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Sikhs Praised For Protecting Muslim Mosques


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sarabhapanjabs post is fabricated, not hard to tell. Embarrassing that sikhs would go and protect a mosque when people in tne mosque see us as anything but dirt. Have nothing against muslims, dont have an agenda against them, am not obsessed by them like many on here, just think recent events are too much.

ask the singhs that were there.. ask the giani who intervened when the sullah was approached..

How can you say something was fabricated not being there yourself?

This is another example of how our clown youth bury the head in the sand when it comes to tackling problems.. laughable

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Everyone who was there and did not witness the incident don't comment, I'm not the on the forum hardly as I have other constructive things to do. I was there and so where others, if you really want to find out who was there etc and what went down PM me and we can meet at next Sikhi programme / camp etc. Why would people make it up, I can understand some would find it hard to believe buts its all facts.


Can we carry on with more constructive things....

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Thank you for leaving your comments, I must say it has been interesting reading some of them.


The examples of the Islam forums. I am not active on any, but I can only put it down to ignorance. Unfortunately most Muslims are against the idea of learning about the faiths of over people (which I am all for). Whereas I would imagine the Sikh community is much more likely to learn about other world religions. Also, let's not forget that the Sikh population is much less than the Muslim population worldwide, so I would imagine this contributes to the ignorance. Therefore coverage is not as much, and it is not discussed as much. Also many Muslims would not regarded as a large or significant religion.

I agree the crazy extremists make a lot of noise. They are also very militant. Most Pakistanis just stay quiet, but we do need more people willing to speak up (like the Qulliam Foundation and Maajid Nawaz)

Both Quilliam Foundation and Majid Nawaz are a joke. There's no difference between Salafis refusing to work and getting dole money from the government and Quilliam getting grants from the govt. Both are milking the system. Quilliam plays on the fears of the govt that they will get another 7/7 from 'radicalised' Muslims.


"Muslims only understand the language of violence" - wow, where do you learn to generalise like that?

This is from historical study. Show me a time that Muslims have lived in peace in a non-Muslim country without at some stage resorting to threats and blackmailing that country. Look at the 1947 violence, the Muslims started the killings in Calcutta in 1946 to get their own state but when during partition the Muslims of Calcutta were being massacred the Muslim leader Suhrawardy who had ordered the 1946 massacre suddenly became a disciple of Gandhi! Do you think we would be around today has our ancestors in the 18th century trusted Muslim goodwill. How about the Sikhs who went through partition, had they not used counter violence against the Muslims the Sikhs today wouldn't be around or we would be like the Christians are in Pakistan at the moment. It is interesting that when the Sikhs countered the violence of the Muslims, the Pakistani govt was complaining to the UN about the Sikh actions! They have even brought out booklets about a Sikh Plan to wipe out the Muslims! With Islam and Muslims, non-violence doesn't work.

You believe there is a big conspiracy going on which is laughable. There are hundreds of different views and personalities within our community. We do not have some big plan like you would like to believe. Some of us are extremists, most are not. Some are religious, some are not. Some want to integrate fully with whites, some want to separate completely. Some want to integrate whilst preserving culture. Having lived in Bradford, Sheffield, and knowing Manchester well...I can tell you we do not all have one agenda!!

That's a bit like saying that the neo-Nazis in the UK aren't dangerous as there are BNP, NF and Combat 18 factions and not all of them agree on everything! You are right, Islam is split and one type of Muslim would happily slit another type of Muslim's throat than he would a non-Muslim's. But that doesn't mean Islam is harmless. Look anywhere around the world and Muslims are at war with non-Muslims. In countries where Muslims are a majority they will discriminate against non-Muslims and make their lives hell. In countries where Muslims are minorities they will demand special status and work to undermine that country from within.

I am not a small minority. I am the large majority which you never hear about because we are nowhere to be seen on TV. We are not extremists and we are not criminals. My majority are the ones that are students, business owners, employed ones (working in public and private sector). A good example of my type is Mr Jahan who you must have seen on TV. We just want to live our lives and look after our families. Bet you didn't think we existed?

You are just regurgitating a liberal myth that gets being aired whenever there is a bombing or some tensions occur in community relations. That there is a majority of Muslims who just want peace with the rest of society and the extremists are just a small minority. Unfortunately this is wishful thinking. If these moderate Muslims exist they are the non-practising westernised Muslims only in name. They are not dangerous purely because they do not practise Islam!

There are close to 1 million British Pakistanis in this country. If most of us were extremists, trust me, this country would have bombs going off every week with a possible civil war scenario!!!

They are not stupid. If they did start up something then their community would get it's butt kicked. The government and the people might appear dumb and useless but if they perceive their future is in danger, the Pakistanis won't have a chance. The Pakistanis and Muslims just keep the threat at a certain level. For every Anjem Chaudhry they pull out a Majid Nawaz. The focus is to keep the money coming into the community.

If the rest were mainly criminals, we would be the biggest prision population. Black people are half the asian people in the country, but there are twice as many in prison. Pakistanis are not about to take over them any time soon. I am astounded at some of the things you are saying, and would urge you to look at your own views and not just focus on us.

Muslims are about 4% of the population yet are 12% of the prison population.

And yes, there are issues that need to be addressed within our community, but these issues do not define us as a people or race. They are specific to us in this country at this time. There are countless Sikh gangs in Canada, does that mean Sikhs are criminally minded people?

I have no idea where you get your views from. You must have had 1 or 2 bad experiences. But I'm telling you, most of us are causing you and this country no problems.

The issues you have are monumental in proportion. Sometimes a community may have issues with criminality such as drug dealing but the Pakistanis appear to have all these issues. Health issues with inbreeding, drug dealing, paedophilia, terrorism!

"The Pakistanis have the worst reputation in the UK even worse than the Kalay have. Even though a majority of the rioters were kalay yet you will still hear and read more bad comments from the general society against Pakistanis than kalay."

This is one of the issues I have. Yes we have a very bad reputation in the UK and whilst I think we have big issues in our community, we do not deserve to be treated the way we are. As you allude to, we are not the biggest criminals but have a worse reputation that black people. There are a few reasons for this. One, the terrorism and extremist factor. Secondly, the fact we are not "mixing" like people want us to, whilst black people do. Both are issues we need to address, but I would repeat that just because our criminals and extremists speak loud, for a community close to 1 million people, this does not make us all bad as you seem to think by suggesting we are a minority.

Your country is a basketcase economy relying on American dollars to keep you afloat. The Pakistani immigrants have brought criminal activity to other countries. Even the Arabs hate you and that has to show you something given all the arselicking your guys do towards your Arab religious masters!

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I am not going to address your points one by one as you are simply not worth debating. The hatred is pretty obvious, and you sound just like Anjem Choudhary or Mullah Omar! I will give you a few pointers though and a bit of advice.

I may or may not be younger than you, but I know your type. You have a bitter personality. You are an internet warrior, and good on you. I would love to know how you are positively contributing to the society you live in.

Bitter people with your personality never make it very far in life. All that hatred probably makes you feel a little better temporarily, but you will soon realise that other people are not causing your hatred, it comes from within you! You must have an inadequate life, because let me tell you something, people with a rich and happy life do not carry that much hate around. Some extremists in my own community get purpose in their life by spreading hate, and you sound just like them.

So I would say rather than expecting my community to fix them (which we will regardless of people like you), you should fix yourself. The problem is not other people, it is you. You need someone to attack to feel better about yourself, due to the inadequate life you are living. I'm sure this resonates, and I would urge you to look into it :-)

You can only see through one lens which is just like a brainwashed extremist Muslim.

All the best.

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You can only see through one lens which is just like a brainwashed extremist Muslim.

All the best.

LOL. Yes, because pointing out facts and statistics about the predatory nature of muslim paedophile gangs is just like muslims raping and killing of innocents.


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LOL. Yes, because pointing out facts and statistics about the predatory nature of muslim paedophile gangs is just like muslims raping and killing of innocents.


That wasn't the point that was being made genius.

Extremists of any type always see through one lens - they have their mind made up and know who is to blame, always.

You can guarantee that proactive will ALWAYS blame a Muslim, even when the fault lies with someone else

You can guarantee Anjem Choudhary will always blame the government and non-Muslims when the fault lies with someone else.

You can guarantee that a conspiracy nut will always blame the illumanati even when the fault lies with someone else

Just a few examples of what happens to people when they become brainwashed with an ideology or purpose. In the case of proactive the purpose is to hate Muslims and blame them for everything ;-)

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was there mate..

sad state of our youth will doubt anything that means them facing reality.

Bury your heads...

beadbi issnt happening...

our sisters aren't being abused...

panjab issnt being raped...

we dont need khalistan...

stick your fingers in your ears, anyone who speaks the truth must be fabricating, RSS or agent.


because majority of our youth live a cloud and have no loyalty to the koum. Write rubbish on the internet, do nindhiya and go sleep.


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