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    Thank god I don't eat samosas and pakoreh haha.Went I went to India last time attending a Gursikh's event with my family they were serving pakoreh and samosas.Hope they did not include some extra ingredients
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    its time sikhs leave pakistan its not worth its becoming like afghanistan i bet in time muslim majority areas in india will have same things happening
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    Don't worry everyones gnna be friends again when Sikhs will be doing langar sewa in London at the next protests against India's treatment of the Kashmiris.
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    The recent posts have been something very special. Sarab Kalaa Samrath - https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86724-sarab-kalaa-samrath/ Simran Guidance – https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86754-simran-guidance/ How long does Kirpa take - https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86782-how-long-does-kirpa-take/ Daas got bairaag age 13 and been serious about spirituality ever since. It’s hard to find anyone with serious interest in God so I don’t have any friends. I joined this forum out of loneliness to get involved with simran discussions, hence I can go into detail when given the chance. Unfortunately I realised it’s far too easy to share personal things on a anonymous forum because you imagine everyone else is ‘good’. Some people have been here for years arguing, bickering and insulting others. They couldn’t care less about helping anyone. When you clash with these people over things so personal to you it hurts. There might be some genuine spiritual seekers here interested in simran, maybe they don’t even have an account but they like to read things. My ardaas was for them to receive proper guidance regarding how to get started. With kirpa of Guru Nanak Dev Ji my ardaas has been fulfilled. This is a gift to those people. Getting started and not giving up is the thing, Guru sahib then give you all the right guidance from inside once you are ready for it. We discussed about distractions, daas didn’t even have a smartphone or social media until age 19. Spiritual 'experiences' were a daily thing back then. If you want to meet God sacrifices have to be made. There was a time we were doing mool mantar 10pm to 6am then panj bania and getting ready for school, only sleeping once every 3 days when really tired. Sadly my body can't sit for that long now and needs regular sleep, it's why I miss being young. How many people here admire Sant Jarnail Singh Ji? You know Sant Ji wouldn’t even let Singhs in their jatha wear a wrist watch because it would cause distraction and Sant Ji were strict about everyone continuously reading bani/doing Simran whatever the time was. How do you think they would react to us spending hours daily on smartphones? I should practice what I have preached myself, including cutting out distractions. So this will be my last post for now. Might reply to posts occasionally using personal messenger. Please forgive me for any mistakes. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fathe
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    True.There is a shabad Bhale Nindo Bhale Nindo Bhale Nindo Lokho. It's in Mai Bauri Mera Raam Bhataar.
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    @DelhiTurbanator You are right...what happens is most cases by the girls own will, the family make noise and all community will get involved and turns out they made their own choice...not everything is 'grooming'.......if you will to entertain them, and get dumped later, then thats your own fault.. Same with the previous girl Pakistan,, Sikhs everywhere raised their voices and raged and turns out if was all her own will lol. Few weeks ago on saw twitter someone screenshot a Muslim influence was disusing himself as Sikh, and some girls fell for it went out with him, and find out he wasn't a Sikh..then labelled it a 'grooming'..your willing to entertain them, be careless then its your choice..dont play victim later Bet you this latest 'abduction' will be she made her own choice fell love willing to convert.....just like the others..
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    the other granthi's daughter was kidnap in the early hours from her married sister's house , both cases have this in common the fsmiliy's comings and goings were watched and they were vulnerable at the time of the kidnappings as the menfolk were absent . In these situations sikhs have to guard each others children not just look after own alone . The story put about saying these girls are in love is just to get past the police and government, because how could every kidnapped girl no matter her background is supposedly in 'love' . This is stealth jihad .
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    "Am not of west....I discovered India when i discovered sikhi".....Respected Sir/Mam, it doesn't matter whether you're from west or India or Mars! Sikhi is a universal religion. It has nothing to do with country, race or caste. "This mam/sir is well aware of whats going on punjabi sikh families" Yes bcoz our sikh religion teaches us to respect others and equally treat men and women. Look at the tone of your replies, its like you're screaming and shouting in frustration whereas I replied in a polite manner for a healthy convo. Plz analyse yourself. Also, plz don't go on "female infanticides" in Punjab. Crimes happen everywhere. Tell me which country is crime free? Rapes, domestic violence and other crimes on women happen in your country, in your region as well. Punjab is trolled to insult sikhs and spread poison in minds of others for sikh religion. Sikhi is the ONLY religion in world to give respect to women. Which religion made women as kaurs? Have you even bothered to read quoran, hindu vedas, bible etc? Women are literally depicted as s3x slaves that are servants of husbands whereas sikhi made you kaur(Princess). I partially agree with your point on parents. Some Sikh parents hesitate to guide thier daughters/sons and consequently they turn to smoking, alcohol, sleeping around etc. But parents are not COMPLETELY responsible. If their daughters themselves are characterless, hate sikhi, rebellious and want to "fit in" society to look cool why are poor parents blamed. Plz don't portray such traitors as victims. Such sikh women are disgrace on sikh community, not victims. Everyone knows osama bin laden, but does anyone know his parents name? Does anyone blame his parents for his evil deeds? Do you get it what am saying. You are responsible for your own actions whether good/bad, its wrong to ENTIRELY blame the parents or religion. Bad parental guidance is a contributing factor but not the entire problem. Lastly, you said sikh women are deprived of sikh values......wrong, both son and daughter are taught the same sikh religion Lol. But sikh women themselves don't wanna learn sikhi. They hate kesh, they rebel and want to copy non Sikh lifestyle. I participated in a sikh camp few years ago and their 90% sikh girls openly rejected dastaar and also rebelled against the idea of not waxing, kesh katal etc. If Sikh women themselves don't have any interest in sikhi, why should sikh men or parents be blamed? Plz reply in a respectful manner like mine. Your replies look like ranting to me. Lol
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    Its very sad to hear this. That's why sikhs need to stop feeding langar/helping muslims. But previous time, it was not kidnapping. The girl ran away herself, converted to Islam by her own will to marry her low life muslim bf. She was a traitor, a characterless spoiled kaur despite being daughter of a granthi. She sold her sikhi for a muslim(delhi sikh women regularly do this for hindu guys). As much as I hate or don't believe in Indian/paki media, but this is reality. Remember few weeks back, a UK sikh girl ran away with her black bf and the whole movement started to find her! We should not portray traitors as victims although at the same time, its true that paki men do see sikh women with lust and suspicious hunger to convert them to Islam.
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    nindo nindo moko lok nindo I thought was the shabad , it is clear that nindaks end up picking up the paap di guttadi of the person they do ninda about , the sakhi behind this shabad was a neighbour of Bhagat Kabir ji was constantly doing ninda of him and Bhagat ji felt blessed that this person was willing to wash his sins for him , and praised him as a true friend . When that neighbour died Bhagat Kabir ji was deeply sorrowful IRL. When people do ninda think of them as helpers in a way then your haumai will not drag you through krodh
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    I just remembered 1 more shabad while reading the posts Bhale Nindo Bhale Nindo Bhale Nindo Lokho. Slander me well,Slander me well,Slander me well, O people. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    WHAT?IN GURUGHAR?This is just.....I dont even know what to say.Sigh.
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    No, no, lol, not random street food. They only serve them in their Gurdwareh as langar. I should've clarified that earlier. I make it sound like a joke, but it's not. There's a maryada to it even if I don't entirely agree with it. When my cousins (who were born and lived in India) were very young they went on a jatra. They went to a Nihang Gurdwara, and unbeknownst to anyone in my family they consumed food in the langar which was full of bhang. Both of my cousins were about 13 or so at the time, and after eating they were tripping like amlis for hours. Apparently, it was hilarious.
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    The word 'Gurmukh' is thrown around so much these days, even in Guru Granth Sahib Ji says they are one in million, so how are there so many 'Gurmukhs' around these days.
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    Please don't worry about any kind of nindeya others do.. just worry about our karams. Our goal is to be a good human being. Waheguru is there to make others realize about their mistakes. I have felt it and I am so grateful that with Guru's kirpa I learned my lesson.. So much more to learn.. Read it and see how nindya works, and how people who speak such sweet words on other threads can become demons on another. Such are many so called bhagats in the age of Kalyug. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. These lines above are really strong. My intention was just to get the answers about if we are always meditating, can we still be bitter. I got my answer that once you are like bhagat, you are simply sweet inside and out.. So let's try to be like those bhagats The rest Waheguru will handle..
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    Thanks for your reply SAT1 ji.. I agree that slandering does effect our karams and daily life. I used to enjoy this gossip and Nindeya. I used to say oh look how that person reacted or did things in certain situation... like I was enjoying to make big deal out of nothing. It was there like someone was being nice, rude, etc.. It was not a lie but I used to enjoy it with extra masala.. It is interesting how similar things happened to me and only then I realized that no one has an easy life to live. Criticizing others, their actions just for the sake of our entertainment is a sin. Finally, I have learned my lesson and still I need to remind myself here and there when I start getting into Nindeya. We should have compassion for everyone and when it is comes to the slanderers, I would say better to stay quiet. Eventually they will get the message and won't do nindeya and chugli when we are around It will get better and better as long as we remind ourselves to make this place better for the future generation
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    Really?I never felt that for samosas before but definitely had that for jalebis lol.Its like the moment I eat 1 I need to eat a ton more.
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    So basically, the infinate amount of pakore and samose and god knows what else I ate some time back at a cousin's wedding had some extra ingrediants added to it?
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    If you kesh is dropping off on you head it is Vaheguru's Hukam.Accept it.Thats the only thing we can do. And like what this veerji mentioned.Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa Bhindranwale also had a baldness problem.So it's fine.As you mentioned you tried many types of things but it did not work.Now just accept Hukam. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    imagine getting high on pakoreh and samoseh lol
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    good stuff and its great how they are getting kids involved and making them aware of the environment and nature. Here in the UK the first think asians do when they buy a house is get rid of the grass and cut down all the trees and cover the garden in concrete slabs! and leave a patch to grow thniya and palak
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    You are a real psycho aren't you. do you have a real job or life. I mean you had so much time to go down vote all my previous posts. you are just a crazy psycho. I guess guru Sahib was right don't argue with fools. If there is no religion than guru sahib wouldn't have said the following: Dharam bina sab daley Maley hai. Dasam Bani Uggardanti.. 'Kareh Khalsa Panth Teesar Parveesah, Jugay Singh Jodhay Turay Neel Bhaisa' Third Panth basically is new religion. You won't acknowledge it because it doesn't find your narrative. Below are few lines from Vaar 41 of Bhai Gurdas Ji. It basically proves that Khalsa is a third panth(religion). Ehe Thisar Majahb Khalsa Upjeoo Pardhana Niij Panth Chalo Khalsa Dhar Tej Karaa Sikhism isn't some philosophy that you follow it an actual religion. I know you are an outsider trying to brain wash young kids here but that won't work. This is it I am done arguing with fools.
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    If you get the chance to learn it, I highly recomend it. For raag kirtan, any saaj will sound several times better than the harmonium.
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    This guy just joined the forum in April so hella shaddy.
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    your a fool. with some ulterior motive. Guru Sahib said I am neither Hindu nor Muslim. because he rejected both backwards ideologies. Guru Sahib started a new religion. Aurangzeb want to make 1 from 2 but Guru said God want to make 3 from 2. Stop using Gurbani to future your stupid thought process. you don't understand nor it seem you ever will. you have to read the whole Shabad to understand that is he rejecting all the practices of those two irrelevant religions. If there is no religion than why did Guru Gobind singh ji create the Khalsa. You utter nonsense that might mislead other on this forum. I ask the Admin again this seem like a CAT. Please check his IP.
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    There is not religion. Lol What <banned word filter activated> is this. You must not be a Sikh. ADMIN please watch out for this poster he just joined this forum recently and seems like RSS or Muslim trying to weaken us.
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    Singh jee, did you know that even great sant sipahi bhinderanwale also had the baldness problem as he was still very young. it is not bad and it is natural by Waheguru sahib. Eat healthy food and avoid bad lifestyle.
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    There is also a growing number of Punjabi in diaspora that are converting to Christianity. Wont be surprised if Punjab becomes majority Christian state within 5-10 years or less. Really sad and heartbreaking
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    Only a matter of time...and ya they wouldn't even DARE to go to Muslims and try but they can with us because how weak and spineless we've become. Also they know that if we speak out or take stand they';ll label us as extremists or Khlalistanis...hence they can get away with it. They're like Christian RSS/ISS Its not lower class anymore. They the middle class Jatts are converting too.. Vaheguru Kirpa Kare!
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    I think he got knoked out on day and forgot what religion he was. I bet after he woke up and saw his kesh he thought he was Namdhari and he wanted to be Christian to [as there the biggest religion at the moment]
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    Oh they are very annoying! we used to get them knocking on our door every sunday but now they don't. In our highstreet we have this old man and a couple of old grannys and he stands on a step ladder middle of the highstreet and starts preaching the bible through a megaphone! while the grannys hand out jesus leaflets. He points at people and calls them sinners! says buddha and muhammed were false prophets etc A jehova witness person knocked on our door and gave my mum the bible, i was a kid back then and didnt know what it was and i cut the pages out and made them into paper animals and airplanes!
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    We are powerless. Either they will end getting arrested, for being 'radicals' labeled as 'Khalistanis' by Hindustanis or badals or captian will take the money..if we want to make drastic changes, we also need lots of finance, in the millions or 100's millions to open schools, create jobs...But for that we need to be in power.. There's no passion for Sikhi left over there...sadly We're not like the Jews lol
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    They love being Punjabi though, Sikhs are always moaning and moaning that Paki Punjabis and Hindu Punjabis don't like being Punjabi, well Christian Punjabis love it! They even have Punjabi Jesus bolliyan and tappe i know one, it goes "main tarr gaye yasu ji da larh far ke, ne main tarr gaye yeasu ji da larh far ke" perhaps Punjabi Sikhs can team up with Punjabi Christians to keep the language alive lol
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    At least the Khalsa was in power even when we Sikhs were minority...Wish we had Sant Ji back Well i guess we should just carry own 'SeRvInG hUMaNiTy' since all we do is offer 'FrEe FoOd' the ones in diaspora.. They other day a typical Punjabi boy living in USA comes from Sikh background said he'd converted to Christianity ...its not just India, happening here as well..:( Guess your right...nothing we can do..its their own will
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    Well even if they weren't why convert unless stricken in poverty and missionary came and exploited them. You should make them come back to Sikhi...tell watch BoS and other videos on Sikhi, read books, tell them read our history... Imagine if these missionaries went to Saudi Arabia ..what would happen to them or try messing with Jews..but what can we do..
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    That looks cool, how much does a ticket cost to go to one of these concerts? can i take glow sticks?
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    vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh To help with this question, go back to Guru Nanak Dev Ji's experience with Bhai Lalo. He ate with Bhai Lalo, not because Bhai Lalo was a 'Sikh' or a particular caste, but because he was an honest, humble person with a beautiful soul. To say that Sikhs should only eat from the hands of other Sikhs is the same as saying Brahmins can only eat from Brahmins. This completely erases the values of Gurbani. True Sikhs do not segregate people based on their religion or their caste or their nationality or any other thing. What we do is use our Bibek Buddhi (discriminatory intelligence) to keep the company of those people who reflect the values of the Guru i.e. honesty, integrity and humility. It is very naive to assume that all Amritdharis hold these values and therefore we must eat only from Amritdharis. There will be many non-Amritdharis and non-Sikhs who actually live a better 'Sikh' jeevan than Amritdharis do. Btw, the two quotations you have linked refer to immoral people and those who have dishonoured their Guru. This is not the same as good people or those who are attempting to follow their faith. Guru Nanak Dev Ji didn't eat with Malik Bhago because his food was a direct consequence of bad actions, not because he was not of the same religion/status as Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It's hard to understand how we have gotten to the stage where we think that Guru Nanak Dev Ji would have said 'I won't eat with you Bhai Lalo because you are not a Gursikh like me.' These are merely my opinions, on the basis of what Guru Ji has shown me through their ten jeevans and Gurbani. There will be many who disagree, but where I see Guru Ji's values being misrepresented, resulting in our youth being misled, it is necessary to speak. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh
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    I was in a similar situation a few years back. We know this Punjabi family for decades and one of their daughters decided to get married to a Gujrati guy, they did the anand karaj in the early hours somewhere in Hayes, not sure where. I was caught between telling someone or not and i didn't at the end! because i walk past these same people and when i see them i greet them and then there i was going behind their back and reporting them. It didn't feel right, and my parents wouldn't of been happy at all if i did that.
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    How can you convert to the Truth. There is No Religion. No Hindu, No Muslim, Only One. The Gurus words, not mine.
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    With your mentality, it’s likely that if Guru Nanak turned up without a turban, you’d probably stone him. Instead of recognizing him as Sat in form. God is One. You cannot confine God to a religion or sect. He explicitly taught, No Hindu, No Muslim, Only One. And I’m the fool for accepting this gyan that he taught. Why would I disregard that gyan, unless I’m full of codswallop and trying to create my own sect. Isn’t Gurbani written by the Gurus? Or is your religion run by manmukhs dressed as amritdharis who think they’re beyond the gyan.
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    This quote proved what I’ve said. Read it again. Your ego is blinding you to what’s right in front of you. There’s only One. Religion is false, we’re not Hindus or Muslims, God is One. Sikh means Student, were students of Sat.
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    There is no religion. Dasam Granth Ji explains that the teachers of Hinduism and Islam became corrupts and became psychopaths, Mohammed circumcising his followers and the gods and goddesses were in ego making people worship them. Religion is false, there’s only the Pure Uncorrupted teachings that the Gurus taught. They added teachings of other bhagats who were born into other religions but who detached from them and practiced Truth, to show that religion is false. That Truth is One. That’s why Guru Nanak says to replace the Hindu and Muslim rituals with truthful actions and deeds instead, because the rituals mean Nothing. There’s only One as taught in Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Many others twisted and corrupted Gods messages and fell off the path. The Gurus came at a time where there was so much darkness, falsehood and false rituals and religion. Guru Nanak eradicated the false constraints of religions, and taught us that there’s only One All Pervading God, One pervading Truth..no Hindu, no Muslim. How can God who is all pervading be constrained to anything..to any religion, caste, culture or sect. We have Punjabi’s who are buried six feet under in culture to the extent that they believe that white, black, Chinese, reds Indians are different from us, when humans are Equal, it’s the man made constraints of religion, culture, caste, false societal levels, wealth and poverty etc that blind us to the Truth. When you’re a Sikh, ie student of Truth, you don’t constrain yourself to an illusion. You free yourself of it and realise it’s all just God and hence become all loving and fearless, Nirboah and Nirvair.
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    Downvote what posts? I didn’t do that, I’m not sure who did. Someone downvoted a lot of my posts in another thread, was probably the same person. It’s the Khalsa, it’s not a Religion. It’s the Path of Truth. Of which there is only One. You wish to confine God to a Religious sect when Guru Nanak taught otherwise. Many who claim to be Sikh have fallen into the ego of the external appearance and neglect the internal. They spend their time praying and then going out and doing nindya of good souls, many of the men downplay woman to lift themselves up and think that the external appearance means they are pure. It doesn’t. The internal is just as important. That why the Gurus preached for Muslims to swap their prayer mats for Truth in Practice and Hindus to do the same. The way you write, the way you react, reflects a Mayadhari who is sitting on a high horse behind the confines of the external of a so called religion. When someone tells you what the Guru himself has taught, you boil over in anger and ego. Tell me how does accepting Guru Nanaks own words as Truth make one a psychopath? The Khalsa are the Pure Ones. Do you claim to be a Pure One in action?
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    Oh bullies, I’m being ganged up on, how scary. Grow up, and be civilized. This isn’t a schoolyard. I must be the oldest one here.
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    Karma will follow. Their Chinese masters will do same to their urdu muslim women.

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