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How Would You Treat A Muslim Guy Who Was Interested In Becoming A Sikh?


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More attempts at slander. Seriously, this site.

I'm here from interest in other faiths, the more diverse my knowledge the better a human I am.

It's actually pretty sad how hostile you guys are. The complete opposite of my experiences with Sikhs face to face.

It's almost like, I'm a threat to the Muslim bashing on here?


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If anyone wanted to learn about Islam they'd go to an Islamic site.

Personally, if I was in your position I'd get the hint.

Look how creepy and persistent this guy is. He reminds me of one of those Muslim guys that keeps pestering Sikh girls even after being told no a dozen times.....

This fella's undertaking online dawah. On the streets or behind a computer it makes no difference. Spread lies, create confusion in the minds of the uninformed ("you know, maybe Islam isn't the way it's been portrayed"), standard Islamic deceptions.

Appealing to our common sense of humanity, pleading to see things his way in the hope a gullible Sikh steps in and wags his finger at us like we're naughty school children for being so intolerably unwelcoming.

So transparent.

All that's left is to label us as paranoid, and job done. :)

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See how they like to play the whole wholesome innocent thing.

Like this clown can't pick up a few books or just read online if he is really interested in Sikhi. But nah, he comes here with his hidden agenda acting all masoom. If you've got so many Sikh friends as you claim, why not just ask them?

Never once has this clown answered my points about the need to put his focus on his own people who are up to all manner of nasty ish. Instead he comes here trying to come high and mighty about not being welcome. Take the hint Abdul.

You must be a really sick individual.

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And I say again, smirking at the screen, talk about clutching at straws to discredit someone.

I'm sure lying and slander are every bit as sinful in Sikhism as they are in Islam guys...

Though only seeming to matter to one side of this conversation? :s

If I had my way, I bury you up to your waist and stone you to death....lol

The only person who wants a conversation is you. Go talk to some of your imaginary 'Sikh friends'.


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As I've said before I wouldn't trust a muslim male who wanted to learn or become a Sikh unless he can prove the islamic demon that is infesting his soul and brain is removed.

I would also test him by either asking him to spread sikhi openly in the streets and especially to muslims, eat pork, swear against quranic verses and especially curse the alleged "prophet" muhammad and film it thus confirming he has been cleasened of the islamic mental virus.

The liberal Sikh's would have no place in grooming new converts to Sikhi because they would give no conviction for the new converts to be strong in Sikhi. New converts must be fundamentalists for Sikhi so that violent and backward abrahmic death cults like Islam are smashed to the ground metaphorically and literally (when the time comes)

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We not all so highly strung.. In sikhi we got a lot of love.. Stand tall friend.. I'll stand with you despite what the baying mob thinks

Says the muhammadan undercover. Well done for exposing yourself for the moslem m0ron that you evidently are.

In Sikhi we have love for those who dont want to harm our religion or people, we have a big heart and welcome all who want to leave in peace and harmony with us.

But not for fools like you who want Sikhi vanished into the pages of history and your dark Islamic demonic virus dominate the world

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