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Sikhs Praised For Protecting Muslim Mosques


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was there mate..

sad state of our youth will doubt anything that means them facing reality.

Bury your heads...

beadbi issnt happening...

our sisters aren't being abused...

panjab issnt being raped...

we dont need khalistan...

stick your fingers in your ears, anyone who speaks the truth must be fabricating, RSS or agent.


because majority of our youth live a cloud and have no loyalty to the koum. Write rubbish on the internet, do nindhiya and go sleep.


Mate, I believe you. I was just asking did you have a chat with the guy if you understand what I mean, as if you didn't then that is a very sad state of affairs. How can anyone regardless of there religion come to a Gurdwara sahib and chat up / touch a girl up?

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Mate, I believe you. I was just asking did you have a chat with the guy if you understand what I mean, as if you didn't then that is a very sad state of affairs. How can anyone regardless of there religion come to a Gurdwara sahib and chat up / touch a girl up?

im referring to the peoples who's first reaction was to doubt it.

as i said before they already knew each other.. they claimed to be friends, but the way they were giggling and touching each other was p*ssin people off.

He had no interest in protecting his mosque, or cared for his blardy roza prayers.. for me it was a clear from his intent that he was just taking the mick.. like they always do.

expect more of it with sangat Tv playing kiss-chase with them

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The flirting that is going on with esingh coolwater and this British pakistani is disgusting to say the least. You guys need to message between yourselves off this forum cuz your sucking up to the Muslims is making me sick to death. Hammertime well done for speaking for the rest of us real people who face Muslims daily and know what's going on. Our gurus told us to never trust Muslims do the research for yourselves and learn something. Some of you really need to learn what is actually included in asking for sarbhat da bhalla. It's certainly not bending over to please Muslims. Some of you have forgotten the shaheed in pakstan who was kidnapped and beheaded for being sikh. It's actually pathetic how you guys have forgotten everything for a bit of fake unity go and ask those victims and shaheed family's who have suffered from Muslims if they would forget their loved ones for a bit of fake unity.

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Heres why reasons why not to Trust them

1. Taqqyia – Lying to the non- believer

2. Ummah – They have two worlds the believer and the non believer and we all know where we are

3. Birardi – Klan Loyalty - They only help their own.

4. Our History with them

5. The problems in this country for 30 years, with girl's conversion, sex abuse grooming etc.

And when Ramadan is over in a fewweeks, you will see what I mean.

We are being mugged and will suffer for it.

Totally agree bro,

this is right from the quran of what it says of ramadan and what to do with unbelievers

Sura 9 verse 5 from a muslim website LINK http://www.dar-us-salam.com/TheNobleQuran/surah9.html

“Then when the sacred months (the 1st, 7th, 11th, and 12th months of the Islamic calendar) have passed, then kill the Mushrikun wherever you find them, and capture them, and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in every ambush. But if they repent [by rejecting Shirk (polytheism) and accept Islamic Monotheism] and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and give Zakat, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is off-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (9:005)

Mushrikun = polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers, and non-muslims

Let the hate go Hammertime. Muslims are showing so much respect to Sikhs right now all over the country.

I live in London but I hope, when the funeral of those brave 3 boys passes through Handsworth, the sikhs come out in force and show them and their families much love.

BRAVE BOYS ?? view this link below to learn what these so called brave brothers did before the car ran right into the boys


look here those muslims were fighting the blacks with bricks, bats etc. They are not innocent they are just as bad

"At the crime scene, witnesses spoke of their anger and frustration. A youth worker who was with the three men when they were killed said that the rioters had “a Grand Theft Auto mentality”, adding: “They think they can steal and do anything. People here were just wanting to protect their property.” He admitted that the car which ploughed into the men had been attacked with bricks and sticks seconds before the fatal collision."

The main problem is that there is no reliable way of knowing who is a peaceful or truth telling Muslim. As you all know, Taqiyya and Kitman are "devinely" sanctioned tools of Jihad.

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When Muslims turn up to the Visakhi mela in Southall to "pullgirls" where are the Sikh Mosque protectors??

When Radical Muslimgroup were on Broadway Southall haveing a go at Sikhism via mega phone for all to hear,where were the Sikh Mosque Protectors??

True Hammertime, those that have lived cheek by jowl know what they are like. When they are in a position of strength they are merciless predators, taking what they please, Yet as soon as they are not, they scuttleaway in to the shadows.


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