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Sikhs Praised For Protecting Muslim Mosques


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You can never trust Muslims.

Singhs did what we had to do in Southall at a time of crisis.

1st night priority was only given to where ever Guru Sahib were.

2nd night saw an overwhelming show of numbers from Singhs:- so with the GuruGhars all covered (main priority), extra patrols were set up across commercial and residential areas.

The one underlying problem with muslims which can never be overlooked is the damn-right dirty kaamic peado eyes on our sisters.

I can not believe a sullah decided to show up at MiriPiri Gurdwara with a Sikh Girl (he claims they are "just friends") whilst all singhs were standing there tooled up.

This sullah and sell-out apni standing there giggling, flirting and touching each other.. whilst singhs all macheted up.. He could have linked her up anywhere.. but they still jaankeh do this to take the P*SS..

"oi.. look.. u think u badman singhs with your tools.. i'm standing in front of you chirpsing your sister"...


Baba Bulleh Shah

Baba Farid

Pir Budhu Shah

Mian Meer


Read Sheik Bhagat Farid Ji's Banis- they preach against the main pillars of Islam. (fasting, hajj)

Sufi Bhagats were massacred by the Taliban, whole linage of their Sants were killed off.

Sunni Islam and Sufism(16th century) are two COMPLETELY different faiths.

If Sheik Bhagat Farid Ji Sahib was alive today he would be persecuted in places like afghan/pakistan

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Just my 2 cents, my wife before we got married at the time lived in Chandni Chowk down the road from Sis Ganj Sahib. She was leaving the gurdwara sahib while all hell was breaking lose in Delhi during the 1984 genocide. Old Delhi had a massive musilin population with Jama Masjid not too far from the gurdwara. The wife remembers Nihang Singhs and other Singhs came rushing out of the gurdwara with Sri Sahibs drawn at the ready. She remembers Muslims in large numbers came and surrounded Sis Ganj sahib in order to protect it from the violent mobs. Not all muslimse are bad and not all Sikhs are good. No matter what we must remian true to Guru Sahib.

Completely agree some Sikhs with dastaars need to learn to behave better. Defeat their ego and hate in their hearts and then replace it with love and promotion of true Sikhi. This way you can conquer your precieved ideological enemies. Good to be cautious about people but if they are not harming you at that moment of time, its better to show what goodness Sikhism has taught us in the way us Sikhs conduct ourselves.

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