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Pakistani women gets mad Cop speaking Punjabi

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3 minutes ago, KhoonKaBadlaKhoon2 said:

While Punjabi is definitely on a decline in Pakistan, this lady isn't angry that he spoke Punjabi...rather she is angry he swore at her. Misleading title. 

He should have swore at her in Urdu. 

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Great post.   This also provides a good explanation for why "Sikh" girls are only interested in guys with haircuts.    

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The question of whether pakistanis speak punjabi is not really relevant to us . 

What is highly relevant and Sikh world needs to focus on is , preserving the remnants of our knowledge to pass it onto our successive generation. ALREADY, we have lost a significant  knowledge of SGGS itself and now certain contents have become mysteries. For eg : 

1) What is meaning of "ghar" in gurbani ?

2) Gurbani is raag based entirely . What do the 31 raags mean ? How do they fit with gurbani under its title. for instance , if a shabad title is "Siri Raag Mehla 1"  , how do you sing it in Siri Raag ? Have we even wondered if the syllables of shabad fit with the raag pattern of siri raag ?

3) What is the meaning of numerous dhunis spread across SGGS and how do we sing them ?

4) There're literal riddles in SGGS . How many of our preachers tried to explain those ?

5) Have we prepared a huge dictionary explaining the context, etymology , language of words used in SGGS ? Let me tell you language of Vedas was almost outdated and nobody knew it anymore , people thought it was all mumble jumble mantras without any meaning behind them as early as 5th century BC , until a guy named "Yaska" compiled a big treatise on meaning behind each word used in vedas , even then leaves some 300 words whose meaning even he doesn't know. Because of his efforts alone, hindus thank him that they still can understand somewhat of their scripture, obscured otherwise by sands of time. What are we doing to preserve ours ?

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13 minutes ago, AjeetSingh2019 said:


Isnt that really a punjabi dialect though? It doesnt sound like standard hindi. Back during punjabi subha they should of made it into a punjabi dialect. But obviously hindus put hindi down. 

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58 minutes ago, AjeetSingh2019 said:

I don't think the gurus spoke the kind of punjabi we speak today. The language we found written in some historical manuscripts related to conversations between sikhs of that time seem to indicate it was more like modern day haryanvi mixed with punjabi mixed with hindi . It sounds weird . If you read sau sakhi or the historic letter of bhai mani singh to mata sundri , u will know what I am trying to say 

Letters during this time period were usually written in Khariboli and prose rather than in Punjabi. Before Bhai Vir Singh ji Punjabi language was not widely written even by the Sikhs. Punjabi was not used as a literary language but rather as a spoken language. So when our Gurus wrote they wrote in the literary languages of the time period such as Braj, SantBhasha, Khariboli, Farsi but with hints of Punjabi which was their native language just as Bhagat Namdev ji wrote in Sant Bhasha but with hints of Marathi which was his native language.

But that is not to say Punjabi has never been used in literature. Muslim Sufi Saints of Punjab wrote exclusively in Punjabi. Baba Farid ji, Shah Hussein, Baba Bulle Shah wrote in the Punjabi of their time. They used such words which are now no longer used in modern Punjabi. Guru Gobind Singh ji wrote in pure Punjabi in Chandi Di Vaar which can still be understood without translations by those who have a good grasp of old Punjabi.

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1 hour ago, AjeetSingh2019 said:

Punjabi and its survival is important to us. A considerable amount of Gurbani of Guru Nanak dev ji and Bhagat Farid ji is in old punjabi, a lot of whose words were only last spoken of in our grandfather's generation. We need to preserve ALL languages whose words are in SGGS 

OR ATLEAST we should prepare a bigger version of mahankosh , not just a dictionary but a listing of etymologies of all the word in SGGS.

How can we be sure10 generations down the line Punjabi will be same as today ? But baani won't change.

So we might end up in a situation that is today of the vedas, they're in a language which is pretty much dead and has thus become undecipherable . 

What I meant was we shouldn't care if Pakistanis speak Punjabi or not. 

All languages do die out or change so much that you cannot understand the older versions. English from 1000 years ago cannot be understood by today's speakers.

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12 hours ago, MisterrSingh said:

 I wish I was a little scientifically minded to pinpoint exactly what's going on here, but I tried my best.

I think what you have explained here points to the hypergamous nature of women.

Thanks to California Sardar for quoting this post that I initially missed reading. It truly is an amazing post by MisterrSingh.

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