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Predatory Christianity destroying Punjab and Sikhi


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3 hours ago, puzzled said:

I'm not a homophobic but LGBT people are creepy! In fact many are just disturbing! 

I dont mind the 'alpha' gay males...but now its been recent years its turned into complete ghand..like dirty version of LGBTQZYXYXS...where they normalize pedophile to young kids, and this trend on young boys to dress up as girls and vice versa..gender fluid. having 50 genders, gender binary, transgender 'man' giving birth no non binary..and so on

...and if you speak out against their behaviors your seen as 'homophone' 

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14 minutes ago, MuslimNeighbour said:

Men and women aren't equal, not physically, emotionally or biologically. Are you a feminist? You did marry a non-Sikh Brazilian without a Anand Karaj after all, a true trail blazer whom the young Kaurs that racist Mohan speaks to look up to.

they are equally human , both have souls, both have rights to express their spirituality . As usual you feel the pinch of the truth and you run back to childish mudslinging , grow up ... That's right God made women stronger in terms of longetivity and resistance  to famine, sickness (just look at covid fatalities most are men) , womens brains as just as good as men's in fact our processing ability is much better catered for by greater interconnectivity between both hemispheres , but you don't want to hear your mother and sister is just as good as your father and brothers , what would you do, your world view would be shattered.


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7 hours ago, Kau89r8 said:

I think the Pakistanis who embrace Punjabi language and heritage are maybe the 'Jatts' or those whose ancestors were 'Sikhs' and converted after partition

No, the number of muslim jats far exceeds Sikh jats and has always done.


8 hours ago, puzzled said:

Thing is even the mulvis enjoy this stuff. Look at what some of these cheeky muftis get up to in hotel rooms.


That's not cool bro. This girl Qandeel Baloch unfortunately was murdered by her brother for this video. This muslim man was kind of set up in this interview by Qandeel and she acted inappropriately throughout whilst him, the silly sausage (no offence) was trying to teach her about the Quran. She was famous in Pakistan but this Mufti or whatever wanted to talk to her about her image. She set up the meeting and made him look like a fool.

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29 minutes ago, MuslimNeighbour said:

I can agree with that.

If only your Prophet PBUH could.


Why will there be more women in hell than men?


Praise be to Allah.

It was narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that women will form the majority of the people of Hell. It was narrated from ‘Imran ibn Husayn that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “I looked into Paradise and I saw that the majority of its people were the poor. And I looked into Hell and I saw that the majority of its people are women.”

(Narrated by al-Bukhari, 3241; Muslim, 2737) "


Read more at https://islamqa.info/en/answers/21457/more-women-in-hell-than-men

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1 hour ago, MuslimNeighbour said:

Men and women aren't equal, not physically, emotionally or biologically. 


Of course they aren't!!!!


In Abrahamic religions woman was created from Adam's rib for the sole purpose of providing Adam pleasure, solace and comfort. If Allah SWT, the best of planners made a man from Adam's rib, then Allah SWT, the best of planners would have created two homosexuals and then stoned them himself.

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6 minutes ago, MuslimNeighbour said:

Aww you want more men to be in hell or an even 50/50 split. Come back to me when Sikh women are leaders in the Sangat/religous affairs. Need some more women in the Panj Pyare I say. Divorce doesn't even exist in your religion but hey luckily Kaurs can disobey their religion and ask for divorce since no country is run by Sikh laws or lack there of.

considering your idea of jannat is an orgy where anything goes is built on a deliberate mistranslation of aramaic language 72 virgins is actually 72 Grapes  ... where the new testmant talks of milk and honey your foolish people have sold you sharab and lecherous behaviour , you think Allah wants that mess in the spiritual realm ? Wake up and realise Allah's standard is too high for anyone who aspires to reach jannat using your current modus operandi is NEVER going to achieve it . Why are you so worried about sikh women and what they do religiously , feeling inadequate in their presence since their menfolk have zero problems with their taking part and also leading prayers , camps, and doing parchaar? Never mind , you can go back to the hobbled women folk of your faith to restore your false sense of superiority.

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1 hour ago, MuslimNeighbour said:

 Need some more women in the Panj Pyare I say. 

Women arent supposed to be in panj pyare. I heard in this katha that women have a role of giving birth physically and men have a role of giving birth spiritually. Thats like saying 'we need more men giving physical birth'

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    • You really are full of nonsense. The reason the Gujaratis came to Britain after being expelled from Africa was because they had British citizenship, no other reason. Many of them had to live in detention camps when they arrived! They did not uplift the image of Indians by selling saris and owning corner shops, something that Punjabis were doing where they were a majority anyway. 
    • Because Naamdharis are absolute masters at kirtan. Simple. On the topic of Akal Takht, it doesn't really hold the same authority as it did in the past. Just look at the people running it and you'll get what I mean. Most the panth, outside of stuff like Tankhaya, don't care about anything they have to say. 
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