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Q&A With Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowal Wale

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Moderators please allow this post as I believe this tidbit is beneficial to sangat to ensure they keep to their Sikhee roots and not follow the self proclaimed and styled people that run out to the We

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I've only ever heard them (and Sant Isher Singh Ji Rarewale, who were also mentioned) say that Krishan Ji was a 16 Kala Avtaar and that Guru Sahib, was sa

1. Our Sukhsam sirar ( 2nd astral layer of body) is it jarr(void/cannot give energy on its own to itself) or chaitan (supported by atma) ? - Sant ji said, sukhsam sirar is also jarr along with panj t

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Oh Really, You didnot know I am insane.

Pritham Bhaguti Simar Ke.


What about the Jot inside us?

What about it?

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Ok lets get few things straight:

1. Sikhi version of Havan is jot with additional smagri (mentioned in attachment along with most important thing which is gurbani which is also mentioned in the attachment). Source- Bhannu Parkash page-65 uploaded by prabhjot singh of sikhsangat.com

2. Purpose of havan is exactly same as purpose of jot which is attracting devi/devta's in sikhi context- attracting(asking for their blessing) shaheed singhs (which is given same gatti as other divine figures (angels in christianity, devta's in hinduism). I am sorry to burst your bubble, shaheed souls will appear in whichever form as you perceive it to be, sarbloh gates with bibeki shaheed singhs division in the divinity is not gospel reality but part of meta reality..it does not work like that..what you perceive, that's what you will see in divinity, gurbani supports meta reality (read the vichar between kulbir singh and i on gurmatbibek on this).....everyone there is a sevadar of nirankar, following nirankar hukam.

3. Speaking from historical context, havan mentioned below used to be performed in taksal puratan times, read this thread - http://www.sikhaware...walae-in-the-uk confirmed by sant harnam singh bhindranwale in during bhindran takal and prior to bhindran taksal.

Now going to princess2005 post,

Thanks for the long rant. It's funny how you mentioned don't believe in technalities of things, whereas inspired figure you quote - bhai sahib bhai randhir singh ji beleived in exactly that ( focus intensily on different stages of naam abhyas). I don't know about you , but youths seriously lack understanding of sikh theology, you may like to stick with hyper-ventilation only may be uditi duniya as ultimate sikh book, but most of people i have spoken to love to explore deep sikh theology and do abhyaas after understanding concept of nirgun and sargun. Whilst its not neccessary for pendu woman who simply does naam jap to study deep sikh theology in order to get mukhti. But understanding sikh theology, atma-paratma relationship definitely helps in bhagti marg. So you can stick to basics, guru maharaj will do kirpa without any doubt. But If i can request you to stop ridiculing others following slightly different marg than you.


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This has gone way off topic, it was such an informative thread but of course members have to ruin it with their mindless mumbo jumbo. You have a bharm gyani telling you things yet you choose to analyze what they are saying?!

Topic closed, if I get time I will go through all the posts and remove all off topic replies.

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