross

  • 13:18, 5 OCT 2021
  • UPDATED15:25, 5 OCT 2021

Mary Onuoha claims she was given a final written warning and that 'security would become involved' if she did not adhere

A nurse is suing a South London hospital after claiming she was repeatedly bullied and pressured to remove her cross necklace while on duty.

Mary Onuoha, 61, an operating theatre specialist at Croydon University Hospital, claims that her management forced her to remove or cover up the small, gold Christian cross.

After what Mary describes as a two-year campaign waged against her by superiors and NHS bosses, she was allegedly forced out of the job she had loved for 18 years.


The tribunal today (October 5) will hear from the nurse’s lawyers that Croydon Health Services NHS Trust breached Mary’s right to “manifest her faith”.

She was told that the necklace, which she had worn for 40 years, was a health and safety risk.

Campaigners supporting Mary said that the case “will bring into question the freedom of Christians to manifest their faith in the workplace, especially in comparison to members of other faiths”.

Her legal team will argue that other staff at the hospital are allowed to wear other religious jewellery, saris, turbans and hijabs.


Mary will say that each time she was asked to remove it, she declined to and explained how important it was for her to wear the necklace and why she shouldn’t have to remove it.

For her continued refusals, the devout Christian was supposedly investigated, suspended from clinical duties and demoted to working as a receptionist.

The tribunal will hear that in 2019, Mary was given a final written warning and that “security would become involved” if she did not adhere.

She says she was forced off work with stress in June 2020 and believed she faced no alternative but to resign.

Mary said: “All I have ever wanted is to be a nurse and to be true to my faith. I am a strong woman, but I have been treated like a criminal. I love my job, but I am not prepared to compromise my faith for it, and neither should other Christian NHS staff.”

She added: "This has always been an attack on my faith. My cross has been with me for 40 years. It is part of me, and my faith, and it has never caused anyone any harm. Patients often say to me: ‘I really like your cross’, they always respond to it in a positive way and that gives me joy and makes me feel happy.

"Hindus wear red bracelets on their wrists and female Muslims wear hijabs in theatre. Yet my small cross around my neck was deemed so dangerous that I was no longer allowed to do my job.

“I was astonished that senior staff were prepared to potentially endanger a patient’s life in order to intimidate me to remove it."

She will argue that it is in fact NHS management who were breaching the dress code, which states: "The wearing of saris, turbans, kirpan, skullcaps, hijabs, kippahs and clerical collars arising from particular cultural or religious norms are seen as part of welcoming diversity.”

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: “It is upsetting that an experienced nurse, during a pandemic, has been forced to choose between her faith and the profession she loves.”

The trust has said it would not comment on active legal proceedings.

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7 minutes ago, Premi5 said:

there seems to be many 'Naughty' people out there who don't like Religion. I wonder if they would have done this to a Black Jamaican lady ?

There are! They get a thrill out of the power and fact that they have violated something considered sacred to the person. I doubt they would have tried it on a Jamaican lady because she is likely to have buss their bomberklahts. This also reminds of the prisoner in the US who had his kesh shorn by screws despite his protests. It's like Gurjant said, they wouldn't have dared messed with the long beard of some crazy Hells Angel type, so they do it on people they feel they can get away with. 

I remember having an operation for a deviant septum decades ago, and the last thing I remembered seeing as I was being wheeled into the operating theatre, buzzing off the anesthetic, was the keshdhari Sikh surgeon's 22k gold khanda pendent on his necklace.   

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On 10/3/2021 at 10:44 AM, Premi5 said:





Mom and daughter charged with murdering wannabee porn star after performing illegal back-alley butt lift

  • 20:49, 22 Sep 2021
  • Updated: 21:11, 22 Sep 2021

 A WOMAN and her daughter have been charged with murder after an illegal butt implant procedure killed an aspiring porn star, it was reported.

Cops say Libby Adame, 51, and 23-year-old Alicia Galaz have been performing that type of procedure for a decade and recruit clients paying $14,000 for three sessions via Instagram.

Libby Adame has ben charged with murder

Libby Adame has ben charged with murder

Also charged is her daughter Alicia Galaz

Also charged is her daughter Alicia GalazCredit: Los Angeles police department


They have now been charged in connection with the murder of Karissa Rajpaul, a 26-year-old South African who police say moved to Los Angeles to work in the adult film industry, ABC7 reports.

Rajpaul was seen in a video posted on social media undergoing butt augmentation, which is now part of the Los Angeles Police Department's investigation.

She had two procedures illegally performed at a home in Encino last September but died after undergoing a third one.

Investigators say they suspect the women injected Rajpaul with a cocktail of substances used in cosmetic surgery but mixed with other, dangerous, chemicals.

"They were mixing them with chemicals and other substances that clearly are not appropriate for any medical procedure that would be performed on a human," said LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton

"These individuals have no medical training. They're not experienced and they're putting people's lives at risk."

According to CBS Los Angeles, LAPD officials said the procedure the women performed involved injecting liquid silicone substance into the body.

They said that can enter the blood stream and create embolisms, they said.


As procedure started to go wrong, Adame and Galaz called 911 to help Rajpaul.

But police say they fled without identifying themselves or telling the paramedics what happened so they be able to treat her, says the LAPD.

Rajpaul died in an emergency room with doctors unaware of the silicone injection.


Plastic surgeon Dr. John Timothy Katzen said: “Silicone is not meant to be injected into the buttock or the breast, period.”


Cops are now trying to contact other victims who underwent the same procedures performed by the mother and daughter.

“We’re also seeking additional victims and relatives of victims who may have had loved ones disfigured or who passed away,” Hamilton said.

Adame was released after posting $1 million bail and a court date has not been scheduled for her case.

Her daughter was released on bond two days after her arrest and is scheduled to make her first court appearance on December 8.


Butt Implant? Just wha we needed... Oh joy. 

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Her defence lawyer told the court that Copleston-Warren was diabetic and needed the animal, who lapped water from a small bowl, to alert her if her sugar levels fall too low.

Her defence added that she had a former agreement with her ex that she could have access to the smart devices in her ex's home to check up on the dog, which had undergone medical treatment and been left in his care.

Phillipa Copleston-Warren leaves Isleworth Crown Court in West London, with her support dog.

But the Judge sentenced her to three months in jail, suspended for a year.

The judge also slapped Copleston-Warren with a seven-year restraining order banning her from contacting her ex-boyfriend or going within 100m of his three homes.

Judge John Denniss said: “I have no doubt that at the time of the offence you were concerned about your dog and the operation it had just had.

The 46-year-old, who used her ex-boyfriend's Alexa device to tell his new lover to get out of his bedroom has been spared jail.

Copleston-Warren then switched the bedside light on and off before sending threatening messages by WhatsApp, all while she was 100 miles away.

After her ex-boyfriend had gone to sleep, she posted a naked picture of him on Facebook with the caption: “Do I look fat??? My daily question.”


The victim was locked out of his Facebook and Match.com accounts and Copleston-Warren sent four derogatory messages from the dating site to his new girlfriend.


Jealous ex, 46, hacked into man's Alexa to scare new girlfriend to get out of his bedroom spared jail

Philippa Copleston-Warren also posted a naked image of her former boyfriend on Facebook

Lucy WilliamsonReporter
  • 17:22, 6 OCT 2021
  • UPDATED17:58, 6 OCT 2021
Phillipa Copleston-Warren leaves Isleworth Crown Court in West London, with her support dog, where she received a three month suspended sentence, after previously admitting disclosing private sexual photographs with intent to cause distress.

A woman from South London who used her ex-boyfriend’s Alexa device to tell his new lover to get out of his bedroom has been spared jail.

Philippa Copleston-Warren, 46, from Chelsea, also posted a naked image of her former boyfriend on Facebook after accessing an app that linked to his various smart devices including CCTV in his Lincolnshire home.

She was angered to see her ex’s new girlfriend in his home and so she accessed the Alexa speaker to shout “get the wh*** out, get the wh*** out”, Isleworth Crown Court heard today (Wednesday, October 6).


Copleston-Warren, who was on the board of governors for a local school, appeared in the dock with her support dog, having previously pleading guilty to the offence of 'disclosing private sexual photographs with intent to cause distress' on or before October 6, 2019.

“There was an element which was nasty, of jealousy, of revenge, and irrational behaviour which led to fury-like behaviour in you." the Judge said.

“But I am not convinced at all that that was the primary or the only factor that was causing you personal distress.

“There was an element which was nasty, of jealousy, of revenge, and irrational behaviour which led to fury-like behaviour in you.

“I use the word because it reminds me of the aphorism, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,’ and here there are elements of that fury.”

The judge described Copleston-Warren as a “woman of exceptional character and behaviour” who had worked hard for charities because she was unable to seek paid employment for medical reasons.


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A woman claims to share her husband with her mum and sister to "keep him happy".

Madi Brooks, from the United States, revealed her unusual domestic arrangement to her 109,400 TikTok followers, and regularly documents life with her husband and family on the social media platform.

In one video titled "Daughter Life", Maddie appears with her mum and husband and says: “Me and my mum are both swingers and it’s great. You know why?

“Cause when I’m not in the mood, I can just let my husband have her.


“Yeah, I’m that kind of wife.”


In another clip titled "Swinger Life", Madi films herself with her sister and husband and says: “Do you want to know how I keep my man happy?



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California to enforce 'gender neutral' toy aisles in large stores

5 hours ago
Teething products for developing babies are displayed at a Target department store in Hollywood, California on September 2, 2021IMAGE SOURCE,AFP
Image caption,Large stores in California will be required to have a separate gender-neutral section, complete with a mixed variety of items

California has become the first US state to require large retailers to display toys and childcare items in gender-neutral ways.

The new law, signed by Governor Gavin Newsom on Saturday, does not ban boys and girls sections in shops.

But large stores must have also have a separate, gender-neutral section.

These must display "a reasonable selection" of toys and childcare items, regardless of whether they've been marketed towards a particular sex.

Companies will face a $250 (£184) fine for their first violation, and $500 (£368) penalties for others.

The new law was passed by California's state legislature last month, and will come into effect in 2024 now it has been signed by Governor Newsom.

It will apply to retailers with 500 or more employees across their California stores.

Clothing will be unaffected, but the law will affect toys and any "childcare items" intended to aid sleep, relaxation, feeding, teething or sucking.

In its wording, it said the changes would help consumers spot "unjustified differences in similar products" and tackle gender bias in children's products.

California State Assembly member Evan LowIMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
Image caption,Evan Low, one of the law's co-authors, called the segregation of toys 'the antithesis of modern thinking'

Democrat Assemblyman Evan Low, one of the law's co-authors, has previously said the bill was inspired by his staff member's eight-year-old daughter, who asked her mother why she had to go to the boys section to find a certain toy.

"The segregation of toys by a social construct of what is appropriate for which gender is the antithesis of modern thinking," said Mr Low in a statement.

He said that categorising toys by gender had "led to the proliferation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics-geared toys" in boys sections, while those for girls were directed towards pursuits like "caring for a baby, fashion, and domestic life."

The Consumer Federation of California, a consumer advocacy group, has been among those in favour of the law.

In a statement to The Sacramento Bee newspaper, it said separating products by gender "helps to disguise the unfortunate fact that female products are often priced higher than male products."

Some US retailers have already taken steps away from gender stereotypes in their businesses. In 2015, Target announced that it would stop using some gender-based signs in its stores.

But in the last two years, similar bills to enforce gender-neutral commercial spaces have been shot down in California's legislature.

Detractors have argued that it infringes on free speech, and business owners' ability to adapt to the free market.

One of the most most vocal critics has been the California Family Council, a conservative advocacy group. It has accused gender-fluid clothing entrepreneur Rob Smith of lobbying for the bill for his own commercial gain.

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Superman comes out as bisexual in new issues of DC comic book

The new storyline, which features Jon Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, was announced on National Coming Out Day, an annual LGBTQ+ awareness day.

Megan Baynes
Megan Baynes

News reporter @megbaynes

Tuesday 12 October 2021 08:12, UK

Jon Kent has followed in his father's footsteps and also fallen for a reporter. Pic: DC

Image:Jon Kent has followed in his father's footsteps and also fallen for a reporter. Pic: DC


The latest incarnation of Superman will come out as bisexual in a new comic book.

Jon Kent - the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane - has followed in his father's footsteps and, as well as saving the world, also fallen for a reporter.


The storyline was announced on National Coming Out Day, an annual LGBTQ+ awareness day.

After initially striking up a friendship with reporter Jay Nakamura, he and Jon become romantically involved in the pages of Superman: Son of Kal-el #5 from writer Tom Taylor and artist John Timms.

The comic will be available next month. Pic: DC
Image:The comic will be available next month. Pic: DC

"I've always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes and I'm very grateful DC and Warner Bros. share this idea," said Mr Taylor.


"Superman's symbol has always stood for hope, for truth and for justice. Today, that symbol represents something more. Today, more people can see themselves in the most powerful superhero in comics."

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London trains: 'Vile' man jailed after five-year flashing spree on train journeys

He was caught twice by off-duty police officers, evading capture the first time

  • 11:48, 14 OCT 2021

A man has been jailed for a series of flashing offences in which he exposed and touched himself inappropriately in front of women on London and Surrey's rail networks.

Tajinder Sabherwal, 40, exposed his genitals or touched himself inappropriately to women while sat opposite them on trains and in stations.

In one particular incident on January 30 2021, the woman Sabherwal chose to target happened to be an off-duty police officer boarding a train from Redhill to London Bridge.

As she sat down, Sabherwal moved from a different carriage to sit across the aisle from her before she noticed him touching the inside of his shorts and pointing his phone towards her.

Tajinder Sabherwal, 40, will spend 18 months in prison and received a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (Image: BTP)

Sabherwal, of High Street, Bedford, was sentenced to 18 months in prison and given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order at Inner London Crown Court on Friday, September 24.

He was convicted of seven counts of outraging public decency, and one count of assault against an emergency service worker, between 2016 and 2021 at stations and on trains across London.

The investigating officer in the case, Det Con Olivia Hill, said: “Sabherwal’s odious actions were evidently pre-meditated and for his own sexual gratification.

“These incidents will have had a serious impact on the victims’ lives, and we believe no one should be subject to such vile behaviour on the railway.

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