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Sikhs Praised For Protecting Muslim Mosques


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alot of these sikh girls got no respect for turbans so obviously they are going to go with pakistani males.

Anyway, some muslims are safe others are evil, same with sikhs. Be safe but keep an eye out. I am completely unhappy with what the muslims have done to the British food chain, I have to be careful in what I eat now, are the muslims helping us with this?

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SarabhaPanjab's face books links has summed up what I said earlier and there is the evidence, Paks will use this tempory Sikh-Pak friendship to get to girls from our community.

We have been shown to been mugs with the help from our own.

Bhagat Fraid Jee –Sufism is not part of orthodox Islam.

The Islamic Research foundation of Mumbai India, have been quoted as saying there's nothing "kaars" or any "Koobie" about Bhagat Farid Jee.

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If you guys are so worried about punjabi / indian girls of hindu sikh background dating people from other faiths and races. Cut your hair and take off your turbans and go chase girls. End of the day you lads complaining day in day out about these girls aint going to change nothing. If you want to change things you got to be proactive and get the females of the community to police themselves and to educate the sisters but are they policing themselves?

Question is where is the sisterhood who are preventing the girls astraying? why are they not educating their fellow sisters the consequences of dating out of the faith and the future long term implications on the community? Also look at the conduct of some guys with turbans, some of them act worse than clowns and fools...they need to learn the art of attraction.

Press the sisters and make them police themselves or you will forever be going around in circles like morons complaining and getting nothing done. Also would like to point out there are plenty of Muslim girls dating Sikh (non-turbanned) guys. In a multicultural nation these things are bound to happen you cant stop physically stop people from getting together, what you can do is make people away of the long term consequences of dating outside the faith, and the eroding away of a strong Sikh community over time as shown by mixed race / religion marriages.

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I live in US, so I can only speak on what I see around me. A few of my Sikh friend's have gone out with paki girls. One of them is sardar and he has been seeing his girlfriend for about 2 years now. None of the parents know of course. There is also a paki lady that comes to gurdwara. She married a sardar and they have little boys all with kes. I've never seen a Paki guy with a Sikh girl, and I live in a large desi area.

Maybe the pakis in UK just chase girls more than Sardars do. Not all pakis, but a small percentage. The wannabe gangsta types. Maybe the girls aren't taught properly by their parents, or they are trying to rebel against their parents. Maybe they watched too many bollywood movies and think love will conquer all. Then there are the brainwashed feminists that won't listen to anything a man says because they don't like being told what they can't do.

I guess a lot of them think that Sikh guys are just making an issue out of nothing, because they are jealous. They have no concept of honor or loyalty. They think if Sikh guys can date paki girls then why not the other way around. The difference between Sikh guys and Paki guys is that Pakiz target girls for conversion. I hear they wear karas and even stalk these girls at Vaisakhi Mela?? That's just scummy.

If these things are going on then we need more girls coming forward to speak. Right now its only the guys, and they just come off as the jealous type. Make it a point to raise your daughters (if or when you have them) in Sikhi and there will be less that will stray from the guru's path in the future.

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So what do you propose Hammertime007? you complain day in day out and make yourself look like a child yet have not proposed anything to combat what you think is a big problem. Its all well and good talking about issues but we are tired of these kinda of comments, ever heard of the boy who cried wolf?

Let us see what you personally are doing to resolve this issue then you and members like you will be given credit for doing something positive for the community.

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You are just a one trick pony and the rhetoric in your posts is not in line with what Guru Ji have taught us. You don't want to learn from Guru Ji and instead spread your hate here clearly overlooking what our ithihaas teaches us.

What was the religion of Nawab Sher Mohammed Khan of Malerkotla?

Not the best example of a 'good' Muslim! Did you know that Nawab Sher Khan was killed during a battle against Banda Singh Bahadur? Did you also know that he had kidnapped a Sikh Bibi from Amritsar who committed suicide rather than be raped by your 'hero' Nawab. Her body was exhumed when Banda Singh Bahadur took Sirhind so that her antam sanskar could be done.

I've been amazed at the stupidity shown by many Sikhs especially in Birmingham. There was some <banned word filter activated> Sikh who was quoted as saying at the memorial for the three Muslims that got killed that 'The whole society look on Sikhs and Muslims as terrorists!" That Upinder Randhawa guy is a complete plank! He was interviewing some Muslim and he started with salaam alaikum! What's wrong with just greeting him was a Sat Sri Akal or if you have such an inferiority complex about your faith then why not just say hello? The sucking up that the people at Sangat TV did to the Muslims in amazing. All so that they could get some praise from them! I wish some Sikhs would use their brains and understand that with Muslims you have to be aware 24/7 and not let some fake praise go to your heads.

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The desperation to please Muslims is getting sickening. Have some self-respect. What happened earlier in the week is done. The desire to prolong the afterglow is laughable. No wonder they think we're a joke.


on sangat tv jsut before the announcment of the 3 muslims dying, upinder was yapping on about ekta unity equality "they are our sons in there fighting for their lives" teling us to do aardas etc...

then upiinder asked a muslim youth at the scene to address the sikhsangat audience... he told the muzza theres millions of viewers. the muslim youth replied

"were muslims were here peacefully... bla bla.... and to the millions of viewers watching, study the life of mohammed, islam is the one true faith... say the shahada (declare ur self as a muslim)" at this, all the muslims in his litte group yelled the islamic shahada ... some did it aggressivly. this is what makes a muslim a muslim.

then he went on to say words to the affect of "i dont care about anything else i have nothing else to say, you can do a commercial or whatever..."

many news reports are saying the muslims in birmingham were defending "the community".... more like the islamic community.

if any one has this recording please uploiad it on to youtube because loads of pakistanis are shamlessly jumping on the bandwagon and claiming they were the defenders of all communities. .. ,,,,, this may be true but certainly not for the majority of them. just like when there was a documentry on sikh soldiers on bbc1, many muslims were outraged and could not stress enough "what about the muslim soldiers"... keeping in mind there was a documentry on 'the muslim tommys' or something on the bbc just a couple of months before. many of them can not stand any other faith group being praised.

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Read Sheik Bhagat Farid Ji's Banis- they preach against the main pillars of Islam. (fasting, hajj)

Sufi Bhagats were massacred by the Taliban, whole linage of their Sants were killed off.

Sunni Islam and Sufism(16th century) are two COMPLETELY different faiths.

If Sheik Bhagat Farid Ji Sahib was alive today he would be persecuted in places like afghan/pakistan

The bani you talk of is from Sant Kabir who wasn't Muslim. Baba Farid never preached against Islam and its pillars but rather criticised those who indulge in rituals and whose spirituality remains rock bottom. These rituals then become meaningless. Look at his lineage he is descended from Ali, the cousin of the muslim prophet Muhammad and therefore considered Sayid.

Fareed's devotion to the Muslim prayer;

Uṯẖ Farīḏā ujū sāj subah nivāj gujār.

Rise up, Fareed, and cleanse yourself; chant your morning prayer.

ਜੋ ਸਿਰੁ ਸਾਂਈ ਨਾ ਨਿਵੈ ਸੋ ਸਿਰੁ ਕਪਿ ਉਤਾਰਿ ॥੭੧॥

Jo sir sāʼn▫ī nā nivai so sir kap uṯār. ||71||

The head which does not bow to the Lord - chop off and remove that head.(He is not saying to others but to himself) ||71||

If you still don't believe he was Muslim or believed in the pillars of Islam you can go the death anniversary they have every year for him in Pakpattan, Punjab Pakistan and the thousands there will be shocked at the very thought of what has been mentioned above.

Here is his biography, from a sufi site and yes he fasted and did all things regular Muslims do. The same applies to all the other sufi sants.


Sufism is part and parcel of Islam, ACCORDING to the Sufis, go ask them. The key thing is their interpretations of Islam. Yes the Taliban have attacked his tomb and followers but the Taliban are the equivalent of the Mughal oppressors of old where as the sufis are the decedents of those who were companions of our masters. If they were alive today they would be loved and adored in Pakistan and you can see that with the millions of sufis there and the massive urs shareef they have for him every year.

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