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1) A Tale Of 2 Sisters (Korean) 2) Higher Learning (American) 3) Bruce Lee - Big Boss (Hong Kong) 4) Trainspotting (British) 5) Long Da Lishkara (Panjabi) no particular order, my fave genre of fi

In no particular order... Back To The Future The Rocky Horror Picture Show Aliens Star Wars Toy Story Man, it's hard just selecting 5 only but I KNOW that Back To The Future is going to be in an

Godfather - Genius from Copolla. You come for the violence but you stay for the family drama. Kill Bill - A beautiful story about badla (revenge). My sisters could do a lot worse to watch and learn h

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Top ten gotta be in no particular order

The exrosist(1973 version)

The omen (1970s version.not that new one)

Final fantasy 7 advent children

Clockwork orange

Pulp fiction

Fistful of dollars

The good bad and ugly

For a few dollars more

Lord of the rings trilogy

Blade runner

why do you/anyone like horror films? What is it about horror that appeals?

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Here's mine :


The Matrix

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Saving Private Ryan

Bourne Trilogy (I know its cheating)

Lord Of the Rings I (I know its cheating)


Blade Runner

Enter the Dragon

The Godfather

Apocalypse Now

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Shinning

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Here are my favorite ( not in particular order). I got 8 tb blu ray movie collection..hardly get a time to watch tv let alone blu ray movies though its good i like to keep it that way..once an while its ok (gottta balance social and sikhi life).

1. Matrix all series (hence: neo :D - N30 )

2. Blood Diamond

3. Inception

4. Constantine (love great graphics of hell and heaven)

5. All ghost possession movies (love concept of faith beating devil/maya)

6. The bourne series

7. Body of lies

8. All spy/CIA type movies.

9. Batman trilogy :D

10. Lord of the rings series

Hindi Movies (like revolutionary types not crappy luvly-dubly ones)

1. Maachis

2. Moksha

3. Banaras

4. Bombay

5. Dil See

6. Krantiveer

7. All ajay devgan, nanapatekar, amir khan movies which are revolutionary touches social issues.

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Okay, in no particular order. Some good ones:

The dark knight (rises?) - The one with the joker guy who killed himself

The warrior (Brit/Indian film about the Kshattri who rejects the warrior way, I think it was a Channel 4 production?)

West is west - modern Panjabi film

Oh brother where art thou - those Cohen brothers can make a film!

Goodfellas (Joe Pesci scared the tutti out of me)

The exorcist (original)

An American werewolf in London

Most old Hammer house of horror films

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On the subject of Inception I found that movie to be rather excellent. The concepts of dreams within dreams, alternate realities, etc., is very cool. Chris Nolan is a talented guy and as a Batman fan total respect to him for endowing the character with a bit of respect after the dodgy Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. I've not seen Dark Knight Rises as I don't like going to the cinema but I've pre-ordered the trilogy on Blu-ray so hopefully I'll catch the film before the end of the year.

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Have you guys watched the movie - The Grey. I just saw it last night....its amazing..lots of symbolism at the end..i know many didn't like the ending but i love the ending- man facing his death looking into the eyes of wolf (kaal) ....!!

Once more into the fray...

Into the last good fight I'll ever know...

Live and die on this day...

Live and die on this day...

:D :D :D

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Have you guys watched the movie - The Grey. I just saw it last night....its amazing..lots of symbolism at the end..i know many didn't like the ending but i love the ending- man facing his death looking into the eyes of wolf (kaal) ....!!

Once more into the fray...

Into the last good fight I'll ever know...

Live and die on this day...

Live and die on this day...

:D :D :D

Amazing film with lots of great symbolism.

Liam Neeson's a great actor. A random part that gutted me was where the last guy had to cross the cliff and jump onto the tree. I knew something was going to go wrong and I'm dead, dead afraid of heights.

How do you overcome this? Lol

I have acrophobia and claustrophobia. I must have died recently due to falling from a high altitude or getting crushed in a cave while exploring in one of my last lives. :o

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How do you overcome this? Lol

Ermmm, try skydiving tandem jump..its amazing experience..i was afraid of heights myself did the skydive back in 2007..fear is gone as soon you jump too much adrenaline running through at that moment...lol..!!

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    • I think you've been unable to read between the lines and grasp the subtext of the article. It's a clear attempt at pitting Sikhs against some nebulous form of Islam, by equating medieval Mughal expansionism with its various contemporary terror-related forms. British-penned propaganda or a general West vs Islam perspective, it's doing exactly what you constantly highlight on this forum about us being "recruited" by outsiders as fodder.  The playful and almost throwaway tone of the article and its vernacular is also cringeworthy. Am I suggesting we leap into bed with Islam and its adherents? No. But I don't like attempts by outsiders trying to mine our painful and blood-soaked history to manipulate us into following whatever current strand of policy they've devised against one of the existential dangers facing them. Equally, intention counts for a lot. If the guy's aim was to flatter Sikhs and shed light on a quaint and once-proud warrior race, then fair enough. But I don't take things like this on face value. There's always a purpose behind it however faint. Your cheap little attempts at psycho-analysing and shaming me into conforming to your worldview isn't working and it never will. EDIT: Having just flicked through the website from which the article originates my suspicions were correct. It's a moderately right-leaning Spectator-esque online zine.
    • No, I just think you constantly over analyse the wrong stuff. This is just some simple bod 'boosted' interpretation of Sikh history from a purely physical perspective (as opposed to spiritual). What it seems to be trying to do is amplify Sikh bravery and independence in a very simplistic manner.  It's not dissimilar to what I've heard Sikh street guys talking just prior to going out to kick off with another group.  I don't think you can read very well, compared to a lot of stuff, at least this piece somewhat underscores a perspective that doesn't co-opt Sikhs to other causes. And if a brit white guy wrote this (below), he'd be being more honest than the vast majority of the rest of his people (even though the guy is obviously ignorant of the modern nature of the Sikh army under Sikh raj with his swords against canons comment). If he was a proper brit he'd be telling us about how grateful our lot were to be subjugated and used and abused by the colonialists: The Sikhs were better fighters than the Moghuls, when the numbers and the guns were anything like equal, and by the time the Brits arrived, they’d carved out their own state in the Punjab. They fought the Brits twice, swords against cannon, and were slaughtered, then flattered, then coopted—the classic Imperial method of dealing with brave but dumb cannon fodder, as in “Our dear Highlanders,” cannon fodder in cute kilts. 
    • So why would you want to keep dragging them back here, then?
    • If it was confirmed that a British white guy wrote that piece, you'd be all over it, castigating it as establishment propaganda designed to get us to fight under the banners of ex-imperial powers for their modern colonial escapades. You're very selective with what you choose to object to: it's not the actual substance of the message that annoys you but the vessel in which the message is delivered, yes?
    • I just think it's a simplified narrative designed to inspire a bit of fearlessness in Sikhs. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  There will always be some people who will misinterpret and maybe fly off the handle due to their own personality traits, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have such accounts.  I tend to see these things as stepping stones or entry points for people to explore the ithihaas/culture in more depth.  
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