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Bhai Ram Singh jee is one of the mukhi's (leaders) of Taksal and nephew of Sant Kartar Singh jee, other leaders include bhai harnam singh dhumma and baba mohan singh jee.

Please spare this thread of "who is leader of taksal", so much time is wasted on this topic. It has been around 9 years I believe since the passing baba thakur singh jee but still the leadership issue of Taksal has not been resolved and nor will it be resolved on a forum like this.

The issue of leadership of Taksal whould be discussed in private by Taksal Gurmukhs and not openly as this only causes further friction and division. Benti (appeal) no more comments regarding leadership issue.

Great pictures! My favourite is the one with 5 pyare including Sant Kartar Singh jee and Sant Jarnail Singh jee, the face of Sant Jarnail Singh jee is so humble and peaceful. Are there are more pictures of Sant Kartar Singh jee and Sant Jarnail Singh jee together?

Sant Jarnail Singh jee and Sant Kartar Singh jee were great leaders from our recent past, they were true sant-sipahi. They were bhagats who had done kamaee of Naam and Banee in addition they were great leaders who spoke from their hearts and had no hesitation in speaking out against injustice and Sikhi.

Example from jeevani of Sant Kartar Singh jee:

The 300th martyrdom day of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur was celebrated on 7th December 1975A.D. in Ram Lila Ground, Delhi. There was a gathering of about 22 lakh people. Everybody got up when Smt. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India came there. It was only Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bhindranwale who did not stand up and kept sitting. He condemned it in strong words from the same stage. Certain people spoke from the rostrum and said that Smt. Indira Gandhi has established relationship with Punjab. The then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi said, "The same Delhi Darbar which had martyred Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur is bowing towards him on his 300th martyrdom day."

The Sant spoke after Smt. Indira Gandhi. He started his speech with the slogan : I may sacrifice my head but not Sikhism.

He said in his speech, "In medieval period Rajputs used to get bounties after giving their daughters. Today this will be a curse on the Sikhs if they follow them suit. Therefore none should give his daughter to such a person who has himself insulted his hair." He said the following lines from the Rahtnama 'One who gives daughter to a Sikh and does not take anything, only he is my Sikh and would go to heaven.'

In an other sentence the Sant said, "We want to ask Indira Gandhi, who has managed the throne of Delhi for you ? If you have come to bow before Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur this is not a favour to anybody. Had Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur not sacrificed himself, some Muslim might have been on the throne of Delhi, who must have been circumcised. There would have been Islam on every side and Bibi Indira might have under some veil.

"If the Prime Minister sacrifices her head as many times as there are hair on her body, even then she cannot pay off the debt of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur's sacrifice. Howsoever big a Prime Minister might be, he is not bigger than our great Guru. Such a big Prime Minister should bow before Sri Guru Granth Sahib and we should not get up to greet him."

There were slogans on all the four sides on these words of the Sant. Only these words were the main reason of the tussle between the Damdami Taksal and Srimati Indira Gandhi. The Sant would never tolerate anything against Sri Guru Granth Sahib. That is why he threatened the false Nirankaris in strong words and afterwards took action as well.

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From left: Farooq Abdullah, Sant Harchand Singh Longowal, Balwant Singh and Parkash Singh Badal meet after the adoption of the amended Anandpur Sahib resolution


Bhindranwale at the Golden Temple in 1982 with farooq



The gurudwara complex during Operation Bluestar in 1984



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Going by some of the above photos featuring Sant Jarnail Singh and his little boy, you'd think going by some of the stuff posted by forummers on previous occasions that Sant Ji would ignore or even go as far as to not acknowledge his children. Yet photographic evidence suggests otherwise. Interesting.

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"The gurudwara complex during Operation Bluestar in 1984"

First time i seen that pic. is it 2 pics stuck together at the bottom? whats the fire?

Was that normal sangat surrendering? was this before firefight? after?

Sorry lots of Q's come to mind

It's not bluestar, It's black thunder.

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