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Double dealing by farm leaders after 26th Jan


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On 2/16/2022 at 6:41 PM, proactive said:

Here is the hypocrisy of someone of shares  the same comrade ideology of Swaiman Singh. These comrades are the traitors within, they will espouse western views on women's 'freedom' to us and yet give Muslims a free pass for their oppression of their women. 


Wow, what a fool. He says the reasoning behind the chunni is men won't be able to control themselves, therefore women have to cover their bodies.

OK, so why stop at chunnis? The same reasoning would apply to the rest of women's clothes.

These sorts of people take pleasure in taking potshots are religious, societal or moral norms.

"If your vision is covered, then nudity can be an art"

He's nothing more than a dirty old man who wants women to walk around either half-naked or fully naked to get his rocks off.


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Is he a commrade Pali singh..or those Proud to be Indian anti Khalistani types..

Not just him, you know when the kashmir grooming happened, and lastest rape cases by hindus on Sikh girls these so called 'Sikh' far-left sjw warriors feminists were calling those calling it by spade the usual religion doesnt matter you are being 'islamaphobia' and now they got solidarity pics of Niqabs with 'allah akbar' lool 

@proactive - I feel bad at beginning was doubting Deep and thinking Dr was genuine ...really hate it falling for these punjabi uncles views and punjabi media social media posts..

I saw video of Lakha talking about Deep saying there must be 'Mare kaarma in Punjab' we are always suffering..

Just proves the point for one panthic person there are 100s kps gill in our kaum...its we are our own worst enemy ... 


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