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New Takht Outside India Led By Panj Pyaare

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No need to establish a new Takht because a Takht have their own significance. But what should happen is that SGPC should create extra seats in UK/US/EU/Canada/Australia where Sikhs live in large numbers so sangat in these countries also have a voice besides also creating seats in other states of India such as J&K/UP/Rajasthan/MP/Maharasthra that also have lakhs of Sikhs.

I saw that Sikhs in Haryana wanted their own separate gurdwara committee and Prakash Badal went after them and said oh no Congress is trying to divide the Panth blah blah blah. Also, SGPC leaders need to be taken out. It is not the old days SGPC where they went after Sikh interests only. SGPC will not create extra seats.I agree with Jugraj Singh that there should be some Sikh leadership committee outside of India. Another Takht or committee is fine with me but I think SGPC and Akal Takht Jathedar will oppose this idea. I just hope for a bright future for Khalsa.

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I think we can discuss semantics over the takth term little bit in later stage, main point i picked from bhai sahib ji video is that we lack leadership in abroad western countries.

According to my observation, every group is doing its own thing in segragation, working for best interest for "their group" "their cause" than best interest for khalsa panth in whole or its image..they will try everything to save their group people, throw everyone(inculding victims) under the bus..Most highly attached group people think their group is panth thats it. They work in silos in isiolation- come out together once an while even then in rallies in groups with their own lot go back to their comfort zone. But people are waking up as well - khalsa aid is showing its done treating humanity as one, basic of sikhi guys among others so its not all bad , lot of improvement already done but lot more is required as well.

Inculsiveness, Intergration with one voice (One khalsa voice) abroad, speaking, promoting ONE VOICE is key not excusliveness or segragation. But this has to come from top, youth's leaders- panj pyares, youths are not directly involved in this, senior gurmukhs of each group first need to realize there is a problem, then come fwd and only way they have my vote, by actions not lip service, not by small token of sanjha ekta events but consistently show by actions that they were willing to work with other gurmukhs from other groups -work out differences.

Youths need to take torch and try to find one of five beloveds from their group who does not beleive in dvaish(partiality) but who has main quality of gurmukh- ek dristh, sam dristh, advait vaadi (gurmat)-nitnemi, keep rehit who is willing to put overall bigger interest of khalsa panth than nitty gritty differences or their group interest. It's going to be hard there will be lot of challenges (thats why i suggest very group has voting a year- to pick one leader from group with 70% approval vote), but this has to start somewhere- http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/74707-new-takht-outside-india-led-by-panj-pyaare/?p=609967

Don't let elders dictate terms for you, they will trap you in whirlpool of bhamalbussa, shaft you around right, left and center but rather youths should connect to gurbani directly let gurbani dictate terms or lay out qualities for gurmukh/khalsa, every youth needs to search for qualities for gurmukh in their group, if they cannot find it out- get outta picture, develop more direct relationship with gurbani...trust me you don't need anything else. Yes look for leadership but if you cannot find it, take the role for yourself like bhai sahib ji has done... Once gurbani dawns on ya, it will drive you into leadership eventually.

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