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Sikh Exploitation In Italy

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Why are these Sikhs going to italy in the first place? Looks like many of these pendus go looking for a quick buck. 

They shouldn't be ao silly trying to escape Punjab. If these peiple go abroad without any qualifications they are only going to end up in poorly paid and bad jobs that no one wants. 

Seems like they know what they are going for and now want the sympathy card from everyone. 


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15 hours ago, Big_Tera said:

They shouldn't be ao silly trying to escape Punjab. If these peiple go abroad without any qualifications they are only going to end up in poorly paid and bad jobs that no one wants. 

It's not really their fault. The Indian government have restricted the farmers of Punjab to sell there crops at a fixed price even if the prices of the crop triples etc. They also force them to buy genetically enhanced crops etc. and if they don't they won't be able to make and anything and by buying this genetically modified seed they get into debt so they are in a very bad cycle of exploitation in Punjab.

And as for the qualifcations, it is said that in Punjab teachers don't even attend schools so you can't even get qualificatons sometimes.

So they have to move or just suffer sometimes. It is quite sad and we should do more to help rather than let them be exploited

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