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Top 5 Movie


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lol, dude, just say you don't have an answer, I understand what kind of movies Sant Ji asks us to refrain from watching. I want YOUR answer since you're the "I know it all" Singh on this forum.

If you understand what Sant ji said, then why are you asking me for an answer. Sant ji already answered your question and i have nothing to add. I can get you an axe if you like? :biggrin2:

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Stop lashing out, Mehtab Singh Ji. Calm your unstable mind.

Mehtab Singh probably watched a movie, or something recently. thats why he's a little unstable. I wonder if an armed robber could claim it was "Hollywood" that made him do it....

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Top ten gotta be in no particular order

The exrosist(1973 version)

The omen (1970s version.not that new one)

Final fantasy 7 advent children

Clockwork orange

Pulp fiction

Fistful of dollars

The good bad and ugly

For a few dollars more

Lord of the rings trilogy

Blade runner

If I had to choose a 11th one then it would be American history x

What kids of my generation do is they just dwell upon a movie.You gotta analyze that movie to find brahm or god.With music I do the same.For example the song by led zeppelin misty mountain hop in one verse he says "it's all just a state of mind".Thats really bramhish because we really don't experience this world it's just our mind.The Sants bhagats and gurus were all in a different state of mind and they could only have experienced this world.Another god like song would be are you experienced by Jimi Hendrix.tThat song is about Amrit and all.

Sorry that I got carried away ;)

Did I see a black metal fan in this forum?

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