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Golden Temple attack perdiction debunked


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Anyone has thoughts on kalki avatar?

When we see many sinful acts before our eyes; when we see adultery here and there; when we see that thieves and robbers are enjoying; when we see that poor and hardworking people are not getting even proper food; when we see that everyone is insecure in this society; when we see our politicians living corrupt lives; when we see world powers attacking on armless countries; when we see powerful countries shedding blood of innocent children, women and men of other countries; what can we do?

We think that we have not enough power to fight against all these evils. We think that we cannot save ourselves from sinful-powers.

Is there not a light of hope for poor people? If so, this world would be like a hell. No one would be happy with anyone. Powerful, crazy and inhuman powers would rule. The poor would suffer forever.

Some intellectuals show the light of hope. They tell people to believe in golden future. The time is coming when innocent people will find themselves secure and happy. The time is coming, when a messiah will come into this world to save the innocents. The time is coming, when the savior will give us a chance to live happily.

Yes, this makes us happy. We think that there will be a time, when we would live a secure life; when we would enjoy freedom.

But, this is not enough. We are human. We want to take revenge from cruel persons; from inhuman politicians/kings. We want to see them being killed. We want to see their palaces being destroyed.

The old 'rishis' of 'Bharat' (India) knew these feelings of harassed people. They came forward to give people the hope. They said that the messiah would come and punish the culprits. The messiah will come, but it will take much time.

People asked, "When will our defender come into this world?"

'Rishis' replied, "There are sins in this world, but there could be more sinful life. You must be happy that you are not living in the world, which is most sinful hell. The savior will come, when there would be more and more sins".

'Rishis' told that in the end of 'Kalyug', the savior will come to save this world and punish the culprits. The end of 'Kalyug' will be the beginning of 'Satyug'.

'Nehkalank Avtaar' will be the savior. 'Nehkalank' is also known as 'Kalki'. This is predicted by 'Vishnu-puraan', a famous Hindu religious book. There is a city of 'Sambhal' in U.P. state of India. It is said that 'Kalki Avtaar' will appear first in this city.

In 'Sri Dasam Granth Sahib', story of 'Kalki avtaar' has been given. We must know the fact that 'Sri Dasam Granth Sahib' is not predicting about arrival of 'Kalki Avtaar'. Insteed, it is just translating the believe of 'Vashanav sampardaaye'.

It is not always easy to translate. When I read these lines in 'Sri Dasam Granth Sahib', I do not know how to translate: -

"Baagarhdang beerang jaagarhdang jootey. taagarhdang teerang chhaagarhdang chhootey. Saagarhdang suaarang jaagarhdang joojhey. Kaagarhdang kope raagarhdang roojhey.(361). {page 593}.

Even though, I tried to give meanings of some words used in 'Kalki Avtaar' in 'Dasam Granth'. Please forgive me if I make a mistake. Hummm…. I usually make a lot of mistakes.

In this article/post, we will try to understand the point of 'Sri Dasam Granth Sahib' about 'Kalki Avtaar'.

When quoting from 'Sri Dasam Granth', the brackets ( ) have been used to write stanza number and the brackets { } have been used to write page number.

When will 'Kalki Avtaar' come into this sinful world?

When there would be sins and sins everywhere. Mother will have sexual relation with her own son. Father will enjoy his own daughter; brother will enjoy his own sister.

Here is the actual words of 'Kalki Avtaar' in 'Sri Dasam Granth Sahib': -

"Bhaant bhaant tan ho utpaata. Putreh sej sovat lai maata.(2)." {page 571}


"Suta pita tan ramat nishanka. Bhagni bharat bharaat kah anka. Bharaat behan tan karat bihaara. Istri taji sakal sansaara.(3)." {page 571}

There will be many sects. With a new day, there will be a new religion, but those religion will not live long: -

"Ek divas chalai koyu mat doyey dios chalaahengey…..(22)." {page 573}


"Naye nit matang uthhai ek eking. Karai nit anarathang anekang anekang.(49)." {page 575} [matang=believes, religions, sects]

The 'Gurus' of such religions will call themselves 'the God':-

"Aap aap parbraham kahai hai. Neech ooch kah sees na naihai….(12)." {page 572}

There will be no 'dharam' in this world. There will be sins and sins on every step. Even Gurus will have bad relations with their Sikhs wives. And Sikhs will sleep with their Guru's wife: -

"Dharam bharam udyo jahaan tahaan paap pag pag hoyenge. Nij sikh naar guru ramai, gur daara so sikh soyenge….(25)." {page 573}

People will not show respect for their old religious books (as 'Vedas' for Hindus and 'Kuraan' for Muslims): -

"Nahi Bed baak pramaan hain. mat bhinn bhinn bakhaan hain.(61). Naa kuran ko mat lehnge. na puraan dhekhan dehnge.(62)." {page 575}

People will worship stones : -

"Paahan pujai hain, ek na dhiyai hain, mat ke adhak adhera…..(71)." {page 576}


"Paahan ko su karat sabh bandan…(79)." {page 576}

In that time, the saints will be frightened. They will be sad. Sinful people will rule and there will everything in their houses: -

"Saadhu satras. Jah tah udaas. Papeen raj. Greh sarab saaj.(104)." {page 578}

The distressed earth goes to the God (Kaal purakh) and prays before him: -

"Paapaakraant dhra bhyee, pal na sakat thhaharaye. Kaal purakh ko dhyan dhar rovat bhyee banaaye….(139)." {page 581}

To save the poor, holy God comes into this world. At the end of 'Kalyug', there will be 'Satyug'. To destroy the evil powers, He will come: -

"Deenan kee rachhchha nimat kar hai aap upaaye. Param purakh paavan sada aap pragat hai aaye. Aap pragat hai aaye, deen rachhchha ke kaaran. Avtaarees vtaar dhara ke bhaar utaaran.(139). Kaljug ke anteh samai Satjug laagat aad. Deenan kee rachhchha leeye dhar hai roop anaad. Dhar hai roop anaad kaleh kavatak keh bhaaree. Shatran ke naasaarth namit avtaar avtaaree.(140)." {page 581}

To destroy all the sins (sinful people), He will be called 'Kalki Avtaar'. He will kill them with sword. The city of 'Sambhal'(in India) is lucky. Har ji (Kalki Avtaar) will come to Harmandir (Sahib): -

"Paap sambooh binaasan ko Kalkee avtaar kahaavaingey. Turkachhchh turang sapachhchh bado kar kaardhh Kripaan khapaavaingey. Nikasey jim kehar parbat te tas sobh divaalay paavaingey. Bhal bhaag bhaya eh Sambhal ke har joo Harmandar aavaingey.(141)." {page 581}

The line 'Bhal bhaag bhaya eh Sambhal ke har joo Harmandar aavaingey.' has been used 16 times in 'Kalki Avtaar' in 'Sri Dasam Granth Sahib'.

Unlike 'Narsingh Avtaar', 'Kalki Avtaar' will be hand some and smart: -

"Roop anoop saroop maha lakh dev adev lajaavaingey….(142)." {page 481}


"Roop anoop saroop maha ang dekh anang lajaavaingey….(151)." {page 582}

He will ride on a horse: -

"Khag kaadhh abhang nishang hathhi, rann rang turang nachaavaingey…..(144)." {page 581}

'Kalki Avtaar' will use several weapons: -

"Teer tufang kamaan surang during nikhang suhaavaingey. Barchhi ar bairakh baan dhuja pat baat lagey phaharavaingey….(147)." {page 582}


"Kauch kripaan kataaree kamaan su rang nikhang chhakaavaingey. Barchhee ar dhhaal gada parso, kar sool trishool bhramaavaingey. At krudhatt hvai rann moordhan mo, sar ogh praogh chalaavaingey. Bhal bhaag bhya eh Sambhal ke, har joo harmandar aavaingey.(148)." { page 582}

'Kalghi' is the ornament for head. He, who wears 'kalghi' on his turban, is called 'kalghidhar'. 'Kalki Avtaar' will be 'Kalghidhar' : -

"Kalghi gajgaah gada barchhee geh paan kripaan bhramaavaingey. Jag paap sambooh binaasan ko, Kalki Kal dharma chalaavaingey……(154)." {page 583}

Interestingly, from now, past tense has been used, as if all these already have been happened. I think the author did not want people to wait for 'Kalki Avtaar'. He used past tense, so that people could take it as a normal story.

I believe that when people take up arms to fight against unreligious and cruel political powers, 'Kalki Avtaar' himself is there. Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says, "Farida, Khaalak khalak meh, khalak vasai rabb maahey". (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Mahla 5, page 1381) {Translation: O Fareed! the Creator is in the Creation, and the Creation abides in God.}. If so, then people fighting against cruel political powers are actually 'Kalki Avtaar' fighting against the bad governments.

According to 'Kalki Avtaar' (in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib), There was a Brahman. He was very talented man. He used to worship the goddess daily, who killed 'Dhoomar lochan', a devil.

"Teh bipp ek. Jeh gun anek.(163). {page 583} Nit japat bipar debi prachand. Jeh keen dhoomra lochan dukhand….(164)." {page 583}

His wife was a bad woman: -

"Greh huti taas istree kuchaar….(166)." {page 584}

She wanted to stop her husband worshipping the goddess. When she failed to do so, she complained before the king, who was against the worshipping of goddess. The king got the Brahman arrested and said him not to worship goddess: -

"Triyaa baach pat so. Keh kaaj moorh sevant dev…..(167)." {page 584}


"Tab kurhi naar chit ros thhaan. Sambhal naresh tan kahi aan.(170). Poojant deve deeno dikhaye. Tehh gaha kop kar shoodar raaye. Geh taahey adhik deenee sazaaye. Kai hanat toh, kai jap naa maaye.(171)." {page 584}

Brahman said, "Even if you cut me into two pieces, I will not left the worship: -

"Keejai dukhand, nahi tajon sev. Sun leho saach tuh kaho dev. Kiyon na hohey took tan ke hazaar. Nahi tajon paanyey devi udaar.(173)." {page 584}

When they tried to kill him, Brahman prayed before God. God said him that He would save him and kill the many enemies. Then with a great whistling sound, there appeared 'Kalki Avtaar': -

"Jab lagey den tehh tegh taan. Tab keeyo Kaal ko bipar dhyaan.(176). Jab keeyo chit mo bipar dhayaan. Tehh deen daras tan kaal aan. Nahi karo chint chit maanjh ek. Tav het shatra han hai anek.(177). Tab pari shoonk bhoraih majhaar. Upjyo aan Kalkivataar…..(178)." {page 584}

With anger, 'Kalki Avtaar' killed four hundred soldiers with an axe: -

"Kar kop Kal Avtaar. Geh paan ajaan kuthhaar. Tankek keen prahaar. Bhat jhoojh gayo sai chaar.(188)." {page 585}

'Kalki Avtaar' will be angry. He will use various weapons: -

"Kalki Avtaar risaavaingey. Bhat ogh praogh giraavaingey. Bahu bhaantan shashtra prahaaraingey. Ar ogh praogh sanghaaraingey.(307)." {page 590}

In the battlefield, Sri Kalki Avtaar killed the king of 'Sambhal' city: -

"Sambhar naresh mareyo nidaan….(451)."{page 601}

Kalki Avtaar had his own army: -

"Buleyo sarab sainang. Karey rakt nainang.(456)."{page 601}

After killing the king of Sambhal, Kalki Avtaar started to conquer the world. He attacked on Kabul, Babul, Kandhaar, Iraq, Balkh, and Rome etc. and killed those who dared to fight against him: -

"Hanney Kaablee Baablee beer baankey. Kandhaaree Harevee Iraaqi nisaakey. Bali Baalkhee Roh Roomi rajeeley. Bhajey traas kai kai bhaye band dheeley.(462)." {page 601}.

Kalki killed the enemies in Kashmir, Bangas, Russia etc.: -

"Katey Kaashmeeree hanney kashatvaaree. Kupey kaashkaaree badey chhatra-dhaaree. Bali Bangasee gorbandee gadrejee. Mahaa-moorh maajindra raanee majejee.(484). Hanney Roos Toosee kritee chitra jodhee. Hathhey Parasuyyad su khoobaan sakrodhee….(485)." {page 603}.

Kalki Avtaar killed the enemies in Bijapur, Golkunda, Dravid, Tilangaana, Vaidarbh, Bengal, Orissa (all in India) and Nepal: -

"Hanney beer Bijapuri Golkundi…..(504)." {page 604}.

"Drahee Dravarhey tej taa te Tilangi. Hatey Suratee jang bhangee phirangee.(505). Chapey chaand raja chaley chanad baasee. Badey beer Baidarbh sanros raasee……(506)." {page 604}

"Maagadh maheep mandey mahaan. Das chaar chaar vidya nidhaan. Bangee Kuling Angee ajeet. Morang agar Naipal abheet.(508)." {page 605}

He got victory over China, and then he went to North: -

"Cheen Macheen chheen jab leena. Uttar desh payyana keena…..(548)." {page 607}.

Thus, Sri Kalki Avtaar saved the saints and killed anti-saints: -

"Sant ubaar asant khapaayey.(550)." {page 608}

Now, 'Satyug' was just coming near. All people heard about this. It pleased the minds of saints. They sang the glory of God: -

"Satjug aayo. Sabh sun paayo. Mun mann bhaayo. Gun gan gaayo.(553)." {page 608}

But unfortunately, after conquering the world, Kalki became proud. He forgot the God: -

"Jag jeeteyo jab sarab. Tab baadhhiyo at garab. Diya Kaal Purakh beesaar. Eh bhaant keen bichaar.(583). Bin moh doosar na aur. As maaneyo sab thhaur. Jag jeet keen gulaam. Aapan japaayo naam.(584)." {page 610}.

Kalki left the worship of God. Then the God made an other man, who killed Kalki Avtaar: -

"Nah Kaal Purakh japant. Nah dev jaap bhanant. Tab Kaal Dev risaayey. Ik aur purakh banaayey.(586). Rach as 'Mehdi Meer'. Riswant haathh hameer. Tehh taun ko badh keen. Pun aap mo kiy leen.(587)." {page 610}.

After sometime, even Mehdi Meer became victim of 'proud': - "Mehdee bhareyo tab garab. Jag jeeteyo jab sarab….(2)." {'Mehdi', 'Sri Dasam Granth Sahib', page 610}.

Now, God made a small insect, which entered into his ear and killed him: -

"Ik keet deen upaayey. Tis kaan paithho jaaye.(10). Dhas keet kaanan beech. Tis jeeteyo jim neech. Bahu bhaant de dukh taahey. Eh bhaant maareyo taahey.(11)." {'Mehdi', 'Sri Dasam Granth Sahib', page 610-611}.

Thus, we see that 'Sri Dasam Granth' does not say that 'Kalki Avtaar' will come into this world. The story of 'Kalki' has been given as a translation (though with some changes), as stories of other avatars (incarnations) are given. This is 'Chaubees Avtaar' (24 incarnations), so it is natural that the story of 'last and 24th incarnation has been written in Sri Dasam Granth.

So, dear Khalsa ji, no Kalki Avtaar will come into this world to save humanity. There is no need of Kalki Avtaar either. Khalsa is already there to do what is needed; only thing required is to wake the Khalsa up.


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7 hours ago, Arsh1469 said:

So, I have heard this thing that the Golden Temple will be attacked 4 times and when it is attacked for the fourth time kalki avtar will come or khalsa raj will happen.

No. It will not happen. The Golden Temple has been attack once (You could say twice as once they filled the water with sand) by the Mughals. Twice by the Afghans. And once by India right? Wrong India attacked the Golden Temple 3 times all in 5 years. 

This is 6 times and I see no Kalki avtar or khalsa raj.

So in conclusion this story allegedly in historical granths and sau sakhi also mentioned by some kathavachiks is completely fake.

But IFFFF we count those as one each! Ahem... that's uhh...three! So don't dare try again unless you're trying to see Kalki!



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    • I saw the video on TikTok I think. It was at Wembley Stadium and I was unable to bookmark/favourite it because Tiktok decided to refresh. It was the "mainstream" Chaupai Sahib you will hear at a Singh Sabha gurdwaras, usually so-called Ramgarhia gurdwaras and also for the past 100 year or so in Harimandir Sahib under the current committee system.  In other words, the sikhs who give up or quit at ਖੜਗ ਕੇਤ ਮੈਂ ਸ਼ਰਨਿ ਤਿਹਾਰੀ ॥ ਆਪ ਹਾਥ ਦੈ ਲੇਹੁ ਉਬਾਰੀ ॥ Lord of the Almighty Sword, provides a shield for my protection. With Your Hands you have saved me.   ਸਰਬ ਠੌਰ ਮੋ ਹੋਹੁ ਸਹਾਈ ॥ ਦੁਸ਼ਟ ਦੋਖ ਤੇ ਲੇਹੁ ਬਚਾਈ ॥੪੦੧॥ You bestow help on me at all places and rescue me from pain and the designs of my demons.401. Kharag kait mai sarann tihaaree. Aap haath dai leho ubaaree. Sarab thor mo hoho sahaaee. Dustt dokh té leho bachaaee. (25) O The Lord of Sword, I seek Your protection. With Your Hands you have guarded me. At All Times be my Support. Save me from wickedness and pain. (25).
    • Bro, can you post from what line to what line they did paath of?
    • A decade later and I can show you all what the problem is. Both Khalsa Primary School and students from Pioneer Secondary Academy were invited for Vaisakhi celebrations, and they done a Chaupai Sahib paat. The problem is, they performed the politics ridden anti-dasam Bhasauria mutilated cut version of Benti Chaupai which is disrespectful to traditional puraatan samrpadaiye and mahapurakh. If bani politics is going to be used on children to skip lines from Dasam Pita ji dhan dhan Guru Gobind Singh ji's Benti Chaupai Sahib, that certain groups think it is ok to do, then @serious guptwas right to raise concerns a decade ago! IN 2024, when sangat is much more knowledgable about dasam bani and katha, when we have so many resources - then if we are not allowing our children to learn bani shud and let them choose their groups to follow later, then this raises RED FLAGS IN 2024!!!! AKAAAAL!
    • https://www.youtube.com/@TheWonderous1Channel I found this new channel on YouTube. Apparently they will be uploading a new video every week! Seems good, please subscribe and share with others. Thanks
    • https://www.youtube.com/@TheWonderous1Channel I found this new channel on YouTube. Apparently they will be uploading a new video every week! Seems good, please subscribe and share with others. Thanks
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