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Riots Throughout Uk

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Advise all Singhs to study youtube videos of these criminal street gangs who rioted recently and gage their number that will make you prepare what you make face and what you can expect and what tactics you may need to employ to defence and fight back.

The gangs who caused the raula in Ilford yesterday used a survileance tactic, where they would send a car or scooter in front and then communicate to the larger group who would then rush in an intimidating number.

Also they were creating diversions by carrying out smaller acts of criminality to divert the Police's attention before rushing a big loot. They had the Police up and down Ilford by using this tactic.

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Due to the concerning level of disorder thats started in Ilford and Barkingside town centres, the first meeting of sewadars for local Gurdwara Security is now today at 5pm, then at 7pm and finally at 8pm.

Please meet at the GYM in Gurdwara Singh Sabha Seven KIngs, High Road for these short gatherings, where groups of Singhs will be delpoyed to surrounding Gurdwaras.

Note: Shops in the surrounding areas to the Gurdwaras have been advised by Police to close which may make the only public access buildings in the area the Gurdwaras. It is important that there is a strong presence in the local Gurdwaras to resist any attacks from the mobs. Also Ilford and Seven Kings Stations have been closed.

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Like people have already said, link up with your local community and form defence teams. The Gudwaras, our businesses and even our homes are coming under attack.

These rioters are mainly black Afro-Carabbean and they have a distinct dislike of Asian folk, mainly out of envy. I have seen Twitter message being put up saying that Asian shops, especially gold shops should be targeted.

Also it was great to hear of Sikh and Muslim youths banding together, especially in regions such as Ilford and Birmingham.

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Seeing all these blacks rioting...it's like watching The Rise of the Planet of the Apes....crossed with Dale's Supermarket Sweep!

I don't blame those Blacks in north London for going on a looting rampage though....

How else are they supposed to make a living now Amy Winehouse isn't buying cocaine anymore?

On a side note there was confusion in Tottenham this morning as the blacks who torched a post office at the weekend turn up wanting to collect their benefits.

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