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I forget what the proper Punjabi term for it is, but I see a lot of this "kullabhuna" (inappropriate openness) creeping into our people's everyday discourse, usually instigated by younger folk. It's neither funny nor particularly illuminating. Westerners can succumb to that bakwaas if they wish; they're a lost cause rushing to embrace their own destruction, but we should be better than this.

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Only watched half of the video. Couple of years back I would of found it funny but now it's just stupid. I've seen another video of this guy and he was going around with one of those long pumpkins and asking girls if they like his "kaddu" 

tbh they do this to get famous on youtube. Years ago it started of with funny videos like "living in a brown family", that eventually got old and repetitive so they started doing videos like this Katapa Tv guy.  

And its just stupid when guys have their joora sticking out like that, why? why do they do that? i thought this "trend" would ended a at least a decade ago ... 

I remember back in the 90s a particular group of Sikhs used to tie their hair in ponytails and wear black sunglasses to complete the look.

When i was in school everyone started braiding their hair 

stupid really. 

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