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The Age of Kalyug Thread


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Ex-Rochdale footballer jailed for 24 years for child rapes

6 hours ago
Jonathan Diba-MusanguIMAGE SOURCE,GMP
image captionPolice said Jonathan Diba-Musangu met most of his victims through a church in Rochdale

A footballer has been jailed for 24 years for "gruesome" sex attacks on six victims as young as seven.

Jonathan Diba-Musangu, 23, who used to be on Rochdale AFC's books, raped the seven-year-old girl in 2012.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) also said he raped a 12-year-old girl at a summer camp four years later.

He was jailed at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court for 12 offences including three counts of rape of a child under 13 and two counts of rape.

Diba-Musangu, of Fernhurst Street, Chadderton, was also convicted of two counts of sexually assaulting a child under 13, two counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and three counts of sexual activity with a child.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said he met most of his victims through a church in Rochdale where he taught Sunday school and music classes.

He also worked in focus groups for young adults alongside his budding career as a footballer.

Diba-Musangu, a semi-professional goalkeeper for Rochdale AFC in the mid to late-2010s, was arrested in 2018 when he played for Mossley FC.

Det Insp Julie Maxwell, of GMP, said: "It's taken immense bravery for these victims to come forward and cooperate with us as we pieced together his gruesome acts.

"Diba-Musangu abused his position of power within the church and may well have had a successful footballing career ahead of him before the work of detectives have led to where he is now - behind bars."

An NSPCC spokesperson said: "The victims in this case have lived with the devastating impact of being abused as young girls by Diba-Musangu. "

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Human trafficking kingpins who made millions smuggling hundreds of Polish slaves into the UK and forcing them to work for 50p an hour are jailed for more than 15 years

  • Corrupt recruitment firm boss David Handy was only UK national to be charged
  • Worked with Mateus Natkowski and Lukasz Wywrinsk as part of a slavery gang
  • Around 400 workers were trafficked into Britain with false promises of wealth 

Three kingpins of the largest human trafficking ring ever busted in the UK have been jailed for more than 15 years after forcing hundreds of Polish slaves to live and work in appalling conditions.

Corrupt recruitment firm boss David Handy, 54, and accomplices Mateus Natkowski, 29, and Lukasz Wywrinsk, 38, were members of a gang who forced Poles into slave labour while paying them just 50p an hour.

The trio made millions trafficking 400 workers into Britain with false promises of wealth and a better life before being made to live in squalor.

They were forced to reside in dirty bedsits across the West Midlands while working for a pittance and were beaten or threatened if they refused to work or complained.

One man was paid just £10 for working up to 13 hours a day for three weeks, while their exploiters kept the rest of their hard-earned wages.

The gang were convicted following three trials in the UK's largest ever modern slavery prosecution and what is believed to be the biggest of its type in Europe.

Handy made almost £1 million supplying slave labour to parcels firm XDP sent to him by their Polish gang masters.



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The Rise of Online Child Pornography Demand in India


Child pornography has dangerously increased amidst Covid-19, and Pornhub is where most child-porn addicts now vent their sexual desires.


 February 1, 2021
The Rise of Online Child Pornography Demand in India f

"it's tough to explain why I want someone to escort her"

Child sexual exploitation has been a major problem since time immemorial, and during the pandemic child pornography, it has uncontrollably increased, making the Internet unsafe for children and adults.

In a global compilation of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) reports, India is the top-country, with 11.7% of the total reports, followed by Pakistan.

Recent statistics by the India Child Protection Fund (ICPF), demonstrates that the consumption of child pornography in India has spiked by 95% between March 24 and 26, 2021.

The ICPF also found out that, on average, there were 5 million downloads per month, with an increasing demand for violent content involving children.

Amidst lockdown, netizens, including child rapists, paedophiles and child pornography addicts, have started to satisfy their sexual desires online, on websites like PornHub, which attracts 3.5 billion visits a month.

The website has recently been under heavy investigation for its involvement in child pornography, sex-trafficking, and rape videos, following a detailed report by The New York Times.

Mastercard and Visa even took action against the company by blocking all payments to the site, resulting in Pornhub removing several explicit videos uploaded by unverified users.

On Pornhub, users mainly search for “child porn,” “sexy child” and “teen sex videos,” clearly showing their sexual preferences for minors engaging in such activities.

International agencies such as Europol, the United Nations and ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking) have also reported increasing paedophiles who target children by befriending them online and later lure them into performing sexual activities through photos and videos.

Measures for Parents to Protect Children

During an interview with Mashable India, Dr Mary L. Pulido said regular communication is fundamental. Parents should talk regularly with their children about internet safety and social media.

Clarifying this point, Pulido said:

“The NYSPCC advises parents to discuss this issue with their children.

“Though seemingly uncomfortable, even young children have shown the capability to grasp concepts of sexual abuse and body safety if the age-appropriate language is used.

“Frame the discussion around ‘body health and safety’ rather than ‘abuse’, which might be less scary, and discuss ‘private parts’.

“Discuss the two kinds of touches, safe and not safe, using these terms instead of ‘good/bad’ to make it clearer for the child.

“For example, sometimes a good touch – vaccination in the doctor’s office – can feel bad and a bad touch – inappropriate tickling/fondling – can feel good.

“Focus the conversation on the fact that they must tell a trusted adult right away if this ever happens to them. What’s important is that the child feels comfortable speaking up.

“Address the issue of secrecy or threat that some perpetrators use with children to keep them quiet. Reinforce with the child that it’s never their fault if they were touched or photographed in an unsafe way”.

If a child is victimised, Dr Pulido also suggested contacting law enforcement or whatever system is set up in your town, region or country, to deal with these crimes.

How do Indian Parents talk about Rape and Sex?

The Rise of Online Child Pornography Demand in India-girl

Everything related to sex is considered taboo in South Asian society. Paradoxically, India is regarded as one of the unsafest countries for women, with a serious rape problem.

Girls and boys do not tackle sexual topics out of fear, authoritarian parents, or simply because they find it awkward to open up.

As a result, there is an image of South Asia and India as being quite sexually repressed in the western world’s imagination.

Delhi-based child psychologist Dr Parikh said that Indian parents have started having these conversations with their children more openly than before. Still, it is not as widespread as it should be.

Besides, education makes a difference in terms of parents’ comfort and belief in talking about these things.

To better explore how much parents choose to tell their children, Journalist Nikita Mandhani gathered different voices across India.

Mona Desai, mother to an 11-year-old daughter in Mumbai, did not want her child to be exposed to a lot of news and conversations about rape and sexual assault.

“When she was five, I explained to her that she needs to be aware and alert about what is happening to her and around her.

“Then about two years ago, she read about ‘rape’ in a book and asked me what it meant.”

“I didn’t go into any graphic details but explained that it meant somebody was abusing someone else or violating the privacy of their body in an unacceptable way.

“My daughter and her friends are appalled and shattered about what happened to the eight-year-old girl in Kashmir.

“Sometimes, she asks me if the world out there is like this or whether this is a one-off incident.

“She gets scared, but she is also at that age in her life when she wants to push her boundaries for independence.

“So, it’s tough to explain why I want someone to escort her wherever she goes or why I want her to dress more conservatively in northern India.”

Sunayana Roy, mother of two sons, aged 11 and 3 in Bangalore, has discussed these issues with her older son.

“I have spoken to my older son about incidents of rape and sexual assault a few times.”

“He reads the news sometimes so I choose to frame conversations on consent and violence around incidents in the media.

“I have also always discussed women’s issues with him. I think as an upper-class Hindu male he needs to be aware of these concerns and realise he plays a role in bringing about change.

“I think it’s important for my sons to be aware of rape culture. Sexual violence is one of the biggest fears of women around them, and thus ultimately impacts everybody’s lives and behaviour.

“Sexist jokes, phrases and thoughts are called out in our household and examined for how damaging they can be.

“I don’t shield my sons from the news. However, I do let them bring these topics up for discussion rather than imposing these conversations on them.

“Maybe my children don’t always understand the full meaning of what I’m discussing but it’s enough for me that they know that to their mother such behaviour is not acceptable.”

Before the Nirbhaya case, India had always been dormant about rape culture across the country.

Rapes involving educated women attacked by strangers have always been high-profile, but what about poor and lower castes women?

According to Journalist Kalpana Sharma, they are the most vulnerable and targeted victims in India, and usually, they know their rapists very well.

Sharma also added that there is great outrage at the violence in urban areas because they are familiar to many people.

The way perpetrators are punished is also concerning, as only about a third of rape cases reported to the police result in a conviction.

Manisha is a South Asian Studies graduate with a passion for writing and foreign languages. She loves reading about South Asian history and speaks five languages. Her motto is: "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
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Saturday, 2 October 2021

Otago University honours Hubbard

 960 565 


Laurel Hubbard represented New Zealand at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. Photo:...
Laurel Hubbard is believed to be the first transgender winner of the award in the event’s 113-year history. Photo: Getty Images
Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard has been named University of Otago sportswoman of the year at the Blues awards earlier this week.


Hubbard is believed to be the first transgender winner of the award in the event’s 113-year history.

The Queenstown athlete became the first openly transgender woman to compete at the Olympics when she contested the women’s 87+kg at the Tokyo Games this year.

The 43-year-old was eliminated from the event when she failed to make a successful lift in the snatch.

Her achievement was recognised with the sportswoman of the year award at University of Otago and OUSA Blues and Golds Awards on Tuesday.

In a short statement to the Otago Daily Times Hubbard said she was ‘‘grateful for all of the support and kindness received from the teaching staff and students at Otago University’’.

‘‘It is not possible for athletes to complete at the Olympic level without the encouragement and aroha of friends, family and supporters.

‘‘This award belongs to everyone who has been part of my Olympic journey.’’

Otago University Students’ Association president Michaela Waite-Harvey said the Blues awards aim to highlight Otago students excelling in their chosen sport.

‘‘We could think of no-one more worthy of sportswoman of the year than Laurel Hubbard who represented Otago and New Zealand incredibly well at this year’s Tokyo Olympics.’’

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11 hours ago, GurjantGnostic said:

Way to fraud your way into the women's olympics and lose. Lol. Nicely done bro. Someone wants to a "woman" great. She can do that I'm not trippin. Enter a sporting event? Dude.  You're a dude.  Not cool. ...loser...

Feel sorry for people like that, living a very confused mind and life

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Mom and daughter charged with murdering wannabee porn star after performing illegal back-alley butt lift

  • 20:49, 22 Sep 2021
  • Updated: 21:11, 22 Sep 2021

 A WOMAN and her daughter have been charged with murder after an illegal butt implant procedure killed an aspiring porn star, it was reported.

Cops say Libby Adame, 51, and 23-year-old Alicia Galaz have been performing that type of procedure for a decade and recruit clients paying $14,000 for three sessions via Instagram.

Libby Adame has ben charged with murder
Libby Adame has ben charged with murder
Also charged is her daughter Alicia Galaz
Also charged is her daughter Alicia GalazCredit: Los Angeles police department

They have now been charged in connection with the murder of Karissa Rajpaul, a 26-year-old South African who police say moved to Los Angeles to work in the adult film industry, ABC7 reports.

Rajpaul was seen in a video posted on social media undergoing butt augmentation, which is now part of the Los Angeles Police Department's investigation.

She had two procedures illegally performed at a home in Encino last September but died after undergoing a third one.

Investigators say they suspect the women injected Rajpaul with a cocktail of substances used in cosmetic surgery but mixed with other, dangerous, chemicals.

"They were mixing them with chemicals and other substances that clearly are not appropriate for any medical procedure that would be performed on a human," said LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton

"These individuals have no medical training. They're not experienced and they're putting people's lives at risk."

According to CBS Los Angeles, LAPD officials said the procedure the women performed involved injecting liquid silicone substance into the body.

They said that can enter the blood stream and create embolisms, they said.


As procedure started to go wrong, Adame and Galaz called 911 to help Rajpaul.

But police say they fled without identifying themselves or telling the paramedics what happened so they be able to treat her, says the LAPD.

Rajpaul died in an emergency room with doctors unaware of the silicone injection.


Plastic surgeon Dr. John Timothy Katzen said: “Silicone is not meant to be injected into the buttock or the breast, period.”


Cops are now trying to contact other victims who underwent the same procedures performed by the mother and daughter.

“We’re also seeking additional victims and relatives of victims who may have had loved ones disfigured or who passed away,” Hamilton said.

Adame was released after posting $1 million bail and a court date has not been scheduled for her case.

Her daughter was released on bond two days after her arrest and is scheduled to make her first court appearance on December 8.

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London Underground: Pervert, 62, avoids jail after taking upskirting photos of women on the Tube

The 62-year-old filmed people's genitals without their consent

  • 15:35, 5 OCT 2021
  • UPDATED15:37, 5 OCT 2021

A 62-year-old man has avoided jail after being found guilty of taking upskirting photos on the London Underground.

Martin Stone has been slapped with a 12-month suspended sentence and a fine of £213 for recording images underneath people’s clothes on the Tube.

He took images of 18 people’s genitals and underwear without their consent between August 2 and August 4.

Appearing at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Monday, September 13, the 62-year-old from Colindeep Gardens in Colindale, admitted to recording these images to use for his own sexual perversions.

He committed one offence at Bank Underground station on August 4 and was caught filming a woman while standing behind her as she went up an escalator.


British Transport Police apprehended Stone after following him out of the station, and found watching the footage of the woman’s legs and skirt on his phone.

Officers seized two mobile phones, a spy camera pen, two oyster cards and one camera from him upon his arrest.

After the arrest, he appeared in Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on August 5 and pleaded guilty to one count of Voyeurism and was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

Since then, he appeared a second time at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Monday, September 13 and has now been given a suspended prison sentence for 12 months and a fine.

The defendant has also been banned from using Transport for London unless paying with a registered Oyster card.

Furthermore, he is not allowed to have any device including photographic equipment, USB sticks and memory cards that are capable of storing images.

The 62-year-old can only be granted these if he makes it available on request for inspection by police.

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    • Names of the creator that are used in Gurbani, were in existence before any Avtars etc… Raghu…means the the place where the Atma resides, where breathing takes place… Nath means…the master, the creator, etc…
    • Sir my question is why has occurred the need for modern vyakhakaars say this mean this , why our guru patshah used used those word  which are now being explained why did guru create confusion ?
    • Was listening to Sant Ji's katha on youtube.  Sant ji stated apart from the traditional raags, there is nothing wrong if Kirtan is sung in other NON - Raags set up by our Guru Ji's.  His example: Think of poison in a bowl.  Drinking the poison then blaming the bowl is silly. The poison is bad not the bowl. Likewise, we will never call a bowl Amrit once it contains Amrit init. Sameway it's not the raags being good / bad... it's WHAT we put into those raags. How many times Kirtan was sung but on a track of sum Bollywood tune? It is happening in Gurudwara by Raagis! Youtube also has Kaweshri jatha singing history of 1984, on Dr Dre's - Still Dre track.  Rap instrumental/ Bolly tunes stand neutral. We can either put bad things and sing with our own remixes and lyrics... or we can recreate to sing Shabads of Gurbabi, kirtan and Sikh Prachaar over them. 
    • Everything in Gurbani points us towards the Atma. Atma and Parmatma are the same… Atama and Parmatma is the source that creates and causes everything… What have the following items got in common? A fan. A television. A fridge. A radio. A computer..? These things are powered by electricity. Without electricity these things are lifeless. It’s the electricity that causes these things to function… Atma is the source of energy that allows everything to happen.    without Atma, we are lifeless… Call this Atama RAGUNATH…call this Atma by any other name…the fact remains that it’s the life force energy… Dieties also have the same Atma as humans, but they still part of the creation, and not the creator…  
    • Hi I want to know who’s ragunath in gurbani Hindu claim this word appear for ram chandra if we read guru teg bahadur maharaj salok maharaj clearly rejecting ram gayo ravan geo but at the last pangti Kahu naanak īh bipaṭi mai tek ēyk ragɦunaaṭɦ ॥55॥ Says Nanak, in this calamity, the Lord alone is my support who is this ragunaath why would maharaj use ragunath as refrence for god?
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