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    I think the fighting in the thread on kumbh mela demonstrates why we don't have unity!!!
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    That water is blessed, which has been put on this Earth by God. It is the affair of men to decide which water is holy and which is not.
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    Dearest _HonourThe Sangat_ Jee, Thank you so much for trusting to share your problem on here so others can try to assess your situation and try to help you out. It is great that at your age you are Amritdharee and love Sikhi. Carry on doing that. As for the disappearance of your spiritual powers, don't even think about it. Gurbani says 'ridh sidh avra sadh', i.e the taste/desire for spiritual powers is another taste i.e not one that true Sikhs of Gurujee bother about. If you continue on the path of Sikhi you will see these powers come and go, sometimes becoming more and sometimes less. In time as you grow older Gurujee will guide you into when to use these powers and when not too. Your focus has to be on Sikhi and being a true Sikh. As for simran, always continously do ardas to Gurujee to bless you with Naam and concentration power. During your life there wil be months/years/days when doing simran is difficult and hard and also there will be months/days/weeks/years when it happens smooth and nice like a treat. It is like a curve that goes up and down. So do not get too obsessed by this and do not get too intense. You need to be relaxed and chilled and do your nitnem/simran/going to gurudwara etc as usual and also read inspiring books on Sikhism, CDs, DVDs, katha in satsang, kirtan darbars etc. All these will perk up your levels of inspiration, help your concentration and give you more gyan about Sikhi. When I was your age, apart from studies and school, I spent a lot of my time learning how to read and understand Gurbani, learning kirtan, going to kirtan darbars, satsangs, gurudwaras, doing nitnem and simran and reading plenty of good books on Sikhism, doing nitnem, sewa, etc. All this helped me to stay on the path of Sikhi, and never to be depressed and to work on fighting ego. Also, deep in your heart always pray to God and Gurujee to take away your ego and always recite ego reducing shabads and tuks in your mind such as ''meh nahee, kich hau nahee, kich aaye na mora...'', ''kabir mere mujh meh kich nahee...'', ''hum garib maskin prabh tere, har rakh rakh vad vda hai'. Life is a long learning process. I am older than you but there is so much more to learn about Sikhi and it feels I have not even started yet. Learning about Sikhi is like a child that tries to walk, falls down, cries... then gets up.. walks a bit more... falls down again... cries,.... and keeps doing this till it can walk. What counts is that you are alive and you are in Sikhi. So I will repeat again, try to be more relaxed and not to be so intense or worried or depressed or suicidal about your situation. It is not the end of the world. Focus on nam, dan, ishnan and surrender it all at Gurujee's Feet and carry on. And remember a Sikh has to focus on staying in chardikela, never to get depressed. I have had so so so many big huge problems in my life but everytime I am in a problem, I fight even harder to be in chardikela so I wont get depressed and suicidal. Sikhi is never about giving up and losing confidence. It is about learning from experience how not to repeat a mistake, and about staying motivated, positive and blazing with a fiery fighting spirit.
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    Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh Sangat ji, you may not have heard of "Everythings 13" a sikh educational charity, however some of you may know about our YouTube channel "Basics of Sikhi". Most of you may not be aware that (with Guruji's kirpa and aagiaa) we're embarking on a new and comprehensive project to spread Guruji wisdom across the UK and Globally. Its called Plan BE13. Here is what our channel has on it currently.. Here is a video about Plan BE13 for 2013 Essentially we are hoping to do a 5 stage process of Parchar (1) Getting people into Sikhi (already happening) - Talks at Gurdwaras and Sikh Societies at colleges and Universities to interest youth/others into Sikhi and bring onto youtube channel - Spreading word about the Youtube Channel using facebook, twitter and and getting people into watching videos about Sikhi when they have spare time (there are around 80 videos on our youtube channel already) (2) Building a solid foundation (already happening) - holding a One Day Course +Kirtan Katha called "Re-Assessing the Fundamentals - Vaheguru, Guru and You" at various Gurdwaras (first one is due at Park Avenue Gurdwara Main Hall on the 29th December 2012) - 12 topic introductory course to Sikhi - called the WhyGuru Course. This course goes through the history of Sikhi from Guru Nanak to the present day and also has 4 separate topics which cover Guru Granth Sahib ji, The Khalsa, Raag Kirtan and Sikh Spiritual concepts of merging with the Divine. We already delivered this once in May this year and it was a success. (there is a video about this on our channel with video testimonials - we had 5 non-punjabi people attend. One lady, ex-muslim convert has now taken Amrit). (3) Learning Basics of Gurmukhi (planning done, needs filming) - A series of videos that goes into Why its important we learn Gurmukhi and How does Gurmukhi work? (Penti Akhar, Moharni) - Series of common vocabulary in Gurmukhi and how the words are put together - Basics of Santhiya - Slow paat, in video format with downloadable MP3s (4) Japji Sahib Vichaar classes (already happening) - We're doing weekly English katha of Japji Sahib and with Guru's kirpa are at the 34th Pauri. - Katha will be transcripted and put into an ebook format - Set up Japji Sahib Vichaar classes at variour gurdwaras where attendees would learn in their own time (watch the video, read ebook, watch/listen to other recommended katha (English by Bhai Sukhraj Singh, Punjabi- Maskeen ji, Giani Pinderpal Singh etc) and then come together for the vichaar class at their local gurdwara (ie build a sadhsangat) to discuss Japji sahib, pauri by Pauri. (5) Further Study (to be developed as part of Plan BE13) - More Gurbani Katha - planning on Rehras sahib and Asa Di Vaar - Basics of Kirtan and Tabla - Attend an intermediate level - "WhyKhalsa WhyFateh Course" In terms of funding, our parent we've raised about £18k of our £52k target for 2013 already. 99% of this has come from the sangat, (mostly youth and non-amritdhari). We're not charging anything for katha or the courses, as we see this as Spiritual Langar (Bhugat Giaan) which should be given freely and be dependent purely on Sangat kirpa (daeaa bhandarani). Read more about the specifics of Plan BE13 here: http://www.virginmoneygiving/charities/everythings13 Please do ardaas for us to Satguru that we stay on this path and stay true to Sikhi. Thanks for reading ji, bhul chuk maaf Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh
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    With Guru Sahib's kirpa, an article on Gurmantar has been completed for the benefit of the sangat. It was a bit long to be pasted here. Here is the link: http://searchsikhism.com/gurmantar.html
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    I guess its because many from the old generation enjoy having power and money. Look at the gurdwara, fights, smacking paghs off while an akhand path happens, attacking each other with kirpans. I guess it’s because we don't see each other as a family anymore, don't get me wrong, loads of you guys still see each other as brothers and sisters. But, the sad fact is that many Sikhs are jealous of each other. I think the main reason is the gurdwara. The gurdwara should be a place of worship but also a place where Sikhs meet other Sikhs. I think if more activities were run at the gurdwaras, kids could interact with other Sikhs and form bonds. But our gurdware are just for show now. Stick a few pillars and repaint the gurdwara. Job done. Hardly anything is done in the form of activities and classes. Also we pick out differences rather than similarities. Rather than saying "hello fellow Sikh" we might say or "you tie a funny pagh", or "you aren't the same caste as me", even gurdwaras are built and used by people of a certain caste. Like seriously, come on. -.- :omgomg: :omgomg: :omgomg: :omgomg:
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    I have slowly weaved my way through this long discussion about kumbh mela etc and all the arguments and counter arguments. Very interesting. All I wish to say is sometimes 2 fruits look alike but inside they are different. You cannot place bathing at Hindu or other tiraths on the same platform as the Amrit Sarowar around Harmandir Sahib and attempt to talk about them in a single sentence or under the same breath. This is because pawan pavitar Illahi Gurbani is sung and recited all day along at Harmandir Sahib which blesses the sarowar water and everything in its environment. So, a dip at Harmandir Sahib sarowar is part of the bigger uplifting spiritual/religious experience of being at Harmandir Sahib. It is our sharda and bhavna that nothing else can compare to that. A trillion saints and sadhus and ascetics, bathing in the waters of a river does not make it equal, even an iota in status, to jal that has been blessed by Dhur Ki Bani, and no one should ever try to attempt to draw some equal comparisons between the two, based on some internet videos of the healing energies of some hindu tirath. Secondly, if certain preachers of Sikhism wish to capitilise on such gatherings at Hindu festivals involving rivers and tiraths, solely to preach Sikhi that is up to them, but I am doubtful as to how many actually convert to Sikhism based on preaching at such places. There are many, more modern and effective ways of doing Sikhi parchar and letting others know about Sikhism that we need to be focussing on including the internet, and utilising other upcoming multi media technologies. It can be very tiring reading that such things are acceptable etc, because such and such a saint has gone, or goes there. I keep repeating, that, rather than worry and constantly trying to emulate what a certain saint does or does not, focus on what you need to do. In Sikhism, at the end of the day no matter how highly blessed a certain 'saint' is, that person is but just another Sikh because at the heart of Sikhism there is no heirarchy but complete democracy, where every Sikh is nothing more than a son or daughter of Guru Gobind Singh. My humble request to veer Only five is to never even consider getting deleted and for the admin not to delete him. Standing up for Gurmat is never easy, because many people's views about Gurmat are out of focus due to many reasons and correcting a person who has either being brainwashed or got themselves brainwashed the wrong way is a difficult job. You are a very straight forward Gursikh gifted with a razor sharp insight and bibek concerning the content of gurmat/manmat in issues that get discussed here, and hence, regard your contributions here as a continuing sewa for Sikhi and as Satguru ki sewa. Dismiss any ideas of quitting please, this is my bentee. Please exercise so much more patience when you feel you are just rubbing against a brickwall because your presence on this site is very vital. My advice to n30 is as I have advised before elsewhere. Your posts reveal that you read around a lot and draw inspiration from the lives of Sikh saints etc and also watch many internet videos. This is all very good but in life your journey in Sikhi has to move on from phase to phase in order to progress. Sometimes you just need to put away all those videos and knowledge, and start focusing on your personal individual nijhee journey in Sikhi which should be primarly based on swaas swaas simran, so you create a blank canvass where no one else but only Satguru is now beginning to touch your understanding and consciousness with pure nirol gurmat. This will change the nature of what you post on any website to be something that does not create contention, but draws others to love you as a very true, humble and blessed gursikh, whose posts are not a regurgitation of others take on Sikhism, but something blessed arising from you Naam soaked inner that touches the souls of those who read what you have to say. Sikhism and Gurmat are much deeper than a hundred youtube videos and thousands of bachans of sants put together, but you need to create a blank canvass in your mind and come to a point of garibi in your heart where you can cast away the anger/frustration/hatred towards those who appear not to like you and your point of view or you feel are threatening you one way or another. That's when the next level will come your way. Sikhi and Gurmat are beyond the words of any person. They are like a 'Light' that you will experience as you go higher, but to go higher you need to go lower, much much much more lower than where you are now. This impressionable gyan filled mind needs to still itself before the Voice of God and that is more easily said than done.
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    Hanji that was more preferably to mazabi Community (Bhai jaita Singh). On my last trip to India, I spent few weeks with mazabi community.. Spending time in their home. I saw bit more sikhi hope in them in my small pind of 2000ish ppl. Most of them are becoming target of Christian missionaries of majha batala area, so I started few stuff/programs for them (kirtan/tabla teacher tuition etc). Getting back to topic, I think Sikhs need to start prachar in India for these communities, so that such ppl like with above twitter account feels and stay alone. Also, most dera and missionaries are growing and getting on offensive mode against us because of continuous feed of propaganda and recruitment of non-jatts community.
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    A dedicated Sikh religious channel is all set for launch in January, BizAsia can reveal. The channel formerly known as Sikh TV, will come back as Akal TV at the end of January. Details of Akal TV are being kept underwraps due to competition from the existing two Sikh television services including Sikh Channel and Sangat TV – both on the Sky Digital platform. Akal TV plans to broadcast Sikh religious and documentaries, with live Akhand Paths from various Gurdwaras in the UK. The channel is based in Birmingham. The management of Akal TV is different to that of Sikh TV. Akal TV will be a free-to-air channel, available on Sky Digital from Monday 28th January. http://www.media247.co.uk/bizasia/new-sikh-tv-channel-launching-in-january'>http://www.media247.co.uk/bizasia/new-sikh-tv-channel-launching-in-january
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    SIKH FEDERATION (UK) Panthic conference to honour Shaheed Satwant Singh Ji and Shaheed Kehar Singh Ji Sunday 6 January 2013 (11am-1.30pm) Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Sheehy Way, Slough, SL2 5SS Arambh Akhand Paath Sahib Ji on Fri 4 January, Bhog on Sun 6 January For further information contact Daljit Singh on 07976 715237
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    So Why Sikhs don't have any unity? What is it? Lack of leadership? or lack of individual responsibility? lack of individual conviction? lack of individual self-confidence? lack of individual security? lack of faith? lack of tolerance? (Ever notice how western nation leaders gracefully debate with each other on t.v and at the end- still shake hands and hug each other? lack of objectivity? lack of constructive criticism than attack- character assassination/personal attacks/intimidation? lack of ultimately inner rehat? Please share your input...!! :D :D
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    Humkire Singh Ji, My post are pretty pendu/tribal compared to yours so i m not going to pretend to be in your wave length, dress up my post, use words which i cannot use as everything comes from heart here or bother with my etiquette as we have already went quite far in this topic and besides i m not competing with your post and i m on your side for most part- don't take me as a threat- i left gupt section to you as i genuinely believe you can do lot better job than me with your inspirational post and experience and as you live gursikhi every breath for that i have nothing but respect for you..but coming back to this thread- Lets cut to the chase instead of beating around bushes as you are already been advised by others in the past at times and besides we have already went quite far in this topic. You can spin it whichever way you wish, it comes down to perception. I understand you are elder and more experienced than me and for that so you have due respect but lets leave the age aside for second, lets discuss surrounding your above points, its just perception of god's omnipresence and living in the perception itself Guru Maharaj is advising us to rise above from all..If we would have understood sri guru gobind singh maharaj updesh of god's omnipresence, we wouldn't be talking about - "which water is holy - mine water is holier than yours" at the first place. Is that clear cut enough humkire ji? As you said - gurmat/manmat is pretty clear cut..i am just following your own advise and your words of encouragement to only five of appreciating him being straight fwd singh with razor sharp insight .!!!
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    I am afraid you, or, rather both of you got it wrong because it really does NOT summarise this discussion into two lines! It is not theologically correct to say that ''It is the affair of men to decide which water is holy and which is not.'' because that statement negates the power of Gurbanee, and the supreme pleasure of God Almighty, to make water become Amrit! It also inherently holds the sin of implying that we can look at tirath water and sarowar water with the same understanding. I have just explained earlier that this is wrong. Further I am baffled how this romanticist statement... ''That water is blessed, which has been put on this Earth by God'' invokes memories of ''jale hari, thale hari'' by Guru Gobind Singh! Guru jee in jale hari is not talking about water being blessed but rather expounding on the theme of God's Omnipresence! Also I am rather astonished at the speed of N30SINGH's response to my small bit of advice earlier! As I have explained in earlier exchanges on other posts when someone offers you advice you must not become defensive and respond immediately. Rather, sleep on someone's advice, let their advice churn in your mind, and try to let your inner reveal the wisdom of it. This is the way forward if you aspire to be a saint soldier in your own right. Do read it it more carefully and slowly and try to digest it so you are more in touch with your inner than your outward mind. That response you gave was really not needed.
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    Awesome post bro you summarize this whole discussion into two lines..your post bring fond memories from akaal ustat where sri guru gobind singh maharaj mentions jale hari thape hari... I think Guru Maharaj kabith puts the final nail in the coffin of this debate. I have nothing else to say on this topic.
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    I've said it to OnlyFive Ji on a previous occasion and I'll say it again: Learn to differentiate between friend and foe. He possesses some awesome insights, occasionally blunt, but sometimes we need a straight-talker to shake us out of our reverie especially if everyone around us is not being completely frank with us to the point where mistakes begun to be made. I think he forgets some people aren't far along on their journey in Sikhi as he is. When I first joined this site I read his stuff and it seemed very intolerant and too harsh on many issues in Sikhi. Now a few years down the line and I can see there was truth in those words, and the problem was MY perception at the time. I'm not saying he's 100% correct all the time, of course. Nobody is. A bit of politeness towards those who perhaps don't deserve a tongue-lashing wouldn't go amiss. The reason? People will be turned off from the arguments made in his posts - no matter how valid - if they feel the vessel from which these ideas are originating is not practicising what is being preached! But hey, what do I know? N30Singh is overflowing with knowledge and seems like a good lad. I do wish OF and N30 would bury the hatchet (and Chatanga Ji as well). Tbh I can't hold a candle to either of them. :biggrin2: *nervously waits for OnlyFive Ji to return and accuse me of being RSS or a hater of the Gurus* :blush2:
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    bhaji, try to look at this situation with a long term view. you made a mistake and you suffered a spiritual fall b/c of it. But that mistake is such an important lesson, it is etched so deeply into your soul, that it is unlikely you will repeat this mistake. sometimes people have a setback so that they can be saved from future setbacks. now just get back on the wagon and get going.
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    If the last poster is suggesting to the OP to move out. Don't listen to the above poster. As parents reach their senoir years, they need someone to take care of them. So you moving out will only show that you are abandoning them when they need your help. If the future wife suggest we will place them in a senior home or get them a person to take care of them. Look both ways and run the 8 mile away from this woman. Also if your parents do help to support you and the wife, don't do it more than one or two years. Its not a bad thing as you are trying to get on your feet. Also it will teach the wife that she needs to respect your parents. Many women today have lost respect for parents. So before looking at her education and job look at how much she respects her parents and how she will treat your parents. If she speaks of moving out, then shes all bad news.
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    I have just read this post and will be fully supporting SikhiStore by posting their link on my facebook page and passing on word-of-mouth that this store should be the first place we support when buying on the internet - SikhiStore please carry on as you are sometimes its things that are out of our hands which cause us hassle so it should not reflect on your service - Good work
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    Absolutely, absolutely LOVE your posts! You're SO full of LOVE..... May Guru Ji bless you with all the happiness possible! (honestly....from deep in my heart!) :waheguru:
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    Question- what exactly are you supposed to wash at amrit vela ??? Is it your body? your teeth? your mind ? or your mouth that verbally attacks others ? PS- you can get a soap for your mouth now from palmolive!!!
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    This post is a classic example of taking someone's words out of context in order to satisfy some kind of personal vendetta. Even providing gurbani quotes won't satisfy these kinds of people, as their sole purpose is to argue and malign you. Quite sad. They will even invent stories to further their agenda. Beware of these kinds of people. They love to stir up drama and create divisions. They are a cancer on the panth.
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    This is not first time one wrote sarovar and banks of ganga in the same sentence. In fact, bijla singh veer wrote a article on overall- bipran ki reet. Whilst, i disagree some of points in his article. Some of things are spot on..its about time people concentrate on message than shooting the messenger and go on a witch haunt. These self righteous cactus jack- go on witch haunt, these so called self righteous panthic police with siren were given my contact info before and i can send it to them again if its needed, so they can bring themselves out like a man than acting like sheeps: http://www.searchsikhism.com/bipran.html Now putting the false accusations against me aside that I compare ganga river and sarovar to "demean" the sarovar itself somehow, lets focus on ganga water and amritsar sarovar water properties, not sure whats' behind the heal but i think its individual prem and devotion towards divine but its confirmed both on google and in gurbani katha- there are stories of people getting healed from amritsar sarovar and there are stories online (just google It) people getting healed from ganga river- which cannot be ignored even if one wants to..so may be these ignorant arrogant self righteous cactus jacks needs to look at the evidences before shooting the messenger....!!
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    I also started to think that threads should not be closed unless it hits pretty low or when it comes to talk negative of some jathabandi. Other than i don't see any trouble of allowing/keeping thread open.
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    "We really need to start realising the importance of having full time parcharaks and not just parcharaks who do parchaar in their spare time…this can only happen if we fund projects such as basics of sikhi. My only advice to Basics of Sikhi is to keep doing what you’re doing and don’t wait for Sikh institutions to financially support this uprala…just continue to have faith in Guru Sahib & Guru Jee’s Sadhsangat." @ Into the Light - Thanks for the advice - we have asked Southall Singh Sabha for Funding, given that they are the Gurudwara who benefits the most from Basics of Sikhi. They have even put our programme into their annual newsletter and so far they have not had any problems either (Gurus kirpa). I dont know if they will fund us though! Guru sahib will always send what we deserve though! Re your point on advanced courses. (1) The Why Khalsa Why Fateh Course is supposed to provide the medium level of progression, more gurbani, more skills etc (2) The long term dream is to have a Vidiayala here in the UK, like a Gurbani focused on that teaches exactly that, the Santhiaya, the viaakaran, the history of shabads, the languages in Gurbani. Half the problems in our Panth are because we are not focuses upon learning Gurbani but arguing about it. How many scholars are there in Braj or Persian?? When you even approach the ocean of Gurbani and realise how deep and how wide it is....they only thing left to do is do ardaas and start swimming. Thanks for your support ji.
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    Gurbani says again and again that no amount of washing and bathing can cleanse your sins. Only by meditating on God and living an honest life, can one make oneself pure. No body of water has the ability to cure disease. Not the sorovar in Amritsar, nor the Ganges river. If they did, then Guru Arjan dev ji wouldn't have built a hospital for lepers. He would have just told them to swim in the sorovar or the Ganges. In fact, there would be no need for modern medicine or aryuvedic "treatments". Just go swim in some holy water.
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    *****Youth Show Tonight***** A recent study stuggests that 70% of Panjabs youth are hooked on drugs. Bhaji Sarbjit Singh RajoanaTv along with a Pharmaceutical expert will discuss this issue that India wants to sweep under the carpet. During the 80s Sikhs were mowed down with bullets, are they now using needles and illegal chemists to finish the job? WATCH TO FIND OUT TONIGHT, SANGAT TV CH. 847, 8.30 UK TIME. Watch online at http://sangattelevision.org/ Please let others know to tune in.
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    I've had this problem for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. the pagh is cutting into the ears and it really hurts sometimes. I pulled off a scab on one ear and I think its healing but it hurts a lot. Any remedies or something which can stop my ear being p0wned by my pagh. Thanks.
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    See this is how it works. We're famous for being a rather uneducated and lethargic community. India and the Punjab govt are extremely concerned with the growing power and influence, and anti-India rhetoric of the 2 Sikh channels in the UK. Not being silly people, they realise the only way to stop this is to set up their own counter Sikh channel in the UK. They realise that as long as it is funded well by them, thus not requiring funds from the sangat, the UK Sikhs will stop watrching the Sikh Channel and Sangat TV and watch them instead. It looks as though there will be quality programming on the channel given the financial resources available and having the SGPC in Amritsar as a partner suggests to me that it will be a puppet controlled by the Badals. Now...of course, everything I just said is simply speculation but it shows you how easy it will be for India and Punjab to destroy all the good work that's been done in the last few years. If we were even slightly bright we would find out about this new channel before it starts. That way, if need be, we can stop it from even starting. Once it starts, there is nothing that could be done. The propaganda onslaught would be too great to resist given the fact that the older sangat will of course tune in to the channel that has money behind it. The financial accounts of the Director of the company shows that he has nothing more than £1000 invested in this channel. Someone somewhere...or some political entity.....is going to be funding this channel. Seriously we need to find out who and why before its too late.
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    Akj.org does not represent the Akhand Kirtani Jatha - it as site run by just a handful of families in Brampton/Toronto and some of their supporters in UK. These missionary minded "penchainees" are tarnishing the Jatha's name just as Dumma and the Rode family is doing the same to the Taksal. The truth is that the real sevadars in the Jatha have been at the fore-front of pro-Dasam Granth prachar for many years, when no one else was even talking about Sri Dasam Granth. Dr. Tarlochan Singh who was very close to Bhai Randhir Singh Ji, was one of the first Singhs to publish pro-Dasam Granth research in English more than five decades ago. He was the father of Dr. Anurag Singh of Ludhiana, another Dasasm Granth Scholar. There has been a ton of pro-Dasam Granth material published by these Singhs in various Panthic magazines including, Sura, FatehNama, Khandaydhar for many years. These sevadars include: - The late Kirtani Bhai Joginder Singh Ji Talwara - Jathedar Bhai Mohinder Singh Ji Kala-Sanghian - Bhai Ratinder Singh (Sr. Editor - Panthic.org) - Toronto Tapoban Singhs - Shahbaaz Khalsa Singhs - California Jatha Singhs, etc. www.AkhandKirtaniJatha.org (not affiliated with akj.org) has many articles and press releases published by these sewadars. The late Bhai Joginder Singh Ji Talwara was one of the first scholars to counter Gurbakash Kala-Afghana's parchar and instrumental in having him ex-communicated from the Sikh panth. It was the Tapoban Singhs and Shahbaaz Khalsa Singhs who gave fitting replies to naasticks like Ghagga and Jeonwala when others were willing to debate them publicly. It was primarily the California Jatha Singhs who challenged Kala-Afghana in Roseville, and in Selma about 10 years back, and Pakhandi VeerBhupinder when he showed up in Fremont California not to long ago. Due to the dirty politics of akj.org, there has been an active boycott by the akj.org group against Bhai Mohinder Singh, Tapoban Singhs, Shahbaaz Khalsa, and California Singhs, because they are unwilling to participate in their missionary minded mis-parchar. Unfortunately, many youths in Toronto, Vancouver, and California who call themselves "Taksalis" or "Nihangs" continue to attend programs coordinated by akj.org naastics and their surrogates and have even joined in the boycott of the pro-Dasam Granth sevadars. Thanks to the hard work of the Indian government agencies and the naastic Badal Akali Dal sarkar, most current day Panthic institutions have been hijacked by shady individuals who are doing bidding for their master - the Jatha is not immune from this either, nor is the Taksal, Budha Dal, or any other panthic group.
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    Sikhs do not believe in ritual purification. This Kumbh Mela is not for us. Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Siree Raag on Pannaa 75 theerathh varath such sa(n)jam naahee karam dhharam nehee poojaa || Pilgrimages, fasts, purification and self-discipline are of no use, nor are rituals, religious ceremonies or empty worship Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Prabhaatee on Pannaa 1343 nivalee karam bhua(n)gam bhaat(h)ee raechak poorak ku(n)bh karai || You may perform exercises of inner purification, and fire up the furnace of the Kundalini, inhaling and exhaling and holding the breath. bin sathigur kishh sojhee naahee bharamae bhoolaa boodd marai || Without the True Guru, you will not understand; deluded by doubt, you shall drown and die. a(n)dhhaa bhariaa bhar bhar dhhovai a(n)thar kee mal kadhae n lehai || The spiritually blind are filled with filth and pollution; they may wash, but the filth within shall never depart. The following is is what purification is for a Sikh Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Bhairao on Pannaa 1145 naam hamaarai majan eisanaan || The Naam is my cleansing bath and purification. Guru Amar Daas Ji in Raag Malaar on Pannaa 1286 har sar theerathh jaan manooaa naaeiaa || The Lord is my sacred shrine of pilgrimage and pool of purification; I wash my mind in Him.
  31. 1 point
    This is beautiful. What a great concept and nothing but respect for taking up the sewa! 100% support!
  32. 1 point
    i want to do dasam granth parkaash in my home please someone tell me, where is dasam granth ji saroop available , for parkash where i go for sri dasam saroop, i also read the dasam bani from das granthi , but i want to read full dasam granth please help me,
  33. 1 point
    Gurta gaddi wasnt given to Aad Granth Sahib in 1604 but Guru Arjan dev ji still did Chaur sahib, hukanmma was still taken and The Aad Granth Sahib was praksahed where Guru Sahib would have sat and the resting place was guru sahibs own aasan. So how is doing chaur sahib on Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib ji wrong? (Guru Dasam = Guru Gobind singh ji) To the orginal poster, keep the same satkaar for Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib ji as you would for Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Prakash of Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib ji is in the hazoori of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. The same way Guru Roop Panj Pyare are in the amrit sanchaar.
  34. 1 point
    WJKK, WJKF We are all aware of the terrible tradgedy that happened last week in the Oak Creek, Wisconsin Gurdwara. However, as terrible as that was, I know that I am not alone when I say that I know some good can come out of it. Yesterday, we saw our first potential positive. The NYPD has long had a turban ban on its members, discouraging many Sikhs from joining the police force. Yesterday though, Sikh advocacy groups met with the Chief Financial Officer of NYC, Comptroller John C. Liu. He wrote a letter to the Mayor of NYC, Mr. Bloomberg, urging him to overturn the current ban. You can read the whole letter here http://unitedsikhs.o...tterToMayor.pdf In light of this, I have created a petition to gather support for this letter. https://www.change.o...eard-and-turban On this board we have talked a lot about making a difference. Now is the time, where we can step up and make that happen. Because in the end, we make the difference. Not some guy they bring onto CNN or BBC. Also, it would really really help, if after signing the petition, you would send an email to the following Sikh advocacy groups, asking them to support the petition and send it out to their email list. Because even if they just get 100 emails saying the same thing, I am sure it would really encourage them to support it. Sikh Coalition - http://sikhcoalition...t-us/contact-us SALDEF - http://org2.democrac...Up.jsp?key=2045 United Sikhs - unitedsikhs-usa@unitedsikhs.org I have even prepared a sample, all you have to do is copy and paste this into the subject field. Hello, In light of Comptroller Liu's recent letter to Mayor Bloomberg urging him to overturn the current beard and turban ban in the NYPD, I urge you to look at this petition supporting the letter, and send it out to your mailing list. It would greatly help in the cause. https://www.change.o...eard-and-turban Sincerely, (Your Name) The NYPD is one of the largest police forces in America, and here we have the oppurturnity to change the face of Sikhs all across North America. Please Brothers and Sisters, step up, and make a difference. It only takes 5 minutes, and it is the least we can do to honor the memory of those killed in Wisconsin
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    You shouldn't be mis quoting Guru Gobind Signh ji :wub: @ @ @ <_< <_<

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